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hello, i'm a girl who lives in lebanon and who was born in the U.S. oh, and i also have some italian roots. that's a nice combination, isn't it? anyway, i love one direction, selena gomez, demi lovato and lisa kudrow. they're my idols. my favorite tv shows are f.r.i. e.n.d.s, himym, pll, fresh prince, family guy, that 70s show. i alsl ove listening to elvis' fleetwood mac, queen, the script, coldplay, ed sheeran, the rolling stones, imagine dragons, britney spears, bridgit mendler, mcfly, p!nk, the police and much much more i'm also very interested in politics and literature this was a long and pointless description but still, i hope you liked reading it. bye!

  • All writing aspires to be poetry?

    Hello! I have a literature essay due on Monday and the topic is very difficult..."All writing aspires to be poetry. Discuss"

    I only have a few examples to illustrate my thesis statement:

    Novels, for instance, are inherently derived from epic poetry.

    Many descriptions in literature, especially about love, undoubtedly retain a poetic essence. (examples: Wuthering Heights, Pride and Prejudice)

    Many authors prioritize the "form", the "style" of their works and not their content, exactly like poets.. Gustave Flaubert, for instance, absolutely intended to make his acclaimed novel Madame Bovary a "vast poem".

    Please help

    Thank you!

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  • Ordres de grandeur de puissances nominales?

    Bonjour, je ne sais pas vraiment comment calculer l'ordre de grandeur d'une puissance nominale d'un appareil éléctrique...pouriez-vous m'aider?

    Par exemple, si une lampe a pour puissance nominale 11 Watts, quelle est l'ordre de grandeur de cette puissance et pourquoi?


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  • My dog is gagging up white foam?

    My dog woke me up this morning by gagging extremely noisily. I tried tickling his throat but it didn't work, he kept gagging- Sometimes white foam comes out.

    I gave him bread, and he hasn't gagged since. But what could he have? Please I'm really worried it's too early to call the vet (5 AM) so help!!

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  • How do New Yorkers live?


    I have an oral assignment in English on the "social lives" of New Yorkers.

    Basically I have to talk about the New York lifestyle for one minute but I don't know a thing about it...Could you please help me out?

    Thank you!

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  • What is the difference between Lebanese music and Arabic music?

    It's for music class...Please don't put it too many details, thank you!

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  • Can my six year old dog survive Pravo?

    He's had a lOt of diarrhea with blood and I saw his passport today: He has never taken the Pravo vaccine. (Which is is very odd because he's had his other vaccines.

    I'm now determined he has Pravo And I'm going to the vet today (He started having third Yesterday morning).

    I don't know if it's this or another thing (See my previous question for details;_ylt=AjXzT...

    But if my six year old has Pravo....could he survive? :'(

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  • Why does my dog have diarrhea?


    I have a 6 year old Maltese dog with a severe case of separation anxiety (Meaning he is stressed and anxious a lot of the time)

    But last Wednesday, we had to put him in a dog school in the mountains because we were going to travel for the next week and we needed to find one.

    He stayed there for 12 days and we picked him up yesterday.

    Our trainer told us he had fed him crackers mixed with chicken every day.

    Long story short, right after we picked him up, I took him for a walk and he pooed (His stool was normal).

    But then yesterday we gave him crackers mixed with TUNA and ever since he kept on whining and he had diarrhea.

    Right now he just had diarrhea but with a little bit of blood and I'm REALLY worried right now...He seems fine now he is resting but I am scared to death!!

    Also, he has been drinking a lot lately (Probably because his leash is too tight when I take him down)

    What might he have???? I have read somewhere that sometimes dogs get diarrhea because of a lifestyle or food change and this week he did experience a lot of changes...But what about the drop of blood???

    Please help me I can't got to the vet right now because I live in Lebanon and it's one AM but we're going tomorrow but I'm terrified what if this thing is deadly and he never wakes up?!?! What could this be and how could I make him feel better?! Please help thank you!

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  • Give the current situation, what's going to happen to Lebanon?

    So the Syrians kidnapped a Lebanese called "Al Miqdad" who was fighting against the rebels in Syria and now the family of that Lebanese person has kidnapped 20 Syrians..The main route to the airport has been blocked due to tires being burned and I just want to ask:

    What's going to happen to the Lebanese? The fact that Saudi Arabia is urging its citizens to leave Lebanon immediately is terrifying me..I'm still young but I'm so concerned because I live here! What's going to happen to us? Will there be a war? Will there be more kidnappings in Lebanon??

    I know in my paragraph I sound like a crazy person but I'm not, I'm just really scared...

    Thank you for your time!


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  • Why does Victoria Beckham never smile?

    I'm not a hater or anything in fact I'm a HUGE Spice Girls fan but it seems like she never smiles!

    I mean, at the Olympics all she did was frown! Look:

    No hate please!

    Thank you very much!


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  • How long does it take to drive from Beirut to Our Lady Of Harissa?

    Hello! :)

    I'm going to Our Lady Of Harissa tomorrow and I'd just like to know if it would take a long time to get there from Beirut so I can bring some Aspirin (I can get very carsick)

    Does anyone know how long it (approximately, of course) takes to go there by car given all the traffic and stuff...Thank you very much!


