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have fun, happiness is a rainbow of pigments in your imagination, do you see it?

  • where is it safe protest against israel?

    who'd a thunk it? yahoo wants to shut me up, coz i talk about israel stealing my house. any good sites for speaking the truth? when will israel pay for their crimes? who is fearless of israel?

    let me know of any good sites where i can speak the truth about land robbers, PS they even want me to change my real name, as they find it offensive .. it's Juju! tf

    14 AnswersIsrael8 years ago
  • Is it only Muslim husbands who treat their wives with disdain, or inevitably all, due to our global patriarchy

    Soon I wish to marry my love, a Muslim man and I have not read the Qur'an or have a clear understanding of Koranic doctrine or what it means to live the Islamic faithful life or to be married to one who does.

    Is there a real confliction between marital/unconditional love and the love of a supreme being?

    Is the Islamic faith just another big business venture and there (here) policing and retarding the truth of the spiritual and human development of the masses.

    eg. Why am I not permitted to kiss my fiance in public to declare my love to my God, but I could wield a rifle on the street and wage war in the name of the love for Allah?

    Why are the names of God and Allah pronounced while making war?

    Is Islam socialism?

    I just want to make love/peace and share this, but am forbidden to kiss to express this. Where is the beginning of the truth?

    Is there anything before love?

    Is it possible for true, real and unconditional love to develop in my imminent Islam-Infidel marriage?

    17 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago