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Hey, what's goin' on everybody? all is well over here. hmmmmm, about me, let's see..... for starters i LOVE laughing and having a good time! if you're somebody who constantly takes life seriously then please keep yer distance, PLEASE!! i love to help others. i don't mind people with "baggage" and problems so long as they are seeking solutions. if you want help then i will go to the end of the earth to help you. if you just want to bit*h then i will get very annoyed and prolly just start playing my guitar..... thus tuning yo a** out!! lol oh yes, how can i forget about my guitar? I love my guitar and music. i love creating it... i love it all! quite sure i came out of the womb singing! lol listen, if your looking to find a fun/ straightforward person then look no further for here i am!!! take care and stay blessed!

  • Recovery Observation?

    I notice that 90% of the people in early recovery are all on prescription drugs and many of which are highly addictive and illegal on the streets, but it's okayed as long as a dr. prescribes it. its making me realize that even though they are no longer drinking or drugging, they are still seeking an 'instant fix' to avoid dealing with their current reality. and rather than actually working on themselves and building inner courage/confidence, they just go to a dr. and get prescribed legal drugs. i'm honestly kind of disgusted by this. it reminds me exactly of the addict in active addiction justifying their use, except now they are just doing that in sobriety. (ex:Addiction- "i drink b/c i'm depressed and stressed all the time.." or, "i smoke pot b/c it relaxes me and helps me to clear my mind" Sobriety-"im on meds b/c for it relaxes me and helps me to think more logically and clearly" or "b/c meds help me perhaps you should try it... as long as a DOCTOR okays it") i find it pathetic and the same exact behaviours/justifications as in addiction.

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  • in need of mature female opinions?

    i am a very honest person, often times to a fault.. and whenever i get into a relationship of course the 'X' question gets put into play. usually stated as: "have you ever been in love before???" Now here's the issue: i tell them yes. i tell them that though i am over my ex (and we don't remain in contact), that i will always still love her, because she was my 1st. and i must say, many girls get downright jealous as hell about this and from that point on constantly compete and compare themselves to a girl who isn't even in my life anymore!! lol, so do they have a legitimate reason to be jealous or am i just dating insecure women?? opinions welcomed

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  • a question about my scrote?

    judging by my picture, do i seem to have an adequate scrote?? 10 points!!

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  • 8 months sober, struggling..?

    overall, im better than i was 8 months ago. heck, even 4 months ago. i don't have the rage that i had early on- but i get HORRIBLE depression. i go into these deep funks, and when it happens it consumes me. this is the longest i've ever been sober. usually i throw in the towel b/c of the pendalum

    of emotions. i ain't throwin in the towel, i attend meetings, im working the steps.. and this week i plan on seeing a counselor. but all that aside, im curious if its normal to be struggling the way i am at this stage in recovery. afterall, 8 months isn't really that long- and i know its a process, but damn its hard sometimes. i would appreciate some feedback from those who are familiar w/ what im talkin' about. thank you

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  • question about the clit?

    what is the clittorous's main objective??

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  • I Need to know if she is lying?

    so this girl and i we're head over heals for each other a few months ago, and out of nowhere it just fell apart, we both agreed that we should separate... which turned into her hating my guts quickly after (in my opinion because i didn't chase her, i just said ok and completely left her alone after that). well, fast forward a month (to today), i get a random text from her. i didn't respond. about 2 minutes after that she sent another one saying that she sent it to the wrong person. in which i still didn't respond. but my question is did she send that purposely to me just to get conversation going? cuz i know accidental texts happen, but this seems awfully fishy to me. just want some outside perspectives. thanks!

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  • How did she refriend me and does she dig me?

    my exgirlfriend defriended me about a week ago on facebook after i had upset her with a comment. well, today i saw i had an extra friend and sure enough it was her again! how was she able to do that? i thought once you defriended someone, they had to get your acceptance again.... plus, does this meen she's diggin me? cuz i pretended to be completely unphased when she did that. i just went on with life and it's almost like that drove her nuts!!! she did'nt get any attention from me..... what do yall think?

