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  • Which would be a good golf?

    Which would be a good golf ball to use for a beginner to intermediate player? Right now I been using the Nike Mojos.

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  • SMD hot air rework station?

    I am looking to obtain a hot air smd rework station and was wondering what recommendations there are, areas covered to include some bga work. I am looking for a medium price bracket and have looked at some weller and pace offerings as I use a pace st115 solder extractor and a weller wi80 solder station and like the makes, but I don't want to spend £700 - £800. If one comes up on the second user market then maybe, but for now I am looking to spend between £150 - £250. I have been recommended to avoid fan in handle models, and do not require 2 in 1 models.

    I came across several variants of Aoyue 852A+ SMD (500 watt element) Rework Stations but know nothing about the make.

    They all seem to be around 500 watts for the hand-piece, with the pace sets being around the 600 watt

    regards Moris

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    Wind chimes for garden?

    I was thinking of hanging wind chime in the front porch of my house. Then I thought of hanging the wind chime in my garden. Now the problem is the wind chime will attract a lot of dust so I was thinking of metallic Arias wind chime. Will it look good in the garden?

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  • Recommend me a board game?

    Ok, I play board games with my family sometimes. Not really intense ones, but stuff like Parcheesi, Monopoly, trivia games, etc. I thought maybe I’d try introducing them to one of these super-keen board games that people play, but I don’t know where to start.

    It needs to be simple but fun, and easy to learn. Games shouldn’t take more than an hour or so. My mother and sister are not gamers of any stripe, so it has to have casual appeal while hopefully offering whatever it is that these hobbyist-type games offer. Any ideas?

    Edit: also it has to be four players and ten players.

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  • Favorite Board Games for Family Game Night?

    My boys and I are headed to PAX south Saturday. Got me thinking and curious. Considering the quality of my fellow glowforgers I would be interested in knowing what your favorite board/table top games are for a family game night. For me it’s my wife and I and my two teens. Besides, I need to do something to help me pass the time until my glowforge arrives :smile:, so I might as well find something fun to do with the family.

    Some of our current favorites are:

    Man Bites Dog

    Ticket to Ride

    Monopoly (my oldest son collects Monopolies, but my youngest son usually wins)




    Chess, etc…

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  • Anyway to kill broadleaf weeds and keep Clover?

    A customer is requesting that clover remain mixed in the grass.

    Is there anyway spray for broadleaf weeds and keep the clover?

    I am currently only backpack spot treating the 1 acre property with Surge but it would be nice to apply a blanket application of an herbicide without killing clover. Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas that will help?


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    Looking for a Cigaretto Case?

    Does anyone know of a website I can purchase a cigatetto case online? I can't seem to find any. Im looking for a metal one . Something that can be put in a jean pocket or a coat pocket without breaking it. Thanks in advance for the help. I have found one interesting design of case. It's Ehonestbuy but this case is too small. I need something for 10-15 ot more sigarettes. 

  • Vacuum cleaner recommendations?

    As title Im looking for a new vacuum.

    My current 8+ year old Vax cleaner isnt cutting it anymore, especially now I have a dog which gets fur everywhere.

    I've no idea what to look for though, budget is somewhere between £200-£300.   I found a selection of Shark vacuum cleaners interesting and recommend based on reviews but I'm not sure. Is Dysons still very unreliable?

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    How To Remove Nail Polish From Carpet?

    My mother came round to stay for a few days. She dropped a small bottle of nail polish onto the spare bedroom carpet. The nail polish is dark red, the carpet is cream coloured.

    She immediately blotted it and tried warm water with no effect. We've tried acetone to remove it. It's helped on the lighter marks marginally. I read an interesting article but it's better to find out who did it and how you did it without damaging the carpet.

    Any other suggestions?

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  • Leather wallet recommendations.?

    I'm looking around for a suitable replacement of my wife's current wallet. I'm looking for a decent leather wallet that will carry up to 12 cards securely, plus some cash; nothing else. In other words the slimmest possible way to carry a dozen cards and a few banknotes, preferably in leather. In old wallet of my wife one has the card slots arranged so that the wallet has to be unfolded to remove a card, which seems the most secure to me. Examples of how the wallet should look are shown here