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  • I cut my finger at work? help!?

    I work at a restaurant, we had a slow day so my boss decided I should cut the taps of boxes (I never do this, most likely was put to do this to kill time) she had told me it was either that or I'm going home.. eventually I accidentally cut my finger because she wanted me to cut every single strip sticking out of a box, was my fault too. The cut is pretty deep.. should I report this to my work and at least get the free hospital visit the job offers thanks!

    5 AnswersLaw & Ethics6 months ago
  • Question about employer pay card? ?

    There was a huge problem I had activating this card.. so I activated it about 1 week after I got paid since there was issues the manager was handling. I finally activate it today and it has 0 dollars, do you think maybe I just have to wait a couple days? 

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  • Flu shot has me feeling so sick? Normal?

    Every year I have gotten the flu shot as a kid I have always felt like complete **** which is why I really don't get it.

    I got the flu shot last Sunday.. 12/1/19.. started off with headaches on the 1st two days.. third day nose runny and sore throat.. it is now Saturday and feeling like complete ****. Have been taking Advil and cough syrup medicine.

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  • PHYSICS? sorry?

    A model rocket of mass 0.60kg is launched by a rocket motor having a thrust of 20N.

    a. What is the force of gravity on this rocket?

    b.What will be the net force on the rocket while the motor is firing?

    c. What will be the upward acceleration of the rocket?

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  • PHYSICS help?

    A model rocket experimenter observes that his 0.80kg rocket reaches a height of 100m in 4.2s, at which point the rocker motor burns out.

    What is the

    a. acceleration of the rocket?

    b. net force on the rocket?

    c. thrust of the rocket motor?

    1 AnswerPhysics2 years ago