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  • Why does Europe have no trees!?

    From a vantage point in NE North America, Canada and more locations therein....We here have forests, trees, woods everywhere (even out to Vancouver Can) except in the few deserts.

    You Europeans are 'bare' whether UK France Spain Croatia Greece....every place! Except Moscow Russia and Finland!

    So, the '?'  Why won't the 21st century European re forest their lands? 

    Do you really like 'mountains' that are just 'hills' of waste bare rock slag heaps, and your once glorious countryside, a moonscape of the most boring...lawns...and moors?

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  • Step down Sir...please you LOST 306 v 232... Is this a valid question?

    Why can't 'the Donald' conceded and go away, these figures 'are' accurate to date.... Biden 306 electoral Trump 232...... Trump LOST 79 million to 73 million popular vote. It was kind of close we, don't hate you.....Trump but please be a man and accept a fair vote. Many will still love you and support you.  

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  • Why does anyone support Trump?

    How many dead will that SOB Trump kill of American dead by Xmas? So far to date by 'Worldometers' website...260,000 American dead in just 8 months (since past March). 

    *(3 times the Vietnam war of 10 years, with no war!). By this Xmas only 45 days from now the F will kill another 240,000 dead....To make us 500,000 dead by New Years Day (like when we used to watch football before Virus Trump)!

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  • Why can't the Donald trump admit he lost the election?


    Too many dead, too many casualties, too much damage. Why can't he admit the majority of Americans will not award him another term?  They didn't vote for senile Biden....the Americans voted against Trump....cuz he's a loser and con man? 

    5 AnswersPolitics6 days ago
  • Is it true that people in South Dakota don't believe they're dying of Virus Plague?

    It's a Yahoo News article (displayed this Nov.17). A crying emotional nurse is complaining her dying Covid-19 patients (SD), yell and scream at her even as they die. They say to her they can't be dying of a virus that doesn't exist as the SOB Trump told them? 

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  • Trumps Lost what will happen now?

    No one ever liked him. He's mean, out of control, cruel to his subordinates and staff. A carnival con man a show barker. Who with his crooked dead father in their whole lives never paid taxes to this country...just screwed it for Trump common family profits.  

    6 AnswersCurrent Events3 weeks ago
  • Help with psychological diagnosis?

    Adult 'normal' suburban person. She's in common trivial argument, not heated and all of sudden goes into the most vile/ exorcist like verbal abuse. You can't believe what's coming out of her mouth and call her on it. It's just 2 seconds later she looks you in the eyes and denies that she just said that! You of course protest. She blinks and totally changes subject to some trivial thing that happened years ago that you did and says how outraged she was etc. Then she goes on a 2 hour rant on 'that' topic so you can't talk or complain about what she just did/ said, working herself up into a red and purple faced rage trying to get you to engage on that topic till you get tired and just go away. 

    Then later on in recounting the incident to you and others...she'll say 'you' started the big argument about the trivial thing years ago. That she never said the things she said and never would,... and 'your' delusional. 

    Here's the thing, she really believes it! She could pass a polygraph! 

    She believes her own lies.

    It seems she uses her self induced rants to erase her own memory and plant false memories she then believes true. All to cover up her abuse toward others and out of control temper. 

    So, what do you think? What personality/psych condition?


    11 AnswersPsychology1 month ago
  • Help with horror movie name?

    It's British, Probably made in the 90's. It's about a nurse in a run down childrens hospital about to be closed that's haunted by the ghost of a past sadistic nurse. The ghost comes at night into the wards and breaks the childrens bones. The nurse finds out about the ghost, believes the children tries to save them. What is the movie name?

    2 AnswersMovies2 months ago
  • Something bit/stung me in Michigan forest what was it? ?

    We were on a boat and it was supposed to be an easy hike so I had just bare feet in boat shoes and swim shorts. It's real primeval forest over broken rugged terrain going cross country through tall sharp grass (well over knee high) something 'attached' itself to my leg. It hurt like hell worse than any bee sting and then it stayed there. As big as a Bumble bee, but not any form of bee, about 1 inch long solid black no markings, a hard shell like a beetle. I smacked at it to knock it off (not crush it to deepen stingers). It would not let go 'it dug in'. Burning pain from my heel to knee I finally knocked it off and it 'opened' wings! And flew hopped a staggered course back into the tall grass.

