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  • Why is Joe Biden saying that everything Trump is doing is wrong with COVID? But he says he will do the exact same thing as Trump is doing?

    Biden says Trump has caused the death of 200,000 people. And he says that in order to stop COVID-19, he is going to make people wear masks, rush a vaccine, and support local governments. Isn't that exactly what Trump is doing? Seconds earlier, Trump said exactly the same things as Biden said that Trump wasn't doing. I don't get it.

    5 AnswersPolitics2 days ago
  • How did Old Greg kill Curly Jefferson?

    How did he do it?

    1 AnswerHistory2 weeks ago
  • Why do women choose to only date the men who pursue them?

    That's like only choosing to work for companies who contact you first. Way to limit your options... you RARELY see women go up and approach a man and ask him out cold or introduce herself to him. But women expect that from men.

    6 AnswersSingles & Dating3 weeks ago
  • Is a Lamborghini a poor purchase?

    I have some spare money that I am looking to spend. Is a lambo a wasteful purchase, even if you have the money to afford it? For anyone that owns a supercar, do you get bored over time with it? Obviously car purchases are a poor investment purchase and depreciate immensely, but are they worth it from an entertainment and enjoyment factor?

    18 AnswersBuying & Selling4 weeks ago
  • How difficult is it to be come fluent in 2 completely unrelated foreign languages?

    How hard is it to become fluent in Mandarin Chinese and also for example Russian, if you're native language is English. Or something like Arabic and also Korean

    9 AnswersLanguages1 month ago
  • Why am I able to do so well with women?

    I've never in my life had trouble attracted beautiful women. Why are some men able to easily connect and attract women, and other men cannot?

    7 AnswersSingles & Dating1 month ago
  • Is it possible to "reset" your GPA after you have a bachelor's degree?

    I have a B.S. in Computer Science but my undergraduate GPA was 2.9. I want to go back to college and restart and get a degree in Biology and eventually go to Medical School. This would be impossible with my current GPA. Just satisfying medical school pre-reqs as a post graduate student would do nothing to help my GPA. I need to restart with a fresh slate in order to qualify for medical school sadly. Is this possible? Basically start fresh as a freshman with a blank slate and spend 4 years getting a new Bachelor's degree?

  • Why do very beautiful women tend to end up with 2 kinds of men, 1) Rich older men or 2) Players and abusive men?

    I've never seen an extremely beautiful woman who has been with a regular guy who is handsome and her age and isn't some kind of CEO or Lawyer or something.

    I always notice a trend. Extremely beautiful women in her 20's is usually either dating a guy in his 30's who just wants a good looking trophy girlfriend, or she is dating a guy who is a party boy/f boy/player/druggie/alcoholic guy

    Beautiful women in her 30's is either dating/married to a guy in his 40's or 50's who is rich, or she is still dating the party guy

    Beautiful women in her 40's is either dating/married to a guy in his 50's or 60's who is rich, or she is dating a guy in his 20's who is her "boy toy"

    You NEVER see a beautiful women with a guy her own age. And the relationship is always either based on money/access to a fancy lifestyle, or drugs, or alcohol or partying

    Singles & Dating2 months ago
  • Why do good looking beautiful women tend to have good looking boyfriends?

    And fat obese women usually have ugly and nerdy socially awkward boyfriends

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating4 months ago
  • Why do women want to get married so badly but initiate divorce 70 percent of the time?

    And in college educated marriages, women initiate divorce at a whopping 90 percent of the time. Why would a guy marry a college educated woman if 50 percent of marriages end in divorce and 90 percent of the time, it’s out of his control. So basically he has a 45 percent chance of getting divorced when entering a marriage with a woman he loves against his desire.

    Marriage & Divorce4 months ago
  • Why do women who make zero effort to meet men expect to get the highest quality , most attractive men to become interested in them?

    Their entire lives consist of netflix, social media, and reddit and work, they never attempt to meet high quality men, yet they expect for these types of men to want to date them just because they are "nice". They go to bars and night clubs occassionally and expect a PhD or a Doctor who's 6 ft 3 and tan and fit and suave to come talk to them, meanwhile they are cowering in the corner on their phone with social anxiety and can't even have a conversation with an average looking guy without having a panic attack at the bar and are surrounded by 5 of their equally socially awkward drunk friends.

