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  • Have you all heard about the new virus dogs are dying from?

    I was just informed of this today and started reading up on it. Circovirus, found in pigs and birds, is now surfacing in dogs. Deaths in California have been confirmed and deaths in Michigan and Ohio are suspected. Dogs being kenneled and in dog day cares are highly susceptible to getting the virus from an infected dog. It can also be spread human to dog if the human has been around an infected dog. It is most likely spread through feces and vomit. There is no vaccine or is lethal in a matter of a couple days.

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  • Has anyone had issues with Trifexis?

    Heard on the news today that there have been reports of dogs throwing up, being lethargic, having seizures and dying after taking Trifexis. Has any one on here had issues with it? Would you give it to your animals after hearing about the issues? Would you continue to go to a vet that still recommends it?

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  • Rabies vaccine and illness?

    Has anyone else had their dog get sick from a rabies vaccination? My friends dog became very ill back in June when it received the rabies vaccinations. The previous year she had also broke out in hives but this year she became very ill. It took 2 steroid shots,a shot for nausea and a shot to hydrate her. Poor thing did not eat much, drink much, broke out in hives and vomited. This was over the course of 7 days with her getting sicker each day. The vomiting and hives were the last symptoms to appear. The first 3 years of her life she had no issues with a rabies vaccine.

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  • How to solve this equation?

    Son needs help solving 3a+6-3a+4. He wants to see it worked out step by step. he has worked on it for an hour and cannot solve it. Please help him.

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  • Do your dog's feet smell like Fritos?

    This is a very common question asked in the dog section......Do your dog's paws smell like corn chips?

    Dogs give off a myriad of different smells (particularly when they've rolled in something or gotten soaking wet), but most paws give off a corn chip aroma.

    The smell is probably due to the naturally occurring bacteria and yeast that collect in the moist folds and pockets of the feet. One possible culprit, the common bacterium Proteus, is known for its particularly yeast-y scent. Or it could be the fruitier-smelling bacterium Pseudomonas. Both bacteria are harmless and do not require treatment unless the odor is overpowering, which could be a sign of an infection.

    Paw smell ranges from full-on Frito factory, to tortilla to pop corn. Interesting how the aroma falls squarely in the "salty snacks" category!

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  • What do you think of Walmart's new brand of dog food?

    Walmart has come out with Pure Balance dog food. It is rated 3 1/2 stars from Since a lot of the people in the DS recommend this site to those looking for good foods to feed their dogs....would you trust it for your dogs?

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  • Have you ever noticed this at pet adoptions?

    I have noticed that a lot of the dogs that are obviously Pit mixes are marked as just a terrier mix or whatever the other half is/terrier mix. (boxer/mix, lab/mix etc...) Have you noticed the shelters and rescues doing this. One rescue had adopted out a Pit/ mix 2 and had it returned both times. This dog was obviously a pit mix but it was described as a lab/terrier mix. My guess is that they get the dog ome and a vet, friend or family tells them what it is mixed with so they take it back.

    They have also not been identifying the aggressive dogs. Today one of their terrier(pit) mixes went after one of the other shelter dogs. I heard one of the shelter workers remind the one handling the dog that he has to keep it a good distance away from other dogs. There was a guy kneeling down petting the other dog and got caught in the middle of the attack. Luckily the guy didn't get bit. The description on this dogs crate did not mention the he was dog aggressive. In fact it said he was good with dogs, cats and other animals.

    They had many witnesses to the dog starting the attack so that dog will not be adopted today. I find this very irresponsible of the shelters. Isn't there a law against selling or adopting aggressive dogs without notifying potential owners?

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  • Would you still use this turkey?

    My sister bought a turkey 3 months ago and the expiration date is 12/31/2012. She wants to know if it would still be good to cook for Thanksgiving Dinner or not. I told her I would not use it because it has already been frozen for about a year. What do you think?

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  • Is any brand of dog food safe any more?

    Are there any decent dog food brands out there that have not been recalled? I was thinking about the above average dog food brands so I was looking them up and found that many good brands have been recalled this year. Taste of the Wild, Canidae, Kirklands, Wellness, Solid Gold, Natural Balance and Blue Buffalo.

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  • Anyone have a horse contract West Nile?

    My niece's horse has contracted West Nile and is in pretty bad shape. He can stand and walk slow. If he tries to go faster his back legs cross and he goes down. I would like to know if anyone has had a horse recover from being this bad off with West Nile.

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  • Recommended Category?

    Anyone else getting sent to the Recommended category when you use the "back" button or the "return" to category buttons? I keep getting sent there instead of the Open category.

    4 AnswersYahoo Answers8 years ago
  • Are Tumeric and MSM safe to give a dog with arthritis?

    My sister would like to know if it is safe to give these natural remedies to her aging dog. He does not cry out in pain but has trouble getting up at times. She is already giving him glucosamine and chondroitin. He has had surgery before and due to tht he cannot take certain medicines that would affect his liver and kidneys. The vet recommended these but she would like to know if anyone has used these and how well they work.

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