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  • Thinking about buying an Epilator?

    I am getting to the point where I am sick and tired of shaving my legs pretty much everyday and having to deal with razor burn (always happens to me!) and cutting myself with the razor. The depilatory creams just burn my skin, and getting my legs waxed is costly. Which then brings me to the epilator. So first and foremost would you recommend one? Is there a certain brand/model? And what are some tips for using one?

    2 AnswersOther - Skin & Body8 years ago
  • What are some newer upbeat country songs?

    I'm looking for some pretty upbeat country songs from the past few years. Something thats fun to sing along to would be preferable

    3 AnswersCountry9 years ago
  • New Sex partner, turns out he has hep b?

    I had sex with someone new about 3 weeks ago and the condom broke. I just found out that the guy has chronic Hep B. I'm pretty sure that all my vaccinations were kept up to date, meaning that I would have had the hep b vaccine when I was in school (born in 1990 if that helps any). What are the chances that it could have been passed onto me? He says he has "low levels", what does this mean and does it change the likelihood that it could have been passed to me? What are the symptoms and how long would it take for any to appear? What should I do?

    2 AnswersSTDs9 years ago
  • Good Meals to make as a couple?

    So before totally giving up on our relationship my boyfriend has agreed for us to try and work it out. So for my choice of date night I was thinking we could make a delicious supper together. So What are your favorite meals to cook as a couple?

    3 AnswersCooking & Recipes9 years ago
  • Massive Pain in neck, and shoulders uneven. how to relieve and what it might be?

    So yesterday morning I woke up with alot of pain in my neck so much pain I was crying when I moved from it. I didn't fall or anything, just woke up with the pain. My head is sitting slightly to the right and the pain in my neck is on the left side. Also my left shoulder is a bit lower than my right shoulder, and by this I mean that the right shoulder seems to be higher than normal and the left seems to be a bit lower. Sneezing, any head movement and some arm movement cause the pain to be worse, it always hurts though.

    Any idea how I can relieve the pain, and what it might be from? And lastly do I need to go see a dr (which means a trip to emergency for me :(

    6 AnswersPain & Pain Management9 years ago
  • Looking for newer country love songs?

    My boyfriend and I are looking for a new song to call our song and one day dance to at our wedding. We have been through alot together including a break... but here we are looking towards our future. I'd like to find some songs that could possibly be "our song" the one we dance to at our wedding. I'd prefer to skip over the Taylor Swift mentions- as he is firmly against it (Love Story was our song but apparently its too cliche for him)

    8 AnswersCountry9 years ago
  • tips for cleaning cat vomit from from duvet?

    My cat vomited on my duvet, by the time I saw it, it was dried. So I took the cover off, and saw that it had soaked into the actual duvet. I want to clean the duvet and hopefully get it all out (stain included).

    It is a king size microfiber poly duvet. It is machine washable (pkg says easily compresses into your washing machine), The shell is 100% cotton. The weight is 1.8 kg (65 oz).

    Do you think that I will be able to wash it in a standard top-loading machine? What about drying? And what should I use to get the stain out??

    6 AnswersCleaning & Laundry9 years ago
  • Headphones/ Headset for Xbox?

    I am looking for headphones/headset that work with the Xbox so the sound doesn't need to be played out of the tv...My boyfriend says such a thing does not exist (but I think its because he doesn't want to have to wear them while playing his game). Anyways, do they exist? and what kind would you recommend? Also where should I be able to find them (keep in mind I am in Canada)?

    3 AnswersXbox9 years ago
  • Cat Food and Feeding?

    i currently feed my 3 yr old female cat Summit Indoor Cat, I am looking to change the food that she eats. I am so far thinking of changing it to Go or Now car food, all three types of food(current and what I am considering) are actually made by the same company, but from my understanding the Go or Now would be better for her. Is there a particular high (or higher) quality cat food the you recommend, and what do you think of the two that I am considering?

    Second, my boyfriend has a 4 month oldish male kitten. We are planning on moving in together in feb so Charlie (the kitten) will be about 7 months old then I think. Currently Charlie is free fed- my boyfriend just fills the dish whenever it gets empty, and my cat has a bit more structure (a scoop of food twice a day, but it is not picked up during the day). Also from my understanding Charlie should still be eating kitten food at that time. What do you suggest we do for feeding them? I know that some cat foods (including Go and Summit) claim to for all life stages, do you think that it would be ok for Charlie to eat these at 7months ish

    5 AnswersCats9 years ago
  • Things to do and think about before trying to conceive?

    I'm currently a bit baby crazy, but I know I have to wait a couple years before I can start trying, mostly because I get my bcomm this May, and want to have a career at least started before getting pregnant. So instead of just being all baby crazy and such, I'm looking for suggestions for things I should do before conceiving that can be done over the next couple years.

    1 AnswerTrying to Conceive9 years ago
  • Looking for Ideas for new car (or smaller SUV)?

    I'm looking at getting a new car in the next 6 months or so, and want to get a jump start on looking around at vehicles, reviews etc. I'm hoping for something a bit bigger than the little hatchback I drive currently.

