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  • Plays for casts of six!?

    Hi! Myself and a group of 5 other people are looking to do a play in the upcoming year. There are are six of us. 3 male and 3 female. We are all under 27. We are looking for a full length play! Thanks.

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  • Two Person Plays!?

    Hi, I'm looking for suggestions for two character plays. 1 male and 1 female actor. Preferably full length. Any genre :D Thanks

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  • Geometry Question?

    The lines

    K: 2x+3y-6=0

    L: X+3/2y+12=0

    Are tangents to a circle s.

    S touches k on the y axis.

    Find the equation of s

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  • Maths HELP?

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  • Coordinate Geometry Question?

    The line 3x-y-6=0 is a tangent to the circle at the point -3,-3. the circle also passes through the point -4,-1.

    How do I find the centre, radius, equation of the circle and

    equation of the tangent to the circle parallel to the tangent through -3,-3

    1 AnswerMathematics6 years ago
  • Coordinate Geometry Question.?

    Find the equation of the circle having the lines x+1=0 and x-3 =0 as tangents and with its centre lying on the line y=3.

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  • Word 2007 wont open documents.?

    When I try to open a document word 2007 opens but not the document. To open the document I have to click the office button and then click open and find the file. Is there any way to fix this?

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  • TV shows suggestions?

    Hi, I am looking for a new TV show to watch. My favorite show is Star Trek. I also like the waking dead, doctor who, defiance, revolution, firefly, the big bang theory ect.

    I like shows where alien and human races live and work together.

    I don't like shows like battlestar and stargate where they are constantly fighting in a ship. I like when there is relationships between characters also.

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  • TV shows suggestions?

    Hi, i'm looking for TV show suggestions. My favorite show is Star Trek: the original series, but I have watched all the other Star Treks. I didn't like Battlestar. I want something science fiction or fantasy.

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  • Walking Dead Graphic Novel?

    Hi, I love the walking dead TV series but I was wondering if reading the first or second graphic novel would would spoil anything for the series.

    10 points to best answer :D

    3 AnswersComics & Animation8 years ago
  • How to decorate a study room?

    Hi, I am a teenager and im decorating a room for study, I want to paint the walls sage green and maybe the furniture white. I want your opinion on this and also tips on how to balance the two colours. Also what kind of pictures, ornaments and rugs I should use and what colours these should should be.

    Thanks and any other tips would be appreciated.


    1 AnswerDecorating & Remodeling8 years ago
  • Best German Books for Junior Cert?

    Best German books for Junior Cert?

    Hi, im doing my Junior cert this year and German isn't my best subject, I was wondering if someone could recommend some good German books that I could buy. Hopefully ones that show the vocabulary in English as well as German.

    Thanks in Advance,


  • Do the first few episodes of star trek next generation have any spoilers to the end of the original series?

    I want to watch a few episodes of nest generation but I dont want them to say anything that will spoil the original series for me!!!

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  • Gone with the Wind sequel?

    Hi, I recently finished the book Gone with the Wind and I adored it. I heard there are two books "Scarlet" and "Rhett Butlers People" ,written by other people, sequels to Gone with the Wind.

    What I want to know is which one is supposed to be read first.

    Thanks in advance,


    5 AnswersBooks & Authors8 years ago
  • Watch television shows online for free.?

    Hi, I love watching programs like Frasier online, but I often have trouble finding links, do you know any good sites that you can watch tv shows for free on, I allready know about sidereel and tv links.



    7 AnswersComedy8 years ago
  • Good Books??????????????????????

    Hi, I recently read Gone with the Wind and found it amazing and I was looking for books similar to it or if you have read it and enjoyed it other books you enjoyed.

    Thanks in advance

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  • What wMaths Homework Help.?ould you like to ask?

    L is the line x-y-4=0. L cuts the x- axis at a and the y axis at b.

    Find the coordinates other point a and the point b.

    Show that the point 5,-1 is on the line L.

    The point k,2 is on the line L. Find the value of K.

    I have a test tomorrow and I need someone to explain how to do this.

    Thanks in advance


  • Develolpment of a child with Down Syndrome.?

    Hello, I am a doing a project for my junior cert on Down Syndrome and I have to write about the Social and Emotional development of a child aged 1-12, but im not sure how I should go about doing this and also what does Social and Emotional development actually mean.

    If you could give me links to any useful websites or any tips on how to go about doing this I would greatly appreciate it.

    Ten points to most helpful answer.


    1 AnswerSpecial Education9 years ago