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Hiya! I'm Gracie! I looooove dancing and the arts and all that stuff. I love kids movies and my best frieeeennnddddsss!!!!!! <3

  • What is this song called?

    Okay, this is a song that I do my hip hop dance to, so picture a ghetto sounding song, if that makes sense.

    It *sounds* like it's by the artist M.I.A but I'm not sure which of her songs it is IF it's even by her...

    So it starts out with some drums and then there's these two trombone notes. To type it, it would be "WHOOM WHOOM *pause* WHOOM WHOOM *pause*" and so on, haha. Then in front of that, a girl goes "WHOOOOOOO! Haaaaay!"

    The song is rap and I think it talks about not worrying and I know for sure it says "one dead man" but because of her accent, it's sounds like "one dod mon". Then it says something like smash the pits, haha or at least it sounds like that.

    Anyone have any ideas of what it may be???? Please and thank you!

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  • What is this song called?

    Okay so first off, it's a female singing. I don't know many of the words so I'm just gonna guess some of the chorus.

    "From galaxy to galaxy, overload" (<-idk bout that one)

    Then it goes:

    "Taking over, ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh, I'm bionic" (insert word that starts with 'c' and has four syllables and rhymes with bionic)

    So something like that.. the "I'm bionic..." repeats itself then says "Taking over" again.

    Umm, it's an upbeat song? We use it for cardio work in dance, but I never got a chance to ask the teacher what it's called.

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  • A poem type thing about guys?

    Does He Care?

    Does he care if you’re the pretty and smart girl, the dumb and ugly girl, the pretty and dumb girl, or the ugly and smart girl?

    Does it matter?

    Does he care if you’re the bigger girl or the fit girl? Does he care if you’re the frail and weak, un-athletic girl?

    Does it make a difference?

    Does he care if you’re the tall and skinny girl, the short and skinny girl, the tall and fat girl, or the short and stout girl?

    Does he notice?

    Does he care if you’re hair is short or long? If it’s curly or straight? Thin or thick?

    Does he think twice about it?

    Does he care if you’re ditzy or logical? If you joke too much or are too serious?

    Does he pay attention?

    Does he care if you’re the beautiful, smart, you? That it doesn’t matter if you’re short, tall, skinny, fat, smart, dumb, curly hair, straight hair, logical, jokey, serious, or ditzy?

    If he doesn’t care about what’s on the outside, he’s a keeper.

    He Does Care.


    A thing I was thinking about tonight. Like does the guy you like care about what you look and act like? Or will he like/love you for you.

    So I wanted to share it with you guys and tell me, is it good? I know it's short, it was out of curiosity and boredom and yes, the ending is cheesy.

    Kay, bye!

    BE NICE PLEASE!!!!! <3

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  • Little writing piece revised?

    You're sitting there with your book wide open. You're not reading it though; in fact no one is. It's almost 3:00 so everyone is anxiously waiting to be able to leave the building you've been in for 7 hours. While others are wondering around under the substitutes nose and talking to one another, you're in my seat watching the girl sitting next to you finish her homework. You're watching and listening so intently that you can see how the lead gets smaller and smaller and the quiet scratching noise of dull lead against paper. Then something catches your eye and you don't know why. The map of the world has always hung on the left wall but for some reason you're attracted to it. Is it the color? The shapes? You don't know. You're staring in some deep trance. You can't even hear that little voice in your head that tells you what to do. You can hear people talking and you would go join them except you can't. You're not blinking or moving or making a single sound. Even your breathing is quiet. It's almost as if you're dead but your body's still there. Petrified. You hear people saying your name and you want to go back to reality but you can't. Nothing's stopping you, so why can't you. The only thing stopping you from going back to your life is yourself. Is it a message? A message from within? Are you being warned? By now you're nearly forcing yourself out of this hypnotic trance but you just can't. You're not able. Then that beautiful angel, the one you love, your prince, walks on front of you and says three simple words. But they aren't the three words you wish to hear from him. They're just asking of you're okay. You don't reply, but he's knocked you out of your trance and now you're embarrassed and you feel your face heating up and going slightly red. You nod slowly and see all your friends looking at you and giving you the silent 'what just happened?'. Then your prince walks away and you recap, wondering what just happened.


    You might have saw my previous question about my little writing piece. This is the same thing but revised and edited. It's now in the third person and I've added more details. Tell meh what you think! I would like to write more if ideas spark. This is like one of those zone out moments that people have. It can go on for nearly 10 minutes for me! So yeah, if any natural things happen that would be cool to write about happen, I'll write something and ask a question bout it! But only if you guys like it. Please constructive criticism only and thank you!!!



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  • Can amoebas die from an elephant?

