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  • Husband's Obsessive Dog: What To Do Before Baby's Arrival?

    My husband has a 100lb Presa Canario. The dog is completely obsessed with him. He follows him around everywhere and will sit near him and stare and stare at him, sometimes whine, put his head on him, or even put his big heavy paws with very "scratchy" claws on his arm or leg to get his attention. Sounds "cute" but this happens daily--and I mean every hour on the hour as long as he's awake.

    He used to do that with me but I found the obsessive behaviour to be really annoying, and stopped giving into his demands for attention. He got with the program and now leaves me alone.

    I'm due in 3 weeks and I fear that one day my husband will be holding the baby and that dog will be trying to get his attention and end up hurting the baby.

    I've told him to stop giving into his demands for attention but he doesn't follow through very well and often gives into his demands.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Tips?


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  • Do I have a weird baby bump (photo link)?

    I try to stay fit by doing pregnancy tabata training, yoga, pilates, and general calisthenics, and kettlebell training. I eat paleo (80/20) and indulge my cravings once in a while. The baby's father loves his processed foods and in turn I am craving them like crazy, like I said I try to only indulge once in a while.

    I have noticed, that I have an odd pregnant belly, none that I have seen on the internet, it's not very round. Only at the bottom ( see here: )

    I was wondering if my exercising and somewhat strict diet has effected the shape of my belly. I am in my second trimester. This is also my second child, granted my first child is now 6 years old, I'm not sure if the length of time between pregnancies has an effect as well.

    So is it odd shaped? What are your opinions? Do you think it's a boy, I hear they carry low?

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  • Hate my husband's dog?

    I met my husband with three dogs. He was a 30 year old bachelor with no "real" responsibilities other than taking care of himself and his dogs.

    After I moved in I soon became aware of how unruly and untrained all three of his dogs were, especially his Puggle. These dogs would beg and be right behind you if you had food, and not just that bark if you didn't give them what you were eating. They also have aggression towards other dogs and if another dog walks by the house it's chaotic, frankly I'm surprised they haven't broken the bay window.

    As time went by and the newness of me died he reintroduced his Puggle into what was now our bed. It was horrible. He would snuggle with it and I was literally shafted to the end of the bed with his back turned to me and he and the dog had the majority of the bed. I couldn't take it anymore, I'm a very affectionate and sensitive person and I felt so shafted. So the Puggle hasn't been sleeping in our room ever since, also because we keep the cat litter box in our room and she'll dig and eat from it and spread the kitty litter everywhere.

    I just have grown to hate this revolting dog. The Puggle is the one to start everything--- when she runs away (she does often, one was a 3 day stretch) the other dogs are calm and submissive.

    She also defecates in the house and there's been numerous times where I have stepped in it. It just irritates me.

    I'm also 12 weeks pregnant, and I keep thinking about how horrible it's going to be when the baby is here.

    I've talked to my husband about it and he's just defensive and there is no going anywhere.

    I strongly believe this dog belongs on a farm, his mother thinks so!

    FYI This Puggle was originally his mothers but she tried to sell it and then she's been passed around the family until my husband finally took her in.

    I'm just lost. I feel so stressed and upset. This dog seems to be untrainable, and I have tried!

    I can't tell him or force him to rehome her since I know in the future he would resent me for it. I just don't know what to do!



    She also has been in obedience school, before I came into the picture, and has been quite relentless even then.

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  • 9 week old Belgian Malinois mix odd poop.?

    I got my pup his first set of shots today and dewormed.

    My vet called to tell me that he did have worms :-(

    I saw some long noodle like things come out of his poop-- would that be them?


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  • 9 week old Belgian Malinois mix getting "red rockets"?

    I noticed it today, he just finished pooping and I was praising him for doing so outside-- I then noticed he was aroused or whatever.. is that normal?

    Thanks :-)

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  • Transfer iPod music to Samsung Galaxy S2 (Android)?

    For some reason Bump will not work. I don't have iTunes either, I use CopyTrans to manage my music on my iPod.

    How can I transfer the music on my iPod to my Android phone?

    Bluetooth will not work either.


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  • Kindergartener always catching a cold?