    I'm looking for something not too big

    Must Haves include:

    - Decent size backseat (legroom and/or room for carseat(s) in the future)

    - Decent Fuel economy (and on this note is it worth it to go Hybrid)

    - Good Safety Ratings

    - 4 Doors! A two door vehicle is just not for me

    - Reliable... and on this note not too costly to maintain (and fix)

    - Good amount of Trunk Space, I like to travel (and again thinking of later on,,, fitting baby crap such as a 3 wheel stroller and groceries)

    - Something that handles alright in the snow

    Would like suggestions for both cars and small SUVs please

    3 AnswersBuying & Selling9 years ago
  • How to get rid of "Baby Fever"?

    I have baby fever and want to get rid of it. I'm 21 and have been with my boyfriend for about three years now. He has a good paying job and I am almost done my bachelors degree ( just 6 more months) and more or less have a job offer for what I want to do. Theres so much going on right now that I know it is far from best to have a baby right now, I dont have a career nor am I financially ready (although are you ever really ready, plus he is financially ready, and has a career). And he seems to want one too... for example about a week before my last period I was feeling very nauseous and had other pregnancy symptoms... and he was the one who was like those are preg symptoms so then he goes around until I get my period telling everyone that he might be a Daddy! I actually think he was kind of disappointed as was I when I got my period. I know that its probably not best to have one right now, but if it accidently happened (highly unlikely I'm on the Pill and take it everyday... plus either condoms or pullout) I cant say that I would be too upset about it!

    I know theres some of you that will say to get a pet, I have a cat already! And then there are those of you who are gonna tell me to babysit or look after a friends kids for a couple days... well I've done that too! And it is no help. I've had days where I would go to school go babysit for the night (getting up every time with the baby) and then going to class first thing the next day... dinner, bed, bath, wet beds, nightmares... and yet I'm still this baby crazy! I have several friends who have kids or are pregnant which really doesn't help either I guess.

    Sorry about the long windedness of this!

    So I need ideas to help me move past this, I need to make the solution last for another 3.5-4 years until I have my designation!

    2 AnswersNewborn & Baby9 years ago
  • Variations on the name Linda?

    Due to my grandmother passing away this summer and how big of a part of my life she was, when it comes time for me to have a baby (and it is a girl) I'd like to honor her by using her name somehow... only thing is I dont like the name Linda (or her middle name Agnes)

    My boyfriend and I talked about baby names before... and we both like Elaina Adele.. so anything you come up with that works with at least part of the name would be awesome!

    8 AnswersBaby Names9 years ago
  • Calculating Market Return on Equity (Market ROE)?

    I need a little help understanding the formula I was given:


    So I know that P is the stock price and D is the dividends ( in this case on a per share basis), my question is what stock prices do I use...

    Say I am calculating for the year of 2006,would the t value be from the end of 2006 or would it be from the previous year and what about the (t-1) value?

    1 AnswerInvesting9 years ago
  • Likelihood of being pregnant?

    I have not missed a period yet (it is due this sun, 28 day cycle), I am also on the pill, but I havent been very good at taking it over the past couple months, as in i have missed it, and I have not been taking it at the same time every day.

    Two days ago, (warning probs tmi) there was a little bit of a dark reddish brown spotting and slight cramping (and I have never gotten cramps with my period), I have also been more tired than normal, nauseous for a couple days off and on for a couple days, and my boobs have been more tender, specifically my nipples are rather sensitive.

    My friend and boyfriend both think that it is likely that I am, and now they have me wondering too.

    How likely is it that I am? And how soon can I take a home pregnancy test?

    2 AnswersPregnancy9 years ago
  • Bic Mark it vs sharpie?

    which is better for general and school use- mostly labelling binders etc, maybe some index card writing,?

    I do plan on getting both the thin and ultra thin sizes,

    1 AnswerDrawing & Illustration9 years ago
  • Country Summer Songs?

    Since summer is on its way here, Im starting to look around for some excellent summer country songs. Would prefer some newer songs! What are your top country songs for the summer?

    6 AnswersCountry10 years ago
  • Travelling with cat by car?

    I'm planning on heading back home for a week then out to my family's cabin for two months, I'm starting to think about my options,one is obviously taking my cat with me.

    My cat (Bea) is about 3, and I have only had her in the car once since I have had her- The ride from the adoption place to home.

    The trip back home will be about 10 hours approx, and then four hours to my family's cabin. I don't currently have a pet carrier for her of any assortment- I borrowed one before. I plan on driving straight through and not stopping during the trip home

    So my questions are:

    How do I make the trip as easy as possible?

    What type of carrier should I use? and What size?

    What about litter box, food and water while travelling?

    What about music etc?

    And what about keeping her cool?

    3 AnswersCats10 years ago
  • What do you recommend for GPS?

    I'm planning a trip back home to Alberta from BC this summer, and was looking into getting a GPS instead of just a plain old map. The reason for this is that with my choice for a future career, it is likely that i will need to travel quite a bit plus I get lost very easily!

    Anyway, I'm not even sure entirely what to be looking for in a GPS, I don't really need all the bells and whistles, just something that will lead me from point A to B and that can be plugged in to stay charged in the car. I would like to be able to stay under $150 but could go up to about $200 or so if needed. It also seems that Garmin and TomTom are the brands that are more readily available where I am.

    What type (Brand and model) do you recommend and why? Features etc?

    3 AnswersCar Audio & Electronics10 years ago
  • A good Pilates book (or DVD)?

    Im looking for recommendations for a good beginners pilates book (or DVD) with workout routines.

    Any suggestions are great, but please tell me why you like it and suggest it

    2 AnswersDiet & Fitness10 years ago