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i live in montreal. i'm 22 years old and i'm a profesionial tattoo artist.

  • Wedding guest list woes?

    My fiance and i want to keep our wedding very small with only immediate family and friends i have a few sets of and and uncles and great aunts and uncles. I am only close with one aunt and uncle but i feel like it would cause an issue if i didnt invite my great aunt and uncle however i am working with a limited guest list and bugdet and i dont have a close relationship with them.... Is it rude to exclude them?

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  • a question about my bounce dryer bar?

    i bought a bounce dryer bar...stuck it to my dryer and did a few loads. after a few days i noticed the bar was completely used up already...i did about 3 loads of laundry over the period of time the dryer bar was in there...i thought they are supposed to last at least 3 months not a week

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  • i have a question about netflix?

    i live in canada just got currently on my free trial. when i watch on my computer i have access to any movie netflix offers but when i watch through my xbox i have a really limited selection..i get only the most poplular catergories and just a handful of movies in each catergory..what the hell?

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  • i am desperately trying to find out the title of this song from a commercial?

    it is a commercial that plays on W movie network...its a montage of romantic movies like the modern romeo and juliette and shakespeare in love....i am trying to find the artist and title of the song that plays in the commercial these are the lyrics:

    vroom vroom vroom my hearts all a flutter it goes boom boom boom when your engine starts and splutters into life, wish you could be my wife.

    i hope someone knows what im talking about!

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  • where exactly is the point claire windmill located?

    i live in montreal pointe claire and i want to see the windmill that is apparently somewhere along the shoreline....i cant find a description of where it is exactly or how to get there.....ive tried looking online and google luck

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  • looking for the perfect poem or quote?

    my friend is going through a hard time..i wanted to send her a poem or quote. something having to do with inner stregth or hope. any suggestions? nothing religious please...thanks!

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  • Am i broken or is this normal?

    im 22 yrs old and i have no sex drive. ive been in a steady relationship for 5 the beginning i was always in the mood and it seems like other ppl my age dont have this problem. its not an emotional thing..we have a great relationship on all other levels. i still find him super attractive...i never think about other guys. no kids just our dog, everything is going well except for this problem. i also have no interest in toys or porn or anything. what is wrong with me?? is this normal...what can i do to fix it??

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  • my dog ate my chapstick...?

    should i be worried?

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  • is the sweet hereafter a good read?

    i saw that its also a movie but i wanted to read it it any good?

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  • Does any one know the title of this foreign french film?

    i saw this foreign french movie on tv once but only caught it after it already began. it's basically a zombie movie...but the zombie's arn't like the ones in american zombie films. the people in the cemetery of this town come back to life and try to resume their normal lives. they arn't all gross and rotten, they just look how they did when they died. so they go back home, go to work whatever they did before because they can;t produce new memories since theyre dead. doctors and scientists start testing them, they can't figure out why the "zombies" just act normal except for the fact that they all congregate in the middle of the night and they dont sleep. if i remember they eventually all just go back to the cemetery and crawl back in their graves. if anybody knows what movie im talking about please let me know...i really wanna see the whole thing.

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  • what should i do about my dogs feet?

    yesterday i took my dog to a dog run that we've never been to before. they had the area covered in small smooth rocks instead of something normal like sand or grass. after about ten minutes of zooming around he didnt want to play anymore. i checked his feet because he looked a little awkward running on the rocks after a while, and the pads of his front feet were almost completely skinned. there was no blood....just a very large flap of skin that had lifted away and very red raw skin underneath. he wasnt able to walk on his bare feet. i called an emergency line and they told me not to cut the extra skin

    away but to bandage his foot and not let him walk on hot cement. he still looks so uncomfortable when he there anyhting i can do for him? has anyone ever experienced this before?

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  • How long does it take for a slight sunburn to go down?

    i was outside and forgot to wear sunscreen. i burnt my shoulders and chest a little bit. its only slightly red but i have a wedding to go to in about 3 days. will it be gone by then? my dress is strapless....

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  • Does any one know what these are called?

    what I'm looking for is this: you know those pre drawn pictures you could buy in packages and they came with a pack of markers to fill them in? they also make extra large and highly detailed versions of these. they take a really long time to do...i was in the middle of one i got as a gift but i never got to finish it. i had been working on it for days... so i've been dying to find more but i don't know what they are called. if any one knows where i could get some that would be awesome.

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  • am i making the right choice?

    i have a puppy that i am currently looking for a home for. i already have another dog who is 1 year and a half now. when i got my male (my older dog) i was able to bring him to work with me so he was very easy to train as he was always in my sight. after i got my girl my work schedule changed so that i was not able to bring her to work with me and that has made my time with her very difficult and limited. she is crated for far too long and she often messes in her bed because she never learned it was not ok to go in there. my other dog doesn't need to be crated because he is well trained. i really feel that this is unfair to my puppy, she needs and deserves better. i feel awful that im unable to provide her the playtime and training she needs so i have decided to find her a home with someone who can. she is such a sweetie and it really hurts me to give her up but i feel that it will be best for her and for myself. having my attention divided between two dogs after a very long day at work is absolutely exhausting and she only excites my other dog making the work double. people are quick to judge when these kinds of situation come up but im trying to make it right...before these two i had never owned dogs previously and i did tons of reading and research first ..i guess some mistakes must be learned the hard way...i will miss her with all my heart. i looked at every possible way of avoiding having to give her up but all routes required money or just having extra time, i don't have enough of either. i was just curious to know if people think i'm making the best's what i think.

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  • I'm looking for some good songs by Diamanda Galas?

    i heard a couple and really liked her but i don't want to just start downloading random's hard to find the good ones that way? any suggestions?

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  • 2 questions about the movie Pan's Labyrinth?

    first the end of the movie the spanish title is shown and translated to english it obviously means "the faun's labyrinth" so i'm wondering where the word pan comes from. second the lullaby that mercedes hums a real song or was the tune made up for the movie?

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  • Can someone explain this to me?

    i read the catcher in the rye a few years ago...i read it on my own not for school so i never had to pick it apart for symbolism or meaning. i can't say wether i enjoyed it or not because i didn't really understand what the story was getting at. thinking back to it i don't really remember anything significant about the story. there seems to be controversy about it....but like i said i didn't get it. could somebody explain? i don't even remember the plot...

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  • I want to visit this haunted place in my area but?

    in my area there is this old abandoned house which is supposed to be haunted and i really want to go and check it out because i am really intrigued by abandoned places. what i was wondering is if you go into a place that does contain spirits is it possible that they can follow you out of there? i don't want spirits coming away with me.

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  • how did this sticker get on my hand?

    i woke up one day and noticed that i had an odd sticker on my hand. it was rectangular shaped, white with a red line framing the number 28 in black. the sticker looked brand new...there was no discoloration from age on it. no bends or tears or cracks of any looked like it was freshly peeled off of its backing. i have never seen a sticker like this, i dont just have them lying around the house. it was stuck on the back of my hand perfectly centered and straight and facing me so that it wasn't upside down. it was very sticky felt like peeling off a band-aid.... if the sticker was in my bed it would have wear and damage and it would have ended up on my leg or something seeing as i sleep with my hands under my face or pillow. also i live alone so nobody was playing a prank. maybe i am just over thinking it but it's bothering me!

    9 AnswersParanormal Phenomena1 decade ago