    My 4 year old has missed 4 days of school since September due to colds, it may not seem like a lot but she only goes to school Tuesday, Thursday and every other Friday.

    I don't like to bring her to school with a bad cough or if she had a fever that night. A little runny nose I can deal with, unless of course it's very runny and bothersome.

    My question is: is this normal? I feel like she's missing a lot of school. I do what I can at home in order to make up for the missed school days (practice her letters, spelling, reading, etc.).

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  • Blender, Juicer, Food Processor; which one should I get?

    I have a small 1 cup food processor (magic chef), and I think it's time to retire it.

    I want to get something that is a juicer, a food processor and a blender at the same time--- is there such thing?

    Which one should I go for? I would like something that lasts so price isn't a factor, but I wouldn't mind if I saved a couple bums too :)


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  • An angel at home but a devil at school?

    My four year old just started school this year, she's in Junior Kindergarten. She's the only child in the home. Her father and I discipline her and she is actually very well behaved. Others have actually complimented me to how well behaved she is when we are out. She's never thrown a tantrum at the store and she's always been pretty easy going... so I was shocked, sad, confused, and upset when I found out she's a tyrant at school. She pushes kids, yells at the teacher, doesn't listen... she's just a little devil! What the heck!

    What do I do? I'm lost! How do I correct a child that is well behaved around me but a polar opposite at school?

    Help! I'm lost and confused.

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  • Why can't I shave my pubic hair a week before surgery?

    I'm getting my IUD taken out surgically on Friday, the nurse asked me not to shave my pubic hair a week before the surgery. I forgot to ask why. Do you know why? It's odd and I can't find out why-- not even google knows!


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  • It felt so real- I couldn't wake up or move or talk.?

    Usually in the morning when I'm half awake or half asleep (y'know when you're at that midpoint) I wake myself up quickly before dozing off-- because if I don't my imagination likes to play tricks on me, and it's freaky. So anyways this morning I chose to sleep instead of wake myself up and low and behold my darn imagination started to play jokes.

    I was in my bed and I was dreaming/seeing that my husband was at the foot of the door telling me bye, I was telling him bye babe! and he wouldn't leave, all I could see was a fuzzy-like silhouette. Then it was like I got scared, like I figured out that it wasn't really him. I was trying to force myself to get up or wake up but I couldn't move, I started saying "sangre de cristo" in Spanish which translates to "blood of christ" and then my voice was taken away, and I started repeating it in my head-- as I was repeating it the shadowy figure was laughing at me and I was so scared. Eventually after repeating it in my head I was able to move I got off my bed all shaky.

    The weird thing is that I'm not a Christian. In fact I'm an agnostic leaning towards atheist.

    So what my question is:

    -Why do these things happen?

    -How come only mentioning Jesus gets me out of it?


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  • Just opinions; needing an outside point of view?

    My husband and I have been together since 2005. I was only 17 when we married. I'm now 21. Our relationship is good then again maybe not. He's a great guy... he works hard... really hard, he's always stressing about money when we're actually doing pretty great for ourselves. He just stresses out a lot. We both work and I go to school. Oh and we have a 4 year old daughter together. He's a great father.

    I personally think he's a great catch there is just some things about him that make me want to stray.

    He stresses out a lot

    He playfully or sometimes even mean spiritedly calls me a retard, stupid, an idiot.

    He's not affectionate at all.

    He says that he's given up on romance; he just really whips it out and tells me to well hmm "suck it" or says "hey you want to do it?".

    He says I don't help him out enough when I don't understand how else I can help him; I work, I do all the house chores (laundry, dishes, cleaning, pick up after everyone, cook--etc).

    He has double standards. He'll for example talk about how having a threesome with a girl is O.K. but with another man it is not. --- We're not having threesomes.. it's just an example of his double standards.

    He's "cheated" on me in the past. I don't know if it is cheating but my heart says it is. Three years ago he signed up for those adult sex sites. He only had the account for about a month and he swore up and down he never met anyone. I however think differently.

    I am always the one to want to leave and he's always the one convincing me to stay. He cries, pleads, begs.

