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  • My sub concious mind : Everyday I wake up I feel like I am in a different zone.?

    It feels like I am living a lie when I open my eyes to reality. Its not that I feel sad or happy.I have been married for an year now. N this feeling since I started living with my husband before marriage.

    I feel like I am not supposed to be where I am. When I am awake fully, I go back to the role of being myself. But just before I am about to sleep or about to wake up, there is this sadness of my present life. Like I have crushed hopes and dreams of many people to reach where I am. Yes I had broken off from my previous relationship to be with my current husband. My father suffered depression and killed himself few years ago. Not sure if all this is related.

    But I want to wake up to happiness and excitement everyday and not zone out like I do.

    Its like two realms of reality. One is that I have chosen and the other that destiny had,

    Please help.

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  • What should I do about my Mom ?

    My mother has always been a crowd pleaser and was not interested much to raise a family.We din have a clean house or home made food properly.But we sisters always did well in school and are successful in our lives.She has been there with us for our important occasions.When I was 21 my father committed suicide and she was the one who saw him dead first in the room.It has been very devastating for my family.My sister was already married and now its 5 years since the incident.I use to live with my mother and I handled all her mood swings. Tried to be as sober as possible. Manged home finances everything. But now that she is growing older,she has started becoming really moody. Her expectations from us is rising day by day and she does not appreciate anything that we do. Now she is living with my sister who is blesses with a bay.Even there she either is all the time is kitchen or in her room.But as soon as she meets people from outside family,she lightens up!! Not sure but do you think she is suffering from Depression?

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  • How do you feel when you answer a yahoo question?

    Answering a question gives you points. But what more? Do you all feel good when you answer a question.? Why are we helping out strangers on Net?

    Does helping unknow people give you happiness. I do so I am asking .

    Please dont find it lame but I am just amazed know how is it that people form all parts of the world want to help each other and still there is so much lonliness , unrest and unhappiness around ?

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  • I am deeply hurt.Please help?

    I got married three months ago.I was in relationship with my husband since 1 year and we were very compatible so I got married to him.Before geting into relationship I told him everything about my life.every relationship i was in,about where i belong to.He told me that he was from the prestigious college of my city.My family did not like him but becoz of his education from the great university,everyone accepted him.He is in the same company I am working and everyone thinks he is from the prestigious university.yesterday I ran across his documents while I was searching mine.To my shock he is not from that college.he was not even from that university.He was from some difference and ordinary university.I was very devastated. All the leverage he had was his education and it was all made up.We had rounds of crying and apologizing after that.

    Dear freinds ,I dont know what to react.Eduction is something that matters to me and my family a loy.Not that I am from a very good university ,but i never lied to anyone regarding it.I have tiold gruesome truths like my fathers suicide to him.He could not even tell me about his education??

    Please help me freinds.How would you guys feel about being cheated this way?


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  • Have you read the book "Heaver is for real"?

    It mostly describes about Jesus and his angels and seeing the dead.

    But what if I am a Hindu or a Muslim or Jew.

    Will I see my God? Also what if I dont believe in any religion.

    Why cant god just come and define a set of rules so we are not confused with so many religions,gods and politics meddling in between!!

    3 AnswersMythology & Folklore8 years ago
  • I cried in front of my boss?

    OKay so heres the story.I was very well managing my team but my onsite coordinator used to micromanage us was late one day due to my license exam and he started complaining about my productivity.Those days I used to suffer from Sinus due to Hay fever.I felt so bad after working so much all I was getting is this ****.However thats not the reason I cried.The reason was my sinus.I was feeling sick still coming to office.

    Bjut now the damage is done.I cried at office in front of my boss.What should I do now?

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