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  • Will i get taxed on my trust fund money?

    i just received a large sum of money from my trust fund, and the total is broken up into 3 segments, 1 when i turned 18 (the one i got), 1 when i turn 21, and 1 when i turn 25.

    i want to know if i am going to be taxed on the amount i received since it is a decent amount greater than $5k

    the trust fund was made from a settlement out of court, not from inheritance or anything like that.

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  • What would you say is a fair price for this computer?

    So i have slowly been upgrading my system and i have a pretty goos computer for what it is, but im going to be upgrading soon so i will soon not need this one.


    Intel pentium g3258 (can oc to 4.7 at 1.38v)

    Be quiet pure rock cooler

    Asrock h81 pro btc mobo

    1x8gb hyperx fury white 1866mhz ram

    Evga 750w bq (will purchase this new when selling, i have a g2 now that i am keeping)

    1x (older) 320gb seagate hard drive with a fresh install of windows 10

    Xfx radeon hd 7950 double d card (can oc to 1ghz with decent temps)

    Fractal design s case w/ window (black)

    (1x usb3 to usb 2 converter for mobo)

    I was thinking about selling it to a friend for $300 and tanking the $50 hit for the new power supply, but could i make more money off of craigslist or ebay?

    (case is pristine, no scratches on window. Cooler has no bent fins, mobo has no issues)

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  • will this work? 2 routers in 1 house?

    So awhile back we got a crappy modem/router combo and it worked well until around 2013 when it could not push out the speed we wanted, so we upgraded to a gigabit modem and a nice netgear AC dual band router.

    we now have this old combo until laying around and i was thinking of maybe connecting it to the house again and using it solely for ethernet to my computer.

    I would go into the control panel on and disable all wifi on it, but if i do this, will the speeds be cut for everyone else, or will it act as just a ethernet "hub" per say to connect my computer to?

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  • Differences between engineering sample and retail Intel Xeon e5 v3 lga 2011-3 processor?

    Looking to make a pretty good Xeon workstation that can also play a few games such as league, GTA, Tomb Raider etc. I chose a xeon for video editing purposes, gaming is second on this case.

    I would like to know the differences between ES xeons and retail xeons. The specific one i am looking into purchasing is the e5 2658 V3 12 core 24 thread xeon.

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  • cant post a certain yahoo question?

    tells me sorry and to post it later, any way to fix?

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  • Good ips 1080p monitor preferably with a vesa mount under $250?

    I'm looking to upgrade my old monitor in the near future and I don't want to spend too much, but I am looking for a nice monitor that preferably has a vesa mount of some sort so I can replace whatever crappy stand they give. I also would like at least 1 HDMI port OR 1 display port for best quality and futureproofness

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  • monitor help?

    so i have a tv and a regular monitor, i use my regular monitor a lot more than my tv, i only use my tv when i stream and such for chat and whatnot. since i have such limited usage for it, is there a way to keep my tv plugged in to my computer and just not have it on.

    i am not talking about powered on, i am talking about physically not detected, i have an amd 7950 and it reaches upwards to 50C idle due to pushing 1360x768 and 1440x900 pixels.

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  • phones deletes letters while i am texting?

    occasionally my lg g3 will get a bit slow awhile i am texting and then all of the sudden the whole word i was typing gets deleted when i press the next letter.

    this happens REALLY OFTEN when i am using firefox or chrome to go on the internet and it rarely happens when i am texting, but the whole word (or part of the word) will automatically delete itself upon pressing a letter after the second of slowing down and then after the word or part is gone it will continue from the letter i pressed

    is there a reason for this or a way to fix?

