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  • Intermittently losing the move and delete buttons and the next link on yahoo emails?

    I check my yahoo email at least 3 or 4 times a day.

    Half of those times, I either cannot move my emails to a different folder because the MOVE button does not show up.

    Other times I cannot delete an email because the DELETE button doesnt show up.

    And sometimes the Next link at the top doesnt work so I cannot just click Next - I have to go back to the main inbox to access the next email

    This is driving me nuts,

    What is going on with yahoo??

    1 AnswerOther - Yahoo Mail9 years ago
  • How do I permanently turn off that annoying wall paper on the Yahoo home page?

    You know that wall paper that pops up on the left and right side of the home page so its no longer a nice plain white background. Yes there is a little X in the top right cornor that says - close wall paper - but I do NOT want to have to click that little x every time I open the main page. It is very annoying!!!!

    2 AnswersOther - Yahoo Products9 years ago
  • What colour is Princess Eugenie's hair?

    I just spotted a picture of Beatrice and Eugenie at yesterdays royal wedding. Beatrice has her trademark red hair but Eugenie's looked black. I thought she had dark red hair like her mother and sister? Has Eugenie dyed her hair?

    5 AnswersRoyalty9 years ago
  • How tall is Prince Harry?

    Watching the wedding and seeing William and Harry standing side by side they seem to be more or less equal in height? How tall are they both?

    5 AnswersRoyalty9 years ago
  • How likely is a cracked patella?

    My son fell over on a cement playground at school the other day. He banged his knee quite badly on the ground. He now has a large purple bruise over the knee cap, the knee is swollen and of course he says it hurts to walk.

    I kept him home from school yesterday - and I took him to the doctor today. The doctor ordered an x-ray and said to ice the knee for the next 48 hours so my son is now back home.

    How likely could it be that the patella (kneecap) has a hairline crack in it (considering that my son can walk on this leg) and if it does - how badly would that hurt?

    2 AnswersInjuries9 years ago
  • Has anyone had MSN force their PC to update to IE 7 browser?

    Yesterday I was using IE 6. Yes I know its old but I am in no hurry to upgrade.

    Today when I turned my PC on, I find my system has upgraded to IE 7 without my permission and I have LOST ALL my bookmarks. I had hundreds of bookmarks and its going to take me ages to find them all again.

    So is this a hacker or is this Microsofts doing?

    I hate not being on control of my computer.

    I hate the updates that Microsoft forces on me every day.

    3 AnswersMSN10 years ago
  • Looking for a chinese girl who played the violin or fiddle in rock concerts - cannot remember her name?

    She was pretty well known for her violin music - she usually classical music or contemporary music usually with a rock upbeat tempo.

    This was back in the 1990s I think. Certainly before the year 2000 anyway.

    Does anyone remember her name or can link to any youtube videos of her.

    She was definitely Chinese. The word Ma may have been part of her name - I can't swear to that.

    1 AnswerClassical10 years ago
  • What exactly is the difference between Ham, Bacon and Pork?

    Obviously I know that they all come from a pig, and I have been told that bacon must be cured and cooked while ham doesnt need to be cooked, and pork is the pig meat.

    So are there any other differences between these meats, or are the comments I stated above the only differences?

    5 AnswersOther - Food & Drink10 years ago
  • Does aspirin help a chronic cough?

    I have had a chronic cough for the last 3 years. I had an appointment to see a specialist for the cough which I didnt get to because I ended up in hospital being diagnosed with an auto immune disease. I have been taking medicine which includes aspirin for the last 3 weeks. I have just realized that my coughing has completely stopped. Can aspirin stop or help a chronic cough?

    2 AnswersRespiratory Diseases1 decade ago
  • Is the new yahoo home page truely the legitimate home page? The URL I get does not look right?

    I am concerned about this new Yahoo home page - I think it maybe fake or not the real yahoo

    I use Canada yahoo and the address for my home page SHOULD be

    What I get is Where does the m come from? Is this legit?

    every time I close the browser I have to redo the page to get it how I want it - it doesnt save my edits.

    1 AnswerOther - Yahoo Products1 decade ago
  • I have a job interview today,. Do I wear snow boots or shoes?

    I have big clunky snow boots which I wear outside to get the bus.

    Do I take nice black shoes with me and change into them at the office?

    If yes, where do I put my wet boots? I will have to change back into the boots after the interview.

    Can I wear my boots to the interview?

    My trousers cover them up and they dont look so bad with only the tips peeking out.

