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  • Is it okay to break up with someone over the phone?

    Listen, I know it’s wrong but given the current circumstances of the world let me explain myself.

    We’ve been dating for two years now and I wanted to break up with him awhile ago, but I wanted to wait and see if our relationship would get better before I made a rash decision. So I waited and thought about it and decided that we’ve outgrown the relationship and I don’t really have the same feelings I did at first, so it feels like it would be best to end things (and try to remain friends). I wanted to do this a couple weeks ago, but now the covid-19 situation has put us under quarantine. I haven’t seen him in 4 weeks, and he sends me like a text per day and thats it. I would prefer to break up in person, but who knows how long quarantine could go on for, and I feel like this time at home could be good time for me to get over it. Also, my birthday is in a couple of weeks and I’d like to be happy by then. 

    I need advice. Lay it on me. 

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  • Can I see a doctor?

    So I’m 19 years old and my mom never let me get the hpv vaccine (she’s crazy and doesn’t want me to have sex). I want to get vaccinated because I know it’s good for me, but if she finds out I got it she’ll disown me. Before I left for college she made me sign this release form saying that any time I got seen by a doctor they would be notified. Is this real? Can I get vaccinated without her knowing? Please help

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