    Singles & Dating4 months ago
  • Why do people on LinkedIn pretend to be successful entrepreneurs but don't actually own a business?

    The people who post inspirational business leader quotes and how they are influeicing so many lives and making so much money trading penny stocks and other scams, trying to promote that their are successful to strangers on the internet. They are unemployed and their title on linkedin is something abstract like "Thought Crusader" or some random philosophical sounding job title. You knew them in high school or college and they were complete losers, etc etc. Those type of people

  • How is the average household income in Los Angeles so low considering the extremely high cost of living? It doesn’t add up?

    The average household income in LA is $55,000/year. Yet the average cost of rent for a 1 bedroom apartment in LA is $2,600 a month. That means you need to make nearly 8,000 a month to qualify for a lease, which is $100,000 a year. It doesn’t add up. How can people be living there if the average HOUSEHOLD income can’t even qualify for the average 1 BEDROOM apparently

    2 AnswersEconomics4 months ago
  • How do you get into medical school as post graduate who has a Masters Degree already in a different field?

    Do I need to go back to undergrad to complete pre reqs for medical school? I studied Computer Science and have never taken a single biology class or chemistry class in undergraduate. Is there a fast track program at most schools for post graduates looking to switch careers and go to medical school?

    5 AnswersHigher Education (University +)4 months ago
  • Why do women get mad at other women who are extremely intelligent, extremely rich, and extremely good looking, and extremely nice?

    I notice that the more good looking and successful a woman is, the less female friends she has

    Singles & Dating5 months ago
  • Why is hyper masculinity demonized but hyper femininity praised in society?

    Hyper feminine traits such as extreme beauty, starvation diets, fake hair and makeup, beauty products, plastic surgery to enhance breast and butts, Botox, plastic surgery. All praised. But men working out, owning guns, drinking, hunting, tinkering with cars. “oh he’s just a dumb redneck or a dumb meathead jock”. Men striving to work hard and become self made millionaire CEOs and leaders in society and business , “oh he’s just a greedy corrupt money obsessed jerk”

    8 AnswersGender Studies5 months ago
  • Why do lazy people not see the connection between their laziness and their failures in life?

    I would say that failure often occurs because of laziness and nothing else. They failed their tests in high school because they were too lazy to study and learn and stay atop the material and master the coursework, which then caused them to not get into college, which then caused them to be poor, which then caused them to have supporting themselves, which then caused them to become depressed, which led them to become addicted to drugs, etc etc. It all stemmed from being lazy as a kid. The most successful people were the people who put in the work and were disciplined at a young age, and it built upon itself exponentially where success led to mor success which led to more success, and established a basis for their life. Same story with kids who want to take an easy way out in college, choose an easy major, and party all the time. They get burned. You go to college once and you have to make the best of the opportunity. Squander it by majoring in sports coaching or basket weaving and you wasted 4 years of productivity and growth intellectually. Then you;ll be stuck working at Dick's sporting goods the rest of your life. When you could have majored in computer engineering and studied hard for 4 years and got out making 80k a year as a 22 year old and set for life. No one can take the knowledge ouf of your head that was obtained through hard work.

  • Why do a lot of professionals have a very fake/bland personality, especially engineers?

    Yes some engineers are pretty cool and have a laid back personality, but I notice a lot of white collar professionals, managers, and hardcore engineer types have a very stern, serious, boring personality. It's like they are constantly in "military" mode and have no sense of humor, no sense of modern culture or pop culture, are very dry, straight edge, and boring. Their default personality is their work personality where it just seems fake. They are always serious, never smile or laugh, and just would be about as fun to hang out with as watching paint dry. You know the type. The guy who is a programmer who says nothing and is socially awkward, and serious all the time. They don't have hobbies, they just work and sleep and repeat. They aren't the guy who is doing fun activities with his family and wife and kids, they are the type who just works all the time and never has any fun and lives by himself and never got married or has kids, no hobbies, just a straight laced guy who works all the time and is always serious business.

    Psychology6 months ago
  • 60,000 people die per year from the flu in the US, and in 1 month, only 5000 people have died in the US from COVID-19?

    That's basically the same yearly date rate as the flu, extrapolated over a years time. I'm sorry, but this thing is so overhyped and ruining the economy. What a sham. Does the economy close every year for the flu? The flu kills most people in the winter months.

    6 AnswersInfectious Diseases7 months ago