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  • What should l do?

    I found that someone has been using my Microsoft account to send lots of junk mail and my account has therefore been suspended. l don't have a phone so l can't do the phone thing it asks me to do. This means I'm locked out of my account until I'm 16 when l get my first phone (this July). l had my email address hooked up to the account via Mail and this email was detected as a spam one although I barely used it. l don't want to hook my new email address to Mail unless I know Mail and my Microsoft account are completely hacker-free. What should l do? I'm not really desperate, but it'll be convenient to have the notifications when someone emails me. I can't make a new account because it wont let me.

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  • How to cure homosexuality?

    I ve been having feelings for other girls (especially anime due to social anxiety but I think l would be full gay if l m not so scared of people). But this is sin and I don t want to go to Hell. l talked to my mum about it but Atheism doesn t make me feel better? I d rather just commit homosexuality than both commit homosexuality AND denying God. But doing neither is preferred.

    14 AnswersReligion & Spirituality2 years ago
  • What maths topic is this?

    I was taught how to do this question but want to practice, perhaps on Corbettmaths.

    Write down the estimates for the roots of f(x)=0

    Answers very appreciated!

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  • Can stuff be printed on watercolour paper?

    Just something I've been casually thinking about

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  • How did Jesus' death heal the relationship between humans and God? This seems contradictory.?

    In the ten commandments, it says 'Do not kill' but killing Jesus made God happy of us? Also, I don't think that, if I was murdered, I would be too pleased with that. Am I missing something or am I just plain confused?

    23 AnswersReligion & Spirituality2 years ago
  • Photoshop - Tablet doesn't work?

    I downloaded Photoshop free trial with Adobe Cloud and I can't move the cursor at all with my tablet. It's a Huion tablet. All. the solutions I can find are for Wacom. Is Adobe a scam? Am I lucky for not buying it yet because there's nothing I can do?

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  • What s the purpose of the constant Windows updates?

    These Windows updates seem to be happening every 2-4 days and they seem to be doing absolutely nothing to my PC.

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  • How to factorise 12x^2-11x+2?

    Please give steps as well as answer. I am doing this for revision. I can't find anything that would help. The method I remember being taught doesn't seem to work at all, although it worked with expressions with a larger number than x.

    11 AnswersMathematics2 years ago
  • Kindle problems?

    The Kindle is old. I try to charge it. No indicator shows up on the screen but there is a light which shows up on the side of the Kindle. I tried it on an even older Kindle beforehand which had the same thing happen (I have 2 Kindles) and the screen ended up messed after a while (less than 5 minutes I think) and the Kindle was still not charged. I decided to not charge my slightly newer Kindle when I found the same starting effects. But I want to know if it's because of the Kindles being old or the lead I used (I used a random lead I found a while ago, which charges my camera perfectly). Maybe it's about the voltage or something on the wire?

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  • What to do (Kerboodle)?

    I was given a Kerboodle account by school and I was told the log in details for it today but it doesn t work?? I also get no email when I put mine in?? Idk what to do the idea of being hacked is scary?? 😥

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  • What is this type of algebra thing called? I can't remember. 😅?

    It's two equations on top of each other, I think it's name starts with 's' but then my mind immediately goes to 'substitution'. 😅

    5 AnswersMathematics2 years ago
  • How to use compass with shaky hands?

    I have a problem where I always shiver (sometimes my body does it quite violently) and my hand especially is annoying when it happens because I have to use a compass in maths and sometimes drawing. I could never bisect an angle accurately without help because I could never place the compass properly and it s annoying. I also find it hard to draw circles with compasses. Is there a way to stop the shivering problem, or an easier way to draw circles and bisect angles? I have anxiety if this helps with a solution. Thx 💜

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  • Brought cheese spread, has liquid on top?

    What is the liquid likely to be? What should I do?

    14 AnswersCooking & Recipes2 years ago
  • Why is Britain so confusing?

    I'm British but this country is confusing.

    Britain is a country, and inside is the UK which is another country, and inside the UK is 4 other countries (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland). 'English' is a language name and a way to describe someone from England, but it's not obvious if you say it what you mean. For example, with 'I'm Swedish', it's obvious you come from Sweden. If you say 'I'm English', people will assume that you're American because Americans also speak English and is the most influental country which does, so English people call ourselves British to stop confusion but everyone in Britain is British so it doesn't help. Why must we make things so bloody confusing for ourselves and others?

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