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  • Can I send an anonymous letter to the president?

    Im trying to write a non threatening letter for President Obama. I don't want him to know who wrote it though. I just want him to view my opinion. Is there any way i can send an anonymous letter to him?

    8 AnswersOther - Politics & Government10 years ago
  • Can A Fluent French Speaker Please Write the Lyrics for this song?

    im having a little trouble understanding this song, i can speak some french but its not that fluent, can someone please write the lyrics or some of the lyrics to this song, or if the Artist and song are know then that will be fine also i can always look them up my self, download to preview, thank you

    2 AnswersLyrics1 decade ago
  • whats wrong with my body?, losing hair and weight without exercise?

    ok i was looking around my closet yesterday and one of my old shirts got my attention and I tryed it on and now it fits ok, but before it didnt fit at all, and my jeans fit a little lose too, i havent execised and also my hair has been kind of falling out and im only 17, male pattern baldness does not run in my family both grand parents still have hair at mid 60's years of age, also i havent been eating as musch as before, any idea whats wrong with me? oh yeah my hair is falling only in one area.

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  • why is my hair falling out?

    im a 16 year old male, and i strighten my hair all the month of may and 4 days of june when it was wet at night and then again in the morning, i havent striaighten it in 2 weeks and now my hair is falling, i have also not eaten as much as before, cause i feel like im gonna end up like a whale because i dont do anything during the summer, any idea why its falling?

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  • looking for a name of a song I heard?

    so I was at A&F and I heard a song that goes like this

    I want to be free ,want to be alive ,I want to be free ,want to have a life

    thats all I remember so can someone help me identify this song thanks

    1 AnswerLyrics1 decade ago