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-I think we, humanity are still a bunch of primitive primates... yes..., still! -Most people are barely aware of the consequences of their actions, including all the ramifications of them. -I believe in the: "The good/need of the many outweighs the good/needs of the few or the one", a lot of times. -The lack of judgments ("don't be judgmental") is one of the worse things that can happen to a society, we need judgment, just like a school kid needs to take tests, to know when you are doing good or doing bad! -"Love is the answer", yes, agree...most of the time, BUT..., sometimes, some out there need a good "smack in the head", if you know what I mean. -Everything in excess is bad, including too much Freedom. Balance in life IS the key to happiness. -Addition to the point above, extremist, been too Conservative or Liberals is bad, again Balanced people is the way to go...! -And many times the Real Truth is very simple! My blog: