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  • Is it possible for someone to have octuplets without fertility treatments? ?

    Hi this must seem like an odd question but it’s for research. This is not about me or anybody I know. I was wondering if it’s possible for someone to have large amounts of multiples( 7 or 8 babies) without going through Fertility treatments. Also other than octomom is there anybody else reported to have octuplets? If the person were to have octuplets what would they be closely monitored through a hospital or left at home like a typical pregnancy of 1 or 2 babies? 

    This is not pertaining to me I promise! Just want to find out some answers. 

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  • Lilliana or Lillian?

    We are expecting our 3rd daughter in May. Which name would be best out of these 2, Lilliana or Lillian. Middle name is going to be Marie. Suggestions are welcome as well. Thank you!!

    Sisters names are Amelia Rose and Savannah Grace

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