    My best friend says that it's because he knows that he'll have a hard time finding a girl that'll "mommy" him. If he's hungry, I'll make him something. As retarded as this sounds I'll even take his socks or pants off of him if he asks me to.

    I feel a little worn now. I feel like some sort of sadness in my heart. Like he doesn't respect me or even I don't know "see" me.

    Sure there are times where things are good but it seems like the times that he calls me an idiot or gives me a look that all the good things seem to "blur".

    Ah well.. I don't know what to do. This is more of a vent really. I'm just really sad right now.


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  • Fun things a 4 year old can do to occupy herself?

    From 3-9 I'm pretty packed with school work, I usually give my 4 year old dinner by 5PM and by 6 I switch the t.v. on. I really don't like that the t.v. plays babysitter for three hours. By 9PM it's bed time.

    I bought her a Lite Brite, that keeps her entertained for about an hour.

    What else is there?

    I also bought her bird houses and things to paint from the dollar store.

    If you have any suggestions it'd be really helpful and great!

    7 AnswersToddler & Preschooler10 years ago
  • 4 year old wants everything she sees on T.V.?

    I have a 4 year old that asks for anything, from food to toys that she sees on t.v.

    I used to just give her the "Oh okay" when she asks. But now it's starting to annoy me. Even when she's not watching T.V. and I'm getting ready for work she "reminds" me to go get her whatever it is that she asked for.

    It's my first child and I don't really know how to go about this.

    I've started saying "We'll see" but she's still going nuts over things. She's even gotten to the point that she wants to throw away her old toys because she wants new ones. I just put them in garbage bags and put them in the basement.

    What do I say? What should I do?

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  • Can you take a child outside for some fresh air?

    I have an ill 4 year old, and I want to take her outside for some fresh air-- even if it's in the yard for 15 minutes.

    Would fresh air do her some good or would it just agitate her?

    I of course would take her out bundled up.

    6 AnswersToddler & Preschooler10 years ago
  • Can you take a child outside for some fresh air?

    I have an ill 4 year old, and I would like to take her outside tomorrow-- even if it's in the yard for 15 min.

    Of course I'd have her bundled up.

    Would the fresh air do her some good? Or is it better to keep her inside until she's healthy again?

    7 AnswersToddler & Preschooler10 years ago
  • Sick 4 year old refuses to eat?

    She drinks plenty of water, however she refuses to eat anything- from applesauce to granola bars to rice to chicken to even chocolate or ice cream (I tried bribing her).

    She's currently on antibiotics for 10 days. She's also having saline drops in her nose once in a while, Tylenol for her calm her fever symptoms. (This is all what the doctor ordered)

    She's also low iron (she does take Palafer -- liquid form) every night.

    I'm really worried that she won't eat.

    She hasn't eaten all day. Yesterday all she ate was a bowl of cheerios and a few bites of applesauce.

    She also refuses to drink her PediaSure-- I did however force her to drink half a bottle.

    What should I do? What can I do?

    4 AnswersToddler & Preschooler10 years ago
  • New to home Golden nipping at resident cat?

    I have an 8 month old neutered male cat. He's been in our home since he was about a month old-- and of course this is "his place" now. However we have introduced a 7 month old Purebred Golden Retriever to our home. Of the cat disliked this floppy eared mammoth ransacking his home-- but now he's at the point where he lets her smell him-- however he still runs away, with reason of course. The pup has nipped at his hind legs and has also tried to pick him up by his back. However I do believe it's in all good fun, the whole time she is wagging her tail-- no growling whatsoever.

    So my question is; is this behavior something I need to correct or are they just having fun?

    5 AnswersDogs10 years ago
  • Why does my cat do this?

    I have two male cats. My one male cat (the alpha) seems to like to bite/nibble and suck and dig his claws (while purring) at my other cat's chest. The other cat lets him but sometimes I hear him meow maybe because he is biting too hard.

    Why does he do this?

    Thanks :-)

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  • Easy Crock pot / Slow cooker recipes?

    I have boneless skinless chicken breast and I want to do something with it, but I don't know where to start.

    So if you have an easy crock pot or slow cooker recipe that calls for boneless skinless chicken breast let me know!

    6 AnswersCooking & Recipes10 years ago