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  • Why wasn't the Ebola virus such a big thing like the Corona virus is?

    People are going crazy about the Corona virus. Nobody was like this when the Ebola came out. Could it be because Ebola is not as deadly? Is it the news or media that's scaring people all for business? What are your thoughts?

    12 AnswersPolitics7 months ago
  • Does the Air Force fire protection see combat.?

    Or do they only specialize in putting out fires and responding to emergency calls?

    3 AnswersMilitary10 months ago
  • Can an Air Force recruiter get you into the Air National Guard?

    I was about to join the ANG (Air National Guard) until I found out about the pay so I left and my ANG recuirter was pissed. I then decided to join the Air Force active duty or full time and was committed to it, however; my father has now gotten sick and needs someone to care for him. Now I want to go back to the ANG but I would like to avoid my previous recruiter if possible. Keep in mind that I wasn't in the delayed entry program while in the ANG. I am, however, in the dep with the Air Force, so is there any way my current recruiter can put me in the ANG or do I have to go back to my recruiter?  

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