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  • yang zing deck card ruling?

    if i were to set a yang zing monster and the opponent uses a card effect that destroys all cards on the feild or at the very least the monster, even if the monster is set, can the effect be activated once the card is in the graveyard?

    some kid on dueling network was caps yelling at me that it wasnt a flip eff so i cant activate it even if it is sent to the graveyard

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  • yugioh card ruling?

    clear wing synchro dragon vs catastor,

    the ability of catastor would destroy clear wing, but clear wing's ability would activate negating and destroying catastor awhile gaining its attack right?

    also since the attack was not finalized, there would be a reply correct? so then clear wing could attack, lets say another monster or face (if this doesnt happen then tell me, i am not sure on this part)

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  • yugioh card ruling q?

    if i were to summon a malefic blue eyes white dragon to the feild, is the card immediately destroyed because i have no feild card, or does it get destroyed during the end phase?

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  • windows 10 is recognizing my tv's resolution incorrectly?

    i have a funai 32" 1360x768 tv and windows 10 seems to think that it is 1080p. when viewing the monitor on 1080p it is pixilated and horrible, it hurts my eyes, and sometimes when i change the res back down to what it is supposed to be it is also very pixilated. I am running off of hdmi and my gpu is a 7950 from xfx, is there a way to fix my problem?

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  • is this a good yugioh deck?

    extra is azure eyes x2, dark rebellion XYZ drag x2, utopia, cairngorgon x1, (removed card, that was evilswarm oroborus) and queen dragun djinn x1

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  • Yugioh questions?

    so i made a pretty op deck, but i have just been informed that i am not able to synchro summon with it because the added 1 level value of the tuner doesnt allow me, i would like to confirm if this is true.

    my deck:

    also please give me pointers to make this better (some cards that stay are blue eyes, chaos sorcerer, and stardust dragon)

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  • Change text size windows 10?

    There was an option in windows 8.1 but i dont see it on 10, is it here or am i not looking correctly?

    2 AnswersSoftware5 years ago
  • Cheap ($50 or less) psu with all black cables?

    Just looking around for one for the build i am doing, cant seem to spot any on pcpartpicker (the 750 b1 was a lie! It has rainbow cables ewww)

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  • help me find some pc parts to finish my build?

    so i have a total of $150 to spend on upgrading my pc for the last time, all i need now is a new case, psu, ram, and hard drive.

    i know that i can not get all of the parts i want so i cut out the hard drive for now so i can get it when i get ssd s and stuff (saves me an extra windows installation and formatting)

    i have decided on a part, and that is another 4gb stick of g.skill ares ram, it is 25.99, what i havent fully decided on is a case and power supply.

    the case i am looking at is the s340 black/blue, and i am thinking of modding it a tiny bit (the blue bar on the inside i might plasti dip to black), it is 59.99 after the MIR (i have no problem doing them, or waiting for deals) however it really doesnt sit well with me on how it might perform, i want a silent case, and i have heard it is silent, but it comes with only 4 fan mount points and i really hate that.

    the psu is completely up in the air, i need at least 500 watts, so i was looking at the cx500m, but all of the cables are not black (not that it is a problem, but i would prefer it) also it is not semi fanless. i am just looking for something that is quiet, semi fanless to me seems like the way to go, but if there is a psu with a quiet fan that always spins, i am ok with that as well.

    my build is black and blue based so i want to keep the parts based around that (no white psu s no white cases)

    specs (case, and psu not included here, they are not on the site)

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  • Which psu is better?

    EVGA Supernova 750 B1 or 750 B2?

    all i really care about is the loudness of the fans... anything is an upgrade to my 8 yr old psu.

    Also looking at pcpartpicker, the b1 has full black cables, but on EVGA's website it has a mix of rainbow and black. what is the color of the cables? (if i get the b2 which is full rainbow i will most likely order extensions later down the in a year when i get more money to afford aesthetic things)

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  • longer dual 2.5mm to 3.5mm y cables?

    i have a pair of sol republic headphones that i use for music on my phone and for gaming at my computer, but the cable is a MEASLY 1m long cable and it is SO taunt from the computer to me, i have repeatably pulled the wires from the computer and the headset MULTIPLE times and i really need a new cable now.

    i need dual male 2.5mm to single male 3.5mm

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