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  • How do you get the height of a cylinder when you know the SA and the radius?

    the surface area of the cylinder is 408cm(squared) and the radius is 7cm. How can i find the height.

    4 AnswersMathematics1 decade ago

    well i keep looking for the pokemon modifier for PLATINUM, however the only problem is i keep finding the Japanese version of the code so i was wondering has an english version AR code (pokemon modifier) for platinum come out yet? if so and it works you get 10 points!

    note u hav to put CPU(J) or (E) if a J is at the end of the I.D it is japanese and if theres an E at the end of the I.D well it's english. So thanks!!!!!

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  • can volume ever mean height?

    i have a question for math and it says "how do you find the diameter, circumfrence and hieght of a cylinder" so i was wondering if volume could ever mean height. (Don't give me the diameter or circumfrence or volume formulas cuz i know em)

    1 AnswerMathematics1 decade ago
  • Weird MSN Messages?

    Ok me and a couple of my friends have been getting these weird messages lately for example one was: "They banned my account because of this pic! I'm so angry! You don't think it's bad do you?" and then a file appears and asks if u want to accept it, so i just click the little X button on the top of the messenger and ignore it. Then about half an hour to an hour later it comes up again the exact same one! so i close it out and ignore it again! Can someone tell me what's happening!

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