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  • I found my elderly neighbor lying dead on the floor.?

    He was in his 90's and had been quite sick. He lived alone and when his son from another state could not get in touch with him he called me to see if I would go check on him.i found him at noon and we figured he had passed away sometime after dinner the previous day. He was always the nicest man, always a proper. He drove to Church everyday, did his own shopping, cooking, etc. He wanted to be completely independent and was completely devoted to God. Now here is my issue. When I found him he was lying on the floor on his back with no pants on. He had a shirt on, but there were no other clothes near him.. I'm not upset for myself. But for him. How could God let him die like that, completely without dignity?Can someone help me to understand why he took his pants off. We figured he had a heart attack. Is it possible that maybe he was really hot or sweating and that why he did it not knowing he was having a heart attack or maybe he wasn't thinking clearly. He was alway very sharp minded. I am really sad that he died. But mostly just can't understand what happened to him and why he was "allowed" to die like that.

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  • Newark Airport?

    I am taking a friend to Newark airport to travel to Austria. Can I park the car and then go in an wait with her for her flight or do I have to basically just drop her off due to security?

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  • Long Island rental?

    My daughter is fulfilling her student teaching in North Bellmore Long Island. She had an apartment lined up but it has suddenly fell thru..She needs the apartment from now -august - until the end of December. I have called several real estate agents and when they hear it's a short term rental, they seem to give up on it. Anya suggestions as to what else I can try. I have tried craigslist and ever seems to return my emails...please help..

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  • Volunteer embezzling?

    I volunteer at a non profit organization (503c, i believe.)...I am pretty sure that this one particular person(also volunteer) is embezzling can I anonymously turn this person in...who do I contact and how.

    Thanks for your help.

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  • In New York, can an employer terminate health insurance without notice?

    Still employed, after 30 years at the same business, but the small business is struggling. Now, after trying to refill a prescription, we were notified by our insurance carrier that our insurance was terminated as of August 31. Just, last month all having yearly physicals, mammograms, Pap smears, etc., now am told they are most likely not covered. Is this legal? We are in NY. - also this a brothers small business....

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  • travelling on the Long Island Expressway?

    I will be travelling from Westchester to Hicksville. Due to my schedule, I will most likely hit the L.I.E around 4 pm on a Wednesday. I am getting off on Exit 41N. Can anyone tell me which way to go, so that I can avoid the 11 miles on the LIE which is sure to be backed up.....I am actually going to Suny Old Westbury.....thanks...

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  • My friend is having bypass surgery?

    Her husband will be with her at the hospital and then he will go home to take care of their two young children....She will be in the hospital for a few days......What is something nice that I can do for her. Normally I would make a cake and take it to her home, but since she cannot eat, I was trying to think of something different to do. Any suggestions??

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  • son's date for middle school dance?

    My son has asked a girl to the middle school dance. What is expected of him? Do they still buy flowers for the girl and are they expected to pay for the ticket and provide a ride to and from the dance? Anything else that he needs to know?? Please help!! Thanks...

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  • U. S.Constitution question?

    As a seventh grader, what parts of the us consitition would effect me the most? I need some starting ideas for homework....thanks

    1 AnswerHomework Help10 years ago
  • How long does it take for credits to get transferred?

    I earned an Associates Degree from Community College and transfered to another SUNY school beginning Jan 20 - and I am still listed as a freshman at the new school. Does anyone know how long it takes for the credits to actually transfer over from my previous school?

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  • how long does it take for credits to get transferred?

    I earned an Associates Degree from Community College and transfered to another SUNY school beginning Jan 20 - and I am still listed as a freshman at the new school. Does anyone know how long it takes for the credits to actually transfer over from my previous school?

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  • What am I,if I have an associates degree from a community college and transfer to another school,?

    My associates is in Communication, and I am transferring to a SUNY school to go into Education. Am I considered a Junior?

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  • my son has been invited to his friends 13th birthday party..?

    Invite says "Present not necessary" son wants to get him something anyway..Any advice?

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  • Myparents annual income is only $40,000..fafsa indicates my efc is $5,037?

    and I have been advised by a SUNY school that I do not qualify for any financial aid, only student loans...what does this mean??..thanks

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  • I need to search for off campus housing - near Suny Old Wesbury.?

    My daughter is attending Suny Old Westbury as a transfer in January and does not want to stay on campus... We need to look for an apartment near the college. As I am not from around there, can anyone tell us what nice towns are in close proximity to the college that we could start our search at


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  • No brakes after having amplifier installed?

    My 20 year old daughter took her car to a well known electronics store to have an amplier/speakers installed. After she picked it up, she did a few errands and then stopped at a friends house. When she went to leave the friends house (about an hour after picking her car up from the installer), she stopped at the end of the driveway and she had absolutely NO brakes. We had the car towed to our mechanic and he told us that when the amps were being installed and the cable was being put up to the battery, they drilled through the brake vacuum chamber and then he said that they also tried to cover the hole with epoxy...This is so scary thinking what could have happened..My daughter was very upset, especially after we found out that it was due to the amp installation and that someone would deliberately cover it up and send her on her way. We called the place and they told us that they would pay for the tow and to get the car fixed and maybe give us a gift card of some sort. Our mechanic says that we should get a lawyer...any thoughts?? Should we get a you think we have a case??? We are not the sueing type....

    3 AnswersCar Audio1 decade ago
  • two users, one can't get on internet explorer.?

    Our computer was infected with a virus and a friend took it to work on it. When we got it back everything seems to be working fine, except I can no longer get on internet explorer under my tells me "page cannot be displayed...... It seems that the only site I can get on under my name is my banking web site.......My sister can get on IE under her user id....Anyone have any suggestions as to what this may be and how I can fix it..

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  • Anyone applied to suny old westbury/ suny oneonta and have not yet heard anything yet?

    I applied to five suny school at the end of March. I have heard from three of them, but have yet to hear from old westbury and this normal? what could this mean? what should i do?

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