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  • How can it be true that there is no truth?

    It seems to me that either truth exists, or life does not.

    This is my reasoning.

    Do you exist?

    Is it true that you exist?

    It cannot be true that you do not exist. (If you do not exist, how can you read this question?)

    Since it is true that you exist, the truth must exist. Otherwise, it is "not true" that you exist.

    Furthermore, if it were "not true" that truth exists, that in itself is a truth statement.

    It can never be true that truth does not exist.

    Therefore truth exists.

    Are any of these statements untrue?

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  • Why did the German and Japanese people allow their leaders to do so much evil in WW2?

    Please don't take offence. I have always been puzzled about why the German and Japanese peoples wanted to take over the world. Or, why they allowed their leaders, such as Hitler, to lead them like they did?

    I am not criticising or judging the people. I am curious about the dynamics that caused the general populations to support such actions.

    Part of my interest is to identify how we today might be just as misled as they were.

    Are humans today any different from the people of 70 years ago? What can keep us from being just as deceived by another charismatic leader today?

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  • Evolution question, please?

    I understand how natural selection works; certain genes are removed from the gene pool to favor survival. But the original genes were there all along.

    That is why people can create new breeds of dogs, for instance. There were originally "proto -dogs" that had all the genes that now define the different breeds. The non great dane genes, for instance, were bred out. But how were all the genes put into their genetic code in the first place?

    I am not trying to be controversial. I just don't have an answer for where the new genes come from, or how frequently mutations result in traits that enhance survival.

    How frequently does a genetic mutation result in a positive survival trait? Are there any documented mutations that have been included into a breed, for instance?

    Thank you.

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