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  • Workouts to get rid of belly fat?

    i weigh 163 pounds and I'm 5'5. I'm trying to lose about 30 pounds (in 3-4 months?) . I currently have dance practices 3 days a week, which equals 4 hours a week. I started to go walking for 45 minutes on the days i dont have dance. so my exercise schedule is like this:

    -Mondays~ 2 hours of dance

    -Tuesdays~ 45 min walk

    -Wednesdays~ 45 min walk

    -Thursdays~ 1 hour of dance

    -Friday~ 45 min walk

    -Saturday~ 1 hour of dance

    -Sunday~ 45 min walk

    What exercises can i do at home that dont require any exercise equipment or weights or anything to help me burn belly fat and get a flat stomach and to get arms that arent so chubby looking?:(

    oh and i know diet affects this too and i think i eat pretty well and in moderation so yuumppp.

    2 AnswersDiet & Fitness7 years ago
  • Merchants during the Civil War?

    Can someone give me a website or just some information about them during the Civil War? I've been looking for a while and I can't find anything.

    1 AnswerHistory8 years ago
  • Can my computer run these games?

    I have an HP 2000 Notebook PC and I was wondering if it would be able to run with the Sims 3 (I already have this game installed and it works fine) and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas? I havent bought the GTA game but I was thinking about it. I just don't know if my laptop could handle both of the games.

    5 AnswersVideo & Online Games8 years ago
  • Why cant I download apps onto my Samsung Focus Flash?

    I just upgraded to this phone yesterday and I think I already screwed things up. Here's what I did:

    - I made a Windows Live account like it says to.

    - I went to the Marketplace.

    - I went to Apps.

    - I tapped on the Free section and then tapped Netflix.

    - I tapped Install, and then this message pops up,

    "Sorry, you need to do this from your computer because your account indicates that you are a child. To join Xbox LIVE, go to and sign in with your Windows Live ID. To purchase stuff from the Marketplace, sign in at or using the Zune software on your PC."

    All I'm trying to do is install some free apps onto my phone. My cousin said that I should have lied about my age and thats why I can't install the app, but I dunno. I made another Windows Live account saying I was born in 1992, but it still didnt work. But I dont know if that's because I didnt fully log out of my first account (the one where I DIDNT lie about my age) or what, I really dont know. I also logged into, but that still didnt work either. If someone could dumb down that message or tell me what it is I'm doing wrong I'd really really REALLY appreciate it! I'm really confused and I'm starting to get irritated because I cant figure this out!

    1 AnswerOther - Electronics8 years ago
  • What activity should I do for my Renaissance Fair Project on alchemy?

    My school does a Renaissance Fair every year and kids from kindergarten to sixth grade come to see our different booths of characters, trades, and activity. For my project, I am going to be an alchemist, but the thing is I can't think of an activity to do! My last resort was to come to yahoo answers because I couldn't find or think of anything. Since there will be little kids there, what kind of activity could I do that's fun for them but at the same time kind of teaches them about alchemy?

    3 AnswersHomework Help8 years ago
  • Has anybody ever tried the Splat Washables Hair Dye?

    I have a few questions about it if you've used it before:

    1) Does it make your hair feel all sticky and gross(like you have gel in it)? Because I've used the Splat Glow in the Dark washable one and it made my hair flaky and it looked gross.:(

    2) If you have dark colored hair, will it show up? I'm thinking about using the blue or purple one, and I have really dark brown hair.

    3) Does it wash out easily?

    Okay, I think that's all.

    Thank you:)

    2 AnswersHair9 years ago
  • Anybody know some songs about loving somebody who is taken by another girl?

    Preferably rap or pop, but I'm down to listen to whatever you guys suggest. I really like this guy, but he's with some girl he only likes for her looks.T-T

    4 AnswersRap and Hip-Hop9 years ago
  • If I were to buy fake "nerd" glasses, do you think the optometrist would put in prescription lenses for me?

    The eye doctor I go to doesn't have any glasses that are like the "nerd glasses" that are popular now. So, I was wondering if I bought a pair of fake glasses, could she pop out the plastic lenses and then put in prescription ones?

    2 AnswersOptical9 years ago