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  • Is it legal for a protestant and a Roman Catholic or Jew to date or marry?

    Seriously, I wonder because we all know that Judaism, Christianity, and Protestanism are very similar; protestants followed the Christians. I also wonder because my Christian friend likes a protestant girl. If you can help legalize this thanks alot.

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  • What is the title of this movie?

    It's plot was a young boy,about 12 who plays spin the bottle, He is forced to kiss a goth who has a crush on him. She harrases him and ends up hexxing him to forever love what love he gets. Years later the boy now about 30 is a dentist who gets fame because as it seems as stated by his best friend a plastic surgeon" The next chick you have sex with ends up marrying the next dude she dates". The man then ends up falling in love with a bad-luck prone girl who works at the zoo (penguin area.Trouble heavily ensues. Its a comedy.

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