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  • I'm looking to find an obscure and VERY old Minecraft clone?

    So there is this game that probably came to be because of Minecraft's existence, and I want to find it. It's a game that has these sort of "round" graphics (unlike Minecraft with its cubes), has something to do with dwarves, and I specifically remember digging a tunnel in it and it was just basically like maaking round indentations in the ground. I know thata the description is rather uninformative, but like I said, it's very old and I've clear forgotten about it until now. Can anyone saatisfy my curiosity and tell me the name of the game, please?

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    Confusing words in a poem?

    I've stumbled upon a poem, but I don't understand some parts of it. In particular:

    1) What does the expression "red miles" mean in the lines "We must fight now, not for more red miles on the schoolroom map..."?

    2) What does the phrase "No more than you" even refer to?

    English is not my native language, and I don't hail from the English-speaking world, so excuse me if the questions seem dumb or uneducated.

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