    I'm doing a project where I have to be an amoeba inside an elephant's body and I thought amoebas could die from stomach acid but I'm not sure now because amoebas live in our digestive systems so does that mean they can survive in an elephants? Just curious because I can take that out of my story but I have a good idea to I'd like to know. I need to know by Wednesday please!

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  • Should I get a fanfiction account?

    Well I've been on fanfiction, like reading, for a long time now, probably about 2 years and I haven't got an account. I'm 13 in like a month and I already review stories as a guest user but I don't know if I should get an account. I do want to post stories but I'm just nervous. I asked my mom a while back and she said she'd check it out but she never got back to me. I want to ask her again but I have a really great story that I want to post like now. What should I do?

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  • My Apple ID isn't working?

    Okay so I just got back from a different state and am trying to use one of my gift cards on iTunes. It reedemed and stuff so that's all okay but when I tried to buy a song it took me to the account information thing and is telling me I need to do blah blah blah because this is the first time purchasing music on this computer. Well the thing is, I've already bought over 20 songs on this computer so yes I have purchased on this computer. So I clicked okay and it took me to the security questions which I answered right but it said it was wrong. So now my Apple ID is locked with $25 on it and how do I fix it????? PLEEEAASSEE???

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  • What are your top 5 favorite movies and favorite quote from them?

    Mine are:

    1. Wreck It Ralph


    King Candy: You wouldn't hit a guy with glasses would you?

    Ralph: *hits him with the glasses*

    King Candy: You hit a guy with glasses that's....well played

    2. Elf


    Buddy: Just say it. I'm a cotton-headed ninny muggins.

    3. The Incredibles


    Dash: Are we there yet?

    Mr. Incredible: We get there when we get there!

    4.Madagascar 3


    Alex: You can take the animal from the circus, but you can not take the animal from the circus. *awkward pause* I think you know what I'm saying.

    5. Monsters vs. Aliens


    President: What idiot designed this thing?

    Guy: You did Mr. President.

    President: Fair enough. Wilson, fire somebody!

    Wilson: Yes sir, Mr. President!

    So...what are yours?

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  • The song test! More like questions?

    I'm bored and thought of this in the car! So here we go! I'll ask the question then tell you my answers ;)

    1. Top three favorite songs

    -Paparazzi by Lady GaGa(doing a dance to it)

    -50 Ways To Say Goodbye by Train(these lyrics are hilarious!)

    -As Long As You Love Me by Justin Bieber(I can rap it can you?)

    2. Top three least favorite songs

    -Never Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift(my most least favorite song, hate it)

    -Tonight Tonight by Hot Chelle Ray

    -White Horse by Taylor Swift

    3. Top three most overplayed songs on the radio

    -Someone Like You by Adele

    -Blow Me One Last Kiss by P!nk

    -Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye

    4. Top three weirdest songs you've heard

    -The Garden by Mirah

    -"You don't have to get your butt full of sand" commercial

    -50 Ways To Say Goodbye by Train

    5. Top three songs you sing the most

    -As Long As You Love Me(Rap part) by JB and Big Sean

    -I Want A Hippopatamus For Christmas(hey it comes out randomly!)

    -Never Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift(by me making the song better by singing it in a terrible voice that actually sounds better than Taylor)



    Seriously if Cimorelli, who I love, can't even make it sound good then it is officially the WORST song EVER! If you really want to break up for good with your boyfriend, you don't have to sound like a bratty teenage dying frog! Like ever. How dduuuummmbbb

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  • What's this contemporary-like song?

    Okay so I know the main lyrics I think... It's a woman and the parentheses are backup women.

    Why (why)

    Can't (can't)

    You take me in your arms now

    Why (why)

    Can't (can't)

    You take meeee-e-e-e-e-e-e-e

    That's all the lyrics I know fo sure, the others I don't know fo sure so I don't wanna put them on.

    It's like a lyrical/contemporary song and the beginning starts out with bongos or something. We did in our stretch at dance today and I decided to finally ask this question since I've wanted to know this song for a while now.

    Thanks. Bye bye

    ~ Gracie

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  • Starkid fans help me out here!?

    Okay so on every fanfiction, video description, and so on for Starkid, it says "less than three" or "lessthanthree". I'm so confused here! I might have missed it, the only Starkid Productions I haven't seen are MAMD and a little bit of HMB. So can someone tell me which production it's in and explain it to me! I'm so lost! I feel dumb since I'm a huge Starkid fan, but help!!!!!! My mind is DUUUUUURRR!(Starkid reference there... You're mama)

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  • Is this a good little writing piece?

