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  • Why is it easier to score with guys then women ?

    Why is it so much easier to convince chubby gay dudes to give me head while I watch milf porn, than it is to have sex with women. I would much rather bang girls, but they just are not into me. When it comes to meeting chubblers on Grindr tho it’s like a field day. 

  • Do you ever feel sad that you can only reach climax with men even tho you rather be with women?

    I never really thought about my sexuality until after my uncle raped me. In high school I dated girls, and I still find girls attractive. I never felt sexually satisfied with women tho. In order for me to be sexually gratified I seek out random men to top me to re-create that experience from when my uncle raped me. I have tried getting pegged and using dildos, but I need to have the feeling of a man for the psychological aspect. I don’t want to date men, but I really can’t have sexual relationships with women so all my relationships with girls have failed. Anyone one else feel like they are doomed to be gay ?

  • How did you become gay ?

    All through high school I used to pretend to be gay cuz it made me interesting and girls would be my friend. I would always try to hook up with the girls I befriended, but never could. I ended up becoming friends with a couple gay boys and eventually, just decided to being gay was my identity. I never was able to fully commit to sex with another man until a little after high school when my group of friends and I went to a party and this older guy smoked crystal with me. That night was my first sexual experience with another man and it went on with him for 2 years. I wasn’t really into the sex, but I loved meth ... and when we smoked it all we did was have sex. I’m 1 year sober now, but this is how I became gay.

  • Why do drugs make your body do things it wouldn’t do normally ?

    I ran into my Uncle this weekend and I fell into the trap of doing crystal with him again. He ended up giving me head and I was able to get hard and orgasm without watching straight porn. Why does doing crystal make it so much easier to participate in gay sex? 

    I’m not %100 gay and whenever I get guys to please me thru oral sex the have to watch straight porn. Why does this happen only when I’m high, I wish I could get hard and orgasm just from guys alone so I could be %100 gay

  • Should we included another sexuality into the mix?

    Should we have a new category of sexuality? It’s called Tri, for trisexual. Trisexual ppl would be the ppl that only like transgendered ppl, or if maybe it could be even more encompassing to including ppl who like to try everything. I mean that would work well cuz “try” and “tri” are so similar 

  • Should trans people be included in gay culture? Or should they just have their own thing?

    If a man transitions to a women, then becomes a woman then starts dating guys. She is not gay. Same with women who transition to men that date women. They are no longer gay. So trans ppl shouldn’t be recognized with us! Trans ppl are straight. 

  • Do bi-sexual like Tran-trans more than regular men/women?

    Do bisexuals think Tran-Trans are the perfect mate cuz some of them have both men and women genitalia and features? Like if you are attracted to women and men and a tran-Tran is a woman but has a penis, wouldn’t you love that if you were a BI? I watched a porn of a Tran-Tran having sex with a lady too, and the Tran Tran was a women with a penis. 

  • Anyone else on here hiding a secret about part of their sexuality?

    I love being mostly gay, and I say that cuz I can’t really get aroused with other men or do sexual stuff unless I do drugs or watch Straight porn while getting head. There are so many desperate chubby guys on Grindr with low self esteem who are just down to, well GO DOWN that I feel I will always be satisfied. I just know that one day my friends are gonna find out that I’m not %100 gay and 

    Probably disown me, I just have a feeling one of them is catching on. Any one else on here got any stories on how they continue to hide part of their sexuality ?

  • I’m not sure if I should stop hanging out with my friends, or if I should just keep trying. Help!?

    So my friend got a bunch of molly and had a party with just all of us friends since high school. Of course My friend Forest, who is hosting the party starts playing porn on his Tv, then next thing I know everyone is making out with each other. Things start getting intense and it’s pretty much an orgy of all my friends. I’m just sitting on the couch watching what’s going on, and being awkward. I am not at all horny and I just want to go home, but I’m def. not sober. My friends notice me being weird and try rubbing my crotch and kissing me, but I’m just not into it. I end up letting my friend pull down my pants and of course I’m limp, but he tries to get me erect with no luck. My friend gets frustrated and yells something to the effect of “ what are you straight now ?” I was literally so embarrassed cuz I can’t let my friends know I’m not %100 gay. I say no, and that I just can’t get hard on molly. Anyway, ever since that night, which was 4 days ago all my friends have been ignoring my texts. I think they are offended that I didn’t have sex with them . Should I even bother hanging out with these guys anymore ? They have sorta been my family since high school and right now I just don’t want to be alone .

  • How can I make my dad not hate me as much now, after my uncle told him about something I regret.?

    My a**hole piece of $#!+ uncle ratted me out and told my dad (who I don’t have a good relationship with) im gay and a drug user. 

    Backstory: my uncle came to visit (he’s gay) So my friends and I took him to the gay bar we all go to.  We all got completely smashed and my uncle and I took an Uber to my place and drank some more. He smokes crystal and offered me some, and I did a little bit like an idiot. He ended up giving me head that night cuz I was high and horny, then the next day he acted like nothing happened l. I was really upset/mad at myself and him for what happened but chose to just ignore it cuz he was. TURNS OUT he freakin ended up talking to his brother MY DAD! And telling him I begged him to give me oral and that I smoked drugs with him. My uncle hates my Dad, so I know he said that to him to be a drama queen and just stir the pot..... but regardless now I’m screwed, and my Dad has disowned me and just really laid into me verbally in the most disgusting way. What can I do to try and make things right with him?

  • Can anyone tell me how/where I can meet trans males, who want to date men.?

    I can’t believe it took me this long to come up with a solution to my problem. The only problem is how can I make it happen?. Any guys out there dating a trans male? How did u meet him? Is there a website for trans men looking for men? If I can find a trans man and date him, then I can finally be who I want and feel like I really belong in the community I belong in. No more questions about if I’m gay or not, and I would be able to have sex with them .

  • Should WE change the order of LGBTQAM?

    We should change LGBTQAM and Re-arrange the words to represent the hierarchy of our lifestyle. The first letter should be Trans as it’s the highest level of homosexuality. Then next would be Gay, then Lesbian, then Queer, then Bi, then Asexual,and of course Maps at the end 


  • Why do guys I meet on Grindr expect I owe them something after my satisfaction? ?

     I have used Grindr to find so many chubby guys that are just ok with pleasing me with oral sex while I watch Straight porn. Maybe it’s their low self esteem or maybe chubby boys love giving head. Why is it that chubby boys start getting all emotional after i orgasm, and want to chat/hangout/ sometimes cry after we are done doing what we agreed to do? 

    Like move on, go eat some snacks somewhere. I want to go hang out with my friends. 


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  • How do you be a model for a ******* competition?

    Have any of you been in one or to one? How do you be one of the models for the contestants ? Do you know of any coming up here in CA? Here is a vid of one

  • How can I stop my friend from saying the N word ?

    My Chinese friend Johnny, uses the N word with an A at the end all the time. I told him he shouldn’t be using that word, especially cuz all the BLM stuff going on. He says stuff like, “why Nlgga” just to piss me off. He said It’s ok for him to say it cuz Americans brought his ppl over from China and used them as slaves to build railroads. He also says it’s ok for him cuz his boyfriend is black (I don’t think he has a black boyfriend, maybe just Grindr hookups) he even makes it a point to bring around any black guy, when we are all hanging out to try and impress us. Once he said the N word in front of the guy he was with, and I could tell he was uncomfortable and wanted to say something. He probably didn’t tho cuz Johnny was gonna blow him, or have sex with him. How can I get through to him that saying that word is bad?

  • What are somethings I can do to prove to my friends that I’m %100 gay.?

    One of my close friends likes to call me a cis white man, when we get into arguments and it really hurts my feelings. Sometimes I wonder if he knows I’m not really gay. I would say I’m the least feminine in our group. Just for background, my group of friends are all gay and I have been friends with them since high school, they are the closest thing I have to a family. They hate straight  men, and I have been trying to be gay for years now. Don’t tell me I need to tell them I may not be gay, as it’s not helpful. Yes I have made out with guys in front of them at clubs, just to fit in. What Are some things I can do to be more gay? I just don’t want them to have any suspicion I may not be truly gay . 

  • How can I deal with my friends always trying to set me up on dates?

    My friends keep trying to set me up with other gay guys. Ever since high school I have had the same friends from theatre, they accepted me right away. They thought I was Gay, but I have never told them I’m not cuz I had no friends and having a good group of friends Made life more bearable. We are all in out 20’s now and they never seen me in a relationship, and even a long time ago when we first started hanging out one of my friends had a crush on me; which I turned him down cuz I said it would ruin our friendship. They have seen me make out with guys when we would go to the clubs, but it was mainly cuz I was drunk and was trying to be gay. Once I even let a guy I sorta knew blow me, but I couldn’t get hard cuz honestly I just wasn’t into it. I had these friends for so long they are like family and know how hurt they would be if I told them I might not be gay. They hate straight men esp. straight white men. At this point it’s even difficult to even consider trying to have sex with a girl cuz, most girls I know think of me as their gay best friend. Which I don’t mind because at least I get to be around them. I got another date with a guy my friend set me up with soon, and like before I’m probably gonna make up an excuse why i wasn’t into him. Then I will be called a picky *****, I just don’t know what to do. Should I just tell them I’m a gay Christian who is waiting for marriage?

  • Where are the gayest gay bars?

    My friends want to plan a group birthday party for me out of state to hoe around somewhere where no one knows us. What city has the gayest gay bars in America, we live in Sacramento. So preferably on the west coast. Please don’t recommend Kram in Chicago either, I got 86’d from there and the place is ghetto, most their vibrating stools don’t work and there drinks are watered down.