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  • Should I end this friendship?

    I got my makeup done professionally for a date night with my boyfriend. I sent over a picture to my 4 friends and 3 of them said they didn’t like the hairstyle on me. It was my first time wearing short hair. The other one “J” told me that I looked ugly and like a clown. She said that my skin was too dark for red lipstick.  Then continued to make insults about my hair and makeup. I met all of these friends through J. They were her best friends years before I met her. So I just kind of joined their group 3 years ago. When J drinks she insults me. It never fails. I’m always the butt of jokes with her and she targets my skin complexion and hair every time. The other girls don’t say anything.

    The tough part is, she’s done a lot for me. She’s had my back through everything since I’ve known her. I don’t know if I should feel like she isn’t my friend or if I’m just overreacting and being soft. I just feel like it went too far. And she made sure to tell me that she meant what she said. I talked to her the next day and told her that it hurt my feelings and I said that she wears things that I wouldn’t personally pick for her but I would never call HER ugly. She replied by saying “because YOU can’t call me ugly because I’m not and can pull off anything”. I haven’t talked to her in a couple days now and am thinking about just completely ending the friendship.. I just want to know if anyone has gone through this and if I’m making the right decision 

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