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  • Answered a scam voicemail without knowing?

    So I got a call today about a student loan application I still had to fill out, but the caller gave no info about what the application was specifically for, and being someone going into college I was like, "okay, what place is this?" So I went to call the number he gave me to ask what school or organization he's with or whatever to see what's up and there's nothing. There's a single beep and then silence. I sit there for about a minute or so silent wondering if I should be like "Hello, anyone there?" And eventually the line starts beeping and I just hang up. I decide to look into the number and turns out, a few people have reported it as a scam number. Now I'm kinda a paranoid person, so I've been trying to look into stuff like this, but every source I check is just like "Yea it's best to avoid those guys" and don't really answer my question- is this going to cause damage, or have I only done what some people said and verified the numbers tied to a person. Never got a chance to give away any info. Would appreciate some answers.

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  • Can you redirect money from FAFSA to a different college if you decide you don t want to go to the first?

    I have to withdrawal from the college I wanted to go to since there s just no possible way I can pay it in full, and I m hoping that maybe I can go to a community college instead. It s probably too late for that anyways, but if I do end up going to a smaller place instead, can I have it set up to use the money given to me by FAFSA at the new college?

    I already signed a master promissory note, so I already know I ll have to pay it back no matter what, but can I just sign another for the other place if I get in? Is there something I have to do to void the first? Will there be any fees to switch?

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