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Andy S

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I'm 52 years old. Grew up Chinese in Little Italy, New York City "when Chinese wasn't fun." I have a BA in Economics and currently work as a computer consultant. I'm an supporter of 2nd Amendment and self-defense rights, and am a competitive combat shooter and NRA life member. I am a former hunter but still am into environmentalism and outdoorsmanship (kayaking, skiing, hiking, and some fishing.) I've been in the martial arts since age 12, studied various Oriental martial arts. Have instructor level black belts in Karate (6th), TKD (3rd), and Wing Chun. I'm also ranked as a Reiki Master Teacher and often referred to as a Qigong Master, even though I alway feel that I am a beginner, always learning about the martial arts, meditation and qigong, healing, psychology, and parapsychology. If and when I stop learning, I'll stop living.

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