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  • why is she being so rude now?

    okay, short story is: her and i rushed into the relationship, things got 2 serious 2 fast and she brought up that we should end the relationship. we both mutually agreed on it. we talked for quite a bit after that. texted back and forth the next day... still fine. then she disapeared. so i sent her a text like 2 days later, asked her how she was doing, told her i missed her and she turned into SUPER bit@h!!! she was saying that she has nothing to say to me and that she can't even say she misses me cuz she doesn't and that i am unhealthy and have a ton of growing up to do.... it was weird. 3 days prior to that she was not being like that at all! now she is mad as hell. i don't understand. please give me some feedback...

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  • Would you stare if...........?

    would you stare if a pussy crack had hair???? well would you?!?!?!?!?

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  • Why are vaginas so hairy?


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  • how can i build my credit quickly?

    i have a terribly low credit score, 525, and need to increase this quickly! i have no credit rather than bad credit. i've been paying bills now for about 4months and was wondering if these add to your credit score quickly? (cell phone, comcast, internet, car insurance, etc.) can i build credit WITHOUT getting a credit card??? how long does it generally take to get a healthy credit score, assuming you are NOT late on your payments???

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  • why does my brain feel SOO foggy all of the time?

    heres the scoop.... i feel like i am in a "dream like" state, CONSTANTLY! this has been happening for a few years now and am finally at the point where ive learned to function despite this feeling! i have also just recently quit smoking (4 days ago) which has made the fog MORE intense! i quit smoking weed a month and a half ago..... so im quite sure those things are playing a factor... lol If you have been thru this, how long before it went away??? what did u do to assist??? please help!

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  • Could Detroit make this trade happen?

    okay, hear me out on this.... Chris Paul is very unhappy in New Orleans and would like to be traded to a team that is trying to be a contender, rather than just clear cap space. Detroit is 2 solid pieces away from being a contender again. Is it possible that we pick up Chris Paul for a couple of our guards and Prince???? Or hell, even Collison. Point is detroit needs a PG and CP3 would fit beautifully in our system!

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  • this is a: "imagine if..." NBA question.....?

    (keep in mind, this is all of them being the age they are now!!!!)

    if michael jordan, larry bird, joe dumars, dikembe mutombo, and jamal mashburn all formed a team next year, could they still make the playoffs?????? (also, the bench would have some more washed-up ex all stars on it). do they still have da skills to pay da bills?????

    (the bench would be roughly like this: Reggie miller, john stockton, bill lambeer, alonzo mourning, eddie griffin etc.)

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  • this is a recovery question?

    i'm approaching 3 months sober and i feel as though i am in a constant brain fog. very difficult to think clearly, thoughts are very much jumbled together, i find that i forget things almost immediately after being told. attention span is ALL over the place.............. and i know that this is common. i've been through this before. my question is how long does it take to go away? usually i always went back to drinking and that "fixed" it. so, any feed back would be most appreciated. thanx

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  • do waitresses only flirt for the tip??

    i've asked this question a million different ways but i never get good answers!!lol anyhow, she's a waitress i've known for a while now and lately she's been flirting like CRAZY!!! sayin things like: "here comes my boyfriend (referring to me)" and "hey darlin' (while stroking my hand)" Yet other times she acts like i don't even exist!!! SO conflicting!!! she usually starts off REALLY strong and by the end of the night she goes back into serious mode. tuff to tell. i KNOW she finds me attractive, FOR CERTAIN, and i know she's single, but i just can't tell if she wants anything more than that. help please.

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  • who has darker skin pigment, d wade or melo??

    i ask this to mock some of the STUPID a** questions i read in this section!!! but since yer here.......... lol

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  • who saw d-wade fall down and continue dribbling?

    dude that was crazy! the man fell on his a**, popped up like a freakin' pop tart out of a toaster and didn't miss a beat!!!! i earned a TON of respect for NBA players after that!!! sometimes you don't realize how good they actually are until you see something like that! agreed???

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  • is anybody relieved to see that kobe is back?

    i'm not even a big kobe endorser and yet i was getting concerned that he was finally going downhill! it seemed like he was doing what iverson did this year (after coming back from injury)............ NOTHING!!! lol it was good to see him go back to old form last night!

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  • Important first date question, NEED FEEDBACK????(short)?

    should i dangle me lucky charms in her mouth, or is the 1st date too soon????

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