    I'm sitting there with my book wide open. I'm not reading it though, in fact no one is. It's almost 3:00 so everyone is anxiously waiting to be able to leave the building we've been in for 7 hours. While others are wondering around under the substitutes nose and talking to one another, I'm in my seat watching the girl sitting next to me finish her homework. Then something catches my eye and I don't know why. The map of the world has always hung on the left wall but for some reason I'm attracted to it. I'm staring in some deep trance. I can hear people talking and I would go join them except I can't. I'm not blinking or moving or making a single sound. Even my breathing is quiet. I hear people saying my name and I want to go back to reality but I can't. Then he walks on front of me as my friend says my name and I snap back wondering what had just happened.

    Weeell, that's what I felt like writing for the heck of it and it happened to me today but no one was talking to me and no one walked in front of me. After about 5 mins I snapped back on my own. But this is just my little piece. Why'd I write it? That I do not know. I was bored :)

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  • Help me find this song please!?

    Well it starts out with a drum beat I think a snare and bass or something. And a woman sings the first part(I don't know the words) then the chorus is like woaaah what did I do? Oooooo oh oh *words I don't know* woaaaah what did I do? To yooooou oh oh *words I don't know* the the seconds verse is a woman rap but the rap is funky like it has a melody to it. The melody kinda goes up and down and it's not that fast of a rap. The rapper kinda sounds like Missy Elliot or M.I.A. But I've been looking for this song forever! We do it for across the floor in dance and I heard it once on the radio. I asked my dance teacher the name but she didn't know because it was given to her on a cd. I really love this song so please help!!!

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  • Question about my story?

    I'm writing a fan fiction about the lion king and I'm calling it "The Lion King III: Finding Kamahlia". Well the main plot is that Kovu and Kiara's daughter, Kamahlia, is captured by Zira who everyone thought was dead. Something hit me when I was writing and I don't know which idea to go with. It's about how Kamahlia should get captured.

    A) She's captured as a cub(unfortunately the day she was born... I'm evil) and is trained to be a killer

    B) She's captured on her first hunt as an adult lioness

    My original plan was to go with B because that's how I got the idea to write the story in the first place, but right now in the story, there's a rogue battle going on and Kiara and Kamahlia are taking cover. If I were to go with A then Kiara would get knocked out or injured by a rogue who then takes Kamahlia to Zira. Which should I go with? And is my plot good?


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  • Does he like meee? Help plezz?

    Well he talks to me pretty much every school day and he tries to make me laugh and one day he just asked me out of the blue if I could keep him company when there were plenty of people around. All my friends say he likes me and everyone says we would make a cute couple. I don't know if I like him, I might but idk.

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  • A Very Potter Musical?

    I wanted to see how many people have seen it and how many love it 'cause I know I love it, it's hilarious! For those of you who haven't seen it, look up A Very Potter Musical by statkidpotter on YouTube! It's the funniest, bestest, awesomest thing ever!

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  • Is my story plot good?

    Well it's this girl who gets trapped in this world and she meets this guy who has a dad who is the king of the magical land and he was captured by the evil guy(who can shapeshift). The girl helps the guy but the guards of the bad guy are after her. So they go on this adventure and eventually get I a fight(no surprise there!) and abandon each other. Then the evil guy tricks the girl and crazy things happen. Then of course there's a happy ending, that I won't spoil because it's pretty crazy. So that's about it, as I really wanna go through with this story because with some storys, I abandon them and never look back. The girls name is Amea(A-may) and the guys name is Alemo(Al-em-o) and the kings name is Alpio(Al-pee-o). What do you think of the names and plot? Oh and there's a secret with the evil guy and Amea that Amea figures out >:)

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  • My story, to share with y'all!?


    I screamed as she fell to the ground. She has been hit with the killing curse. Why her? Why Hermione? She was so innocent and helpless.

    I knew it was my fault. I left her, just dumped her. She was left standing in the Room of Requirement. Alone. Why did Voldemort one in the first place? And why her?

    I ran over to her limp form while Potter fought Voldemort. I knelt down beside her and felt her arm. It was ice cold. I pulled her small body into mine, letting her head fall on my shoulder and her arm dangle down.

    "Please, Hermione. Please wake up. I'm so sorry. I love you, darling. You can't leave me like I left you. Please." As I whispered to my beloved girl, a single tear ran down my cheek and landed on her soft one...


    So that's it, based on a pic I drew. Its a Draco x Hermione fic, if you couldn't tell. I might not go through with the fic, this would happen probably at the end anyway, but if y'all like it, maybe I will!

    That's it

    Comments? Strategies? Ideas?

    Kk, now it's it.

    So bye.

    Stop reading, I'm done.



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  • What is the theme for The Frog Princess?

    For a school project, I have to write the theme for the book The Frog Princess. I don't know what theme best fits it. Is it adventure, romance, friendship? This is for a big grade so please, ideas?

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  • Where can I find sheet music for Requiem for a Dream on the flute or piano?

    I can't find the sheet music for Requiem for a Dream on the flute or piano anywhere online. I just want to print out a page of sheet music. Any links?

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