    What was it? I was in pain and numbness for rest of hike (3 hours).

    1 month later the mark from it is still on my leg.   

    2 AnswersFirst Aid3 months ago
  • Who was the Trump supporter shot dead on the street in Portland Saturday Night 8-29-20?

    Was he evil. Was he against BLM...Why was he killed and by whom?

    It's more than 24 hours later and he isn't even named?

    4 AnswersCurrent Events3 months ago
  • Is Joe Biden too old to be President?

    His birth date of 1942 means he'll govern as President age 79-83...that's the oldest President ever. He's already clearly suffering old age senility and Alzheimer's. 

    Even if he was a 'good guy'  he's not and cannot be now (we all must die) so his unknown vice president will rule when he drops dead of old age Jan 2022?  

    5 AnswersPolitics3 months ago
  • As US a journalist 8-16-20 if you said 'anything' critical about BLM...would you be fired, censored, murdered?

    If so, are you scared?....and how does this affect biased reporting on your part?

    2 AnswersMedia & Journalism3 months ago
  • When will Hezbolla get kicked out of Lebanon?

    They destroy that entire country and are just Iranian thugs and goons are they not?

    5 AnswersPolitics4 months ago
  • Is banning certain words, statues, symbols a form of thought control like Orwell's 1984?

    I mean psychology tells us we often think in...words/symbols....So, if you control what words and symbols people are allowed aren't you really controlling their thoughts...ala...'group think, correct thinking, political correctness'? Isn't all this in the dystopian novel '1984'?

    Are journalists guilty of doing this today?

    5 AnswersMedia & Journalism4 months ago
  • Is Badreddin Abadlla Adam age 28 from Sudan the Glasgow stabber?

    If so, why did it take the British press from noon Friday to dinner time Sunday even to report this basic fact?

    Are the Brits suppressing news?  

    6 AnswersMedia & Journalism5 months ago
  • The raping of Hong Kong video, can't you Brits do anything to help?

    The 'raping of Hong Kong' is a youtube video, you can watch it now, but I can't do links, just put the phrase in Google.

    Why you?....because it's your former colony. You do have the 1997 nation, two systems....This is set till go to 2040 where Hong Kong continues as a wholly owned vassal state of communist China but with autonomy and a measure of freedom....

    But now since March 2020 the communist Chinese have taken away 'all' freedom in Hong Kong, humiliate and torture the population. And you guys in the UK sit idle....Your nation signed the guarantee for the people of Hong the video if you dare.

    Boris the PM could go to the UN Security Council the US and Russia will support, China of course will veto, but the 'gesture' would have been made.  


    3 AnswersCurrent Events5 months ago
  • Can anyone tell me (us) about the Glasgow Scotland stabbing?

    It happened 24 hours ago, yesterday Friday 26th June. I'm on the US side of the Atlantic so it's not really my local problem...but where is the news?

    What happened? This is year 2020 the 21st century we should have news instantly. 

    Who killed who? The dead guy stabber...what is his name? Are there 3 dead (including the attacker) or no dead at al?. How many wounded are in hospital, what is their condition, why aren't they interviewed?

    It was 1st described as a terror attack, but now not?

    Why is this 'blanket of secrecy and news 'suppression'?

    For Answers that say 24 hours for police to 1st notify next of kin etc. That's b.s. isn't it? Is it not really this long info delay being done to give authorities the time to concoct and make up a false narrative to their own benefit?

    In a democracy do the People have a right to be immediately informed or no?

    5 AnswersCurrent Events5 months ago
  • Is the media now censoring itself to be politically correct?

    What happened to the 'freedom of the press' and the 'peoples right to know'?

    Item... today's (6-26-20) Glasgow Scotland stabbing spree. It happened around noon British time, some 4 1/2 hours ago. 

    Excited Scottish police themselves reported 'multiple fatalities', multiple wounded, the attacker shot dead by responding police. They described it as a....terror attack....presumably of Muslim origin. 

    Then....the news line went dead...neither the Telegraph, the Express, Guardian has any more news on it. It's like a blanket descended. The press muzzling itself?


    3 AnswersMedia & Journalism5 months ago