    4 AnswersLebanon8 years ago
  • Where can I find an affordable dog trainer/pet sitter (That takes aggressive dogs) in Lebanon?

    Hi, so I have this dog he's small and six years old. I got him when I was eight and well, he turned out very untrained because at the time, we didn't know how to properly educate him (My sister & I were too young and my momma didn't have time to train him because she had to work & take care of us)


    So up until Early July, he always used to pee & do number 2 on the floor (We live in an apartment, by the way) and always barks at strangers and can harass them if he is not on a leash. But we finally took good care of him and now take him down twice a day Sure he stills barks at strangers but at least he quit peeing on the floors.

    My father never liked him because of the fact he's untrained, and now that he's retired & lives with us in Lebanon, the fact that he hates him is really tearing our family apart...Today my sister snapped at him because she loves the dog.and things so far are really bad...The only way it could be solved is that he gets properly trained.

    So I'm just asking if there is an affordable dog trainer that can help our dog here in Lebanon...Please!!!

    Also, we're travelling in a couple of weeks & need to find a dog sitter..If I were to find a dog trainer, would my dog be able to stay there? (And we pay him, of course.)

    If not, are there any pet sitters available in Lebanon?? If so, please tell me!

    Thank you so, so much and I'm sorry if my details were too long, but I love my father and my dog and things could get really ugly if this problem doesn't get fixed :(


    3 AnswersLebanon8 years ago
  • "Would You Rather" Questions?

    Hi! So I'm going to ask a series of "Would You Rather" questions & the person who gets the most similar answers to mine gets 10 points!

    -Would you rather always have to say everything on your mind or never speak again?

    -Would you rather eat a cup full of spiders or a bucket full of ants?

    -Would you rather eat M&Ms for the rest of your life or eat Skittles?

    -Would you rather own a boat or a have a tree house?

    -Would you rather meet your favorite actor or your favorite singer?

    -Would you rather be ugly & rich or attractive & poor?

    -Would you rather stop time or be able to fly?

    -Would you rather own 5 dogs or 10 cats?

    -Would you rather be a five star chef or an unknown singer?

    -Would you rather kill a bear & cook it or destroy your car?

    -Would you rather be the smartest person you know or the most popular person you know?

    -Would you rather never watch TV again or never use internet?

    And finally (Sorry if it was too long) :

    -Would you rather make a movie about your most embarrassing moment (That movie's a huge box office hit, by the way) or publish your journal/diary?


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  • Lebanon: Are you sick of the electricity status?

    I HATE what's happening in Lebanon nowadays...I mean come on we've had so many blackouts, right?! And I can't turn on the A.C because our motor will go out but seriously everyday it's like 34 degrees outside!!

    What do you think about the Lebanese power?

    Thank you!


    2 AnswersLebanon8 years ago
  • My dog is incredibly aggressive towards people...How can I stop him from being like this?


    My dog is six years old and he's a small Maltese.

    Ever since he was a puppy, he has been incredibly aggressive towards people...sometimes he even bites!!

    Every time I walk him down the street he barks at EVERYBODY!

    So every time someone comes at our house, we lock him up in the kitchen.

    But today, my friend was over and he managed to get out of the kitchen and bit her!

    I don't know what to do anymore...Is there any way I can train him to be less aggressive? Putting him in obedience classes isn't an option because I live in Lebanon and I don't think there are any...Plus I think he's too old...

    Please help!

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  • What is the deal with Lebanon's 3 day internet black-out?

    None of us had internet for a few days due to the internet cords being damaged (?). Some days it was REALLY slow and others it didn't work at all.

    Though Telecom confirmed via SMS that since then, the connection has been repaired.

    I would like to know the details of the black-out and if it will have an affect on the Lebanese economy.

    Thank you very much!!


    2 AnswersLebanon8 years ago
  • Can I buy some Dream Out Loud (Selena Gomez) clothes in Miami?

    I'm going to Miami soon and I really, really want to buy some clothes from Selena Gomez' clothing line, "Dream Out Loud".

    So basically, I'm asking if there's a K-Mart in Miami and if the clothing line is available.



    2 AnswersMiami8 years ago
  • Does my dream have a meaning?

    So basically two summers ago I instantly became friends with this cute guy (who's 2 years younger than me) who, looking back, could have had a crush on me (He loved talking with me, even on some days he would rather talk to me than his close friends). We constantly chatted during the summer on MSN and Facebook but one day I got feelings for him; but I never told him.

    However, when school started, he was being totally distant and it looked like he completely forgot my existence: He never spoke to me!

    I always thought it was because he was too embarrassed to speak to me in front of his friends. His friends are somewhat mean, they make fun of lots of people. Once they even made fun of me and my crush didn't do a damn thing about it!

    So I stopped having feelings for him and erased him from my mind.

    However, last night I had a dream about him; which was totally out of the blue since we haven't spoken to each other for two years!

    We were in a castle and he was waiting for me. I didn't speak to him because I was mad at him for ignoring me and not having my back. We had a castle adventure (I don't remember what it was). At the end, he wound up apologizing for his behavior and we kissed. I remember that it was a really good kiss.

    Why did I have this dream? Does this mean something? Please don't be rude in the answers.

    Thank you and have a wonderful summer!


    3 AnswersDream Interpretation8 years ago