    Except that these boots are pink and gray.

    I do have a pink top I can wear with black trousers and black jacket to match the boots.

    What do you think?

    6 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment1 decade ago
  • Which program do you like - The Waltons or Little House on the Prairie?

    I prefer The Waltons because the kids are older and John Boy is a lot like me - he is smart and loves words and ideas. Just as I do.

    2 AnswersDrama1 decade ago
  • Does anyone know who played Lesley (in the wheelchair) on the Little House on the Praire TV series?

    I mean Lesley Barton or Lesley Burton. She was in a wheelchair and she and Albert Ingalls began writing letters to each other. Laura Ingalls was the school teacher by this time (engaged to Almanzo).

    I am watching reruns and I thought that the girl who played Lesley looked a lot like Ally Sheedy as a young girl, but LHOTP is not on Ally's list of programs on IMDB.

    Does anyone know who the young actress was?


    1 AnswerDrama1 decade ago
  • What does the R stand for - in RSW?

    I went to see a counsellor today and she had the letters MSW, RSW after her name.

    Now I know that MSW is a Masters of Social Work.

    So what does the R stand for?

    2 AnswersHealth Care1 decade ago
  • I have Vista Home Premium edition and there is NO sound for DVDs. Sound for youtube is OK.?

    I am getting very frustrated with the Vista PC we have.

    We have Vista Home Premium edition

    For 18 months (since we got it last year) we had no problems listening to DVDs,

    About a month ago the sound for DVDs stopped playing.

    But sound for youtube and other internet audio files is still perfectly ok.

    our headphones and speakers are ok with Youtube as well.

    What do I have to do to fix this??

    2 AnswersDesktops1 decade ago
  • What do muslim women get when they die? Do they get 72 men?

    Someone just asked this question - How can I , As a Muslim, be assured of Paradise (and the 72 virgins that go with paradise). So i was thinking - Since only the men get the virgins.....

    What do the women get??

    15 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • WHY are christians so desperate to know the hour, the day and the year that Jesus will return?

    As has been quoted frequently - noone knows the hour that he will return.

    There are several passages in the gospels where Jesus says he will return in the disciples' lifetime (Mark 13:30, Matthew 10:23, 16:28, 24:34, Luke 21:32, etc.).

    It is quite obvious that Jesus never intended to start any type of church structure since he believed he would return very shortly to rule his kingdom in person. It is also quite obvious that Jesus was wrong about when he was coming back

    Source -

    contradictions - see section K

    So the questions are

    1 - why has jesus not returned when he supposedly said he would?

    2 - why are you so desperate for him to return?

    3 - What if some religious scribe wrote those words after jesus died and jesus never actually said that he would return?

    4 - What proof do christians have OUTSIDE of the bible, that jesus will return? Do NOT use the bible in your answer.

    5- What proof outside of the bible do you have that heaven and hell (and purgatory) actually do exist? Again do not use the bible in your answer.

    I ask this because you are so desperate to get there.

    11 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • hypothetical question for christians - are all children innocent?

    Will all children under a certain age (say 8 years old) go to heaven if they die as children, no matter what they have done?

    Example - Tom is 7 years old and he steals $20 from his moms purse. He then runs out into the road waving his $20 note. Tom doesnt look both ways and he is instantly killed by a hit & run driver.

    So does Tom go to heaven becasue he was an innocent child?

    Or does he go to hell because he stole $20 and did not ask for forgiveness (from jesus or his mother) before he was killed?

    4 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • What would be the ideal RAM size for Cafe World (on FB) to work properly?

    I have 1 GB RAM and still Cafe World is so very slow. It is not unusual for me to take one hour to create 4 dishes. The PC takes forever to move to each stage of cooking.

    So do I not have enough RAM or is this a FB problem?

    If it is a FB problem, WHEN will it be fixed?

    I am at level 24 if that helps.

    all other applications in FB and the entire internet work fine - I have no trouble surfing the net.

    I am so p*ssed off with Cafe World. I have one neighbour who got to level 12 and then stopped. He no longer plays,. Now I know why.

    2 AnswersVideo & Online Games1 decade ago
  • When did DLS start ending in November?

    We have a VCR (an old one of course) that changed its time by one hour yesterday (sunday) . So I assume that it was programmed to change on the last sunday in October.

    So when did we go to a November end date for daylight savings?

    Was 2008 the first year we did that?

    1 AnswerAstronomy & Space1 decade ago