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  • Why is an above the head bouncer called as a wide?

    Please refer to laws 21.10 and 21.13 (of MCCs laws of cricket).

    These laws seem to imply that an above the head bouncer should be called as a no ball by the umpires, however it is conventionally called as a wide (by umpires in major events eg IPL, international bilateral series etc). Why is this?

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  • What are some good songs about utopia/Eden/Zion/Shangri La type places etc?

    Looking for songs with the general theme of paradise (as a state of mind or way of living) as well as songs about a physical place. Some good examples I can think of are:

    A place in the sun- Stevie Wonder

    Dreamland- Bunny Wailer

    Southern Cross- Crosby, Stills and Nash

    Carolina in my mind- James Taylor

    Brothers in Arms- Dire Straits

    Preferably the theme should be about the struggle to reach such paradises (either as a physical place or a state of being), recognising that they don t really exist and are unattainable in our mortal lives (as per songs above)- similar to how paradise is presented in Steinbeck s Of Mice and Men. However please also feel free to share songs describing a paradise world/life, for example:

    Imagine- John Lennon

    Peace train- Cat Stevens

    Zion train- Bob Marley

    Me and you and a dog named boo- Lobo

    San Francisco- Scott McKenzie

    Thank you!

    (You can probably guess my music tastes from the songs I have suggested- please don t let that put you off; feel free to share any songs you enjoy from any genres! Also I have been oddly specific- please don t let this hold you back either, interpret what I have said however you think best)

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  • Where can I get a black SnapBack with Compton in white letters (UK)?

    I was searching online for one but when it came it was green under the peak, does anyone know where I can find a completely black one? Either an Internet link or a shop (UK) would be good thanks

  • Help With Comic Book Subscriptions (UK)?

    I have never read a comic book in my life before (apart from the really young kids' ones) but I am interested in Sci-Fi movies, TV programmes etc. and I do really enjoy movies from Marvel and others that are similar, so this is really something I definitely think I will enjoy.

    So, firstly, do you have any suggestions for a new reader? Fairly new story-lines would probably be best, since it would be easier for me to get into. Obvious ones (like Thor, Captain America, Spiderman, Batman, Avengers) are known (but not read) to me, and so maybe specific story-lines from these? Or maybe less well-known ones would be better. Any suggestions are appreciated.

    Next, comic book stores; I would prefer to buy them in a shop, but if I must then I will be happy to buy online (provided P+P isn't ridiculous). I have browsed a couple of sites but found it hard to find something that I can easily order (yes, I do know how to order, but not sure what to order; maybe I could have phrased that better) and this is really where the previous paragraph comes into play. I would prefer NOT to buy from sites like Ebay or Amazon, but sites specialising in comic books and merchandise etc. A subscription would be most useful, so I wouldn't have to order weekly (or monthly, not quite sure how that works) and one that has just one story-line. Any useful sites that people use are good for suggestions.

    Thirdly, price is obviously a factor. I would prefer a cheaper site/shop.

    Many thanks.

    1 AnswerComics & Animation6 years ago
  • How to get IOS 5.1 on 3rd generation iPod touch and iTunes won't even open?

    I have an iPod touch (3rd generation) and it only has IOS 4.2.1. I am really annoyed with this since I cannot download any apps that I want to. I was researching this on the internet and it said that you need the latest version of iTunes to update an iPod as much as possible (apparently IOS 5.1 on 3rd gen). So I downloaded the latest iTunes.

    Now, here's the problem: I opened iTunes and checked that it was the latest version and it said that there were no more updates. So I plugged my iPod in and clicked check for updates for IOS. It said that I had the latest version that I could get (4.2.1). I checked again that iTunes was updated and then it closed down.

    iTunes is on my desktop and when I click on it it doesn't even open. I right click on it and click 'Open', but nothing happens. I go to the start menu and click on it. Nothing happens...

    How do I open iTunes at the very least, and how do I get IOS 5.1? Please help.

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  • People in USA with access to Internet only please?

    Well if your not it won't work anyway. I'm in England and you have to be in USA to access this website. Please could you copy and paste the chords for both songs. Thanks.

    Easy 10 points for 1st answer (if you actually give the chords that work)

    2 AnswersOther - Internet7 years ago
  • Surely Praying Has No Effect?

    I'm a Christian but a few weeks ago I was thinking about things (as I often do) and I thought about how the only thing to pray for is forgiveness. Surely we cannot pray for something to happen (e.g. a sports team to win) because God gives us free will. Surely it is illogical for people to say that he is all-loving and so gives us free will but also say that by asking for something like a sinful person to become righteous because that violates their free will. Or if someone prayed for me to do something and God made me do it then I would no longer have free will, would I?

    What is the point in prayer?

    11 AnswersReligion & Spirituality7 years ago
  • What Else Is There To Do On Skyrim?

    I have completed the main questline (Alduin and stuff).

    I am the master of the Thieves Guild (and a Nightingale), Dark Brotherhood, Arch-Mage of Winterhold and Harbinger of the Companions.

    I am thane of 9 holds.

    I have completed the Civil War questline with the Stormcloaks.

    What else is there to do?

    I know that there are loads of side quests but I often find them boring. Are there any really interesting ones, or is there another main questline I haven't completed? Are there any other fun things I can do because the game is starting to get boring. Don't say get skills to 100 since I already have quite a few to 100 and I don't want to get them to 100 for no reason except for the sake of it.

    4 AnswersVideo & Online Games7 years ago
  • Does Evolution Not Shoot Itself In The Foot?

    I'm happy to be told that my facts are wrong but my understanding of evolution is that the first life on earth was single cellular. But single cellular organisms reproduce asexually, meaning that they produce exact genetic likenesses of themselves (clones). If this is the case then surely mutation cannot occur, meaning ultimately that evolution cannot occur.

    I understand the concept of survival of the fittest but I don't understand biologically how mutations can occur when there is no change in the genetic structure of an organism.

    11 AnswersBiology7 years ago