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  • Recurring UTI's in cat - help?

    My cat is four years old and has had recurring UTI's pretty much every few months since she was 1 1/2. The last time she had one (a few months ago) she had some blood in her urine, but a round of antibiotics knocked it out. This time she has blood, struvite crystals, a high pH (8) and high amounts of protein. The first round of antibiotics didn't take care of it, so today we got x-rays done and there's no stone. The vet gave me a different set of antibiotics and recommended ways to get her water intake up. I picked up some canned foods (she's been on dry all her life) and am mixing them in with her dry food. I also just bought a water fountain, since she seems to like drinking water coming out of my tap.

    Doing a bit of googling, it seems that feeding cats a higher protein diet acidifies their urine. I'm feeding her a high quality, grain-free dry food (Orijen 6-fish) and the canned foods I've picked up are grain-free, as well. The vet gave me some Science Diet c/d, but I'm generally not impressed with Science Diet and would rather not put her on a food with grains unless it's absolutely necessary.

    Does anyone have any experience with acidifying their cat's urine? Would feeding her raw meats be beneficial in that area (I know raw foods are beneficial overall, but I'm trying to be specific to the urinary tract problem)? Hopefully with the fountain she'll drink more water and help dilute her urine some to ease some of the inflammation, but any extra knowledge on this subject would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Sound on PS3 and BluRay?

    I'm trying to watch a movie on BluRay through my PS3 (which I've done with no problems before). There is sound until I start to actually play the movie, then it goes silent. We have it hooked up through optical cables and set up for surround sound, which works while the disc is waiting for me to play it. Is this just a bad disc?

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  • Preventing smells in wood?

    I plan on making a wooden box into a place to hide my cat litter box. I'm wondering if there is a way to treat the wood now (inside and out) so after time the smell from the litter box doesn't permeate the wood? Will a regular water-proof sealant like those used on decks be enough?

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  • Citing online sources, MLA?

    I have several source points from different pages on the same website. In my Works Cited page, do I cite each page, or the entire website?

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  • How to remove blinds?

    I have blinds in the frame of my window. They aren't mini blinds that I can rotate and push up to remove. Anyone know how to temporarily remove them? I'm trying to paint and they're in the way.


    <a href=""/ target="_blank"><img src=" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

    If that doesn't work:

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  • screengrab entire window on mac?

    I can take screen shots, but I can't get the entire window on my mac. Any secrets I don't know of?

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  • Aggressiveness at the dog park?

    Today we took our dog to the dog park, a place he loves and has a good time at running around and playing with other dogs. As soon as we walked in, he had 2 dogs sniffing at him, one white, one black. They followed him over to a bush and he turned around to face them. The black dog escalated things - growling, barking, etc, which was easily broken up by a yell and command to come by each owner. The white dog continued to follow my dog and then things escalated again. My husband grabbed our dog to try and prevent further problems but the white dog kept nipping and growling at our dog. Our dog was worked up into a frenzy, teeth bared, growling, barking, and the white dog kept at him. He actually bit my dog a few times and my husband twice on the leg. Our dog has some fur missing and broken skin where the white dog bit him, and my husband (who was in jeans) has broken skin, but no bleeding.

    The owner of the white dog only stood nearby saying, "Maggie, don't, stop it" in a soft voice. She made no move to grab her dog or stop it beyond that. We ended up leaving, as I was talking very loudly about people controlling their dogs in a public dog park.

    I would like to have slapped some sense into her, but we left.

    What do you think we should have done? I thought we should get her info, but my husband talked me out of it.

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