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  • Everyone says I stink?

    Apparently I have pretty stinky armpits 🤢. I noticed it maybe twice months ago. The first time I convinced my mom to buy me coconut deodorant. The second time I immediately showered, put on my deodorant, perfume and I never had a problem again, At least I though I didn’t. My sister was the first to tell me, gagged dramatically and told me I ‘stunk like a skunk’. I didn’t believe her at first, I know she’s not a fan of my perfume, but the look on her phase when I raised my arms was enough to tell. I was so embarrassed I showered right away and re applied deodorant. My friends at school started pulling me aside to tell me I was too old to not be wearing deodorant (14) and how they use to have body odour too etc... I don’t know if my sister told my mom or if she smelled it too, but she sat me down to give me a speech about hygiene. Now I shower every day. I’ve tried all different deodorant (even natural and men!) all kinds of soap and powder and supplements. And my mom does an armpit check to see if I stink before I leave, the answer is always yes, it’s mortifying! She took me to the doctors this morning and he said It’s normal b.o and it’ll pass when I’m done puberty, but that’ll be years :(  What sucks is I can’t even smell it anymore so I struggle to hide it, I don’t want to be the stinky girl! Especially cuz lady’s should NEVER smell. What do I do??

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