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  • Unknown Song Name lyrics include "he/you dont even notice"?

    Hey the only part I know is it either says he don't even notice (the echos "notice notice notice") or you don't... Not 100% on which... It kinda yells or sings loud and is mot like pop or anything. I love it so I wanna know what it is so I can get it on my iPod. Thanks!

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  • Hundreds Challenge (Math)?

    Ok so for math we're doing this fun think called Hundreds Challenge and I have only two more left but i'm stuck!

    So the rules are...

    Your challenge is to create number sentence equations using 4 numbers: 1, 2, 3, 7 that equal 88 and 95 ( The only 2 I have left)

    Must use all four numbers and only one time!

    Can use any operation or mathematical expression to combine the numbers to equal 88 and 95

    For example to get 100 I did (7+3)^2 * 1

    For 50 i did 7^2 + 1^3

    But i can't get 88 and 95 help PLEASE!

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  • What is x^2 - 13xy + 36y^2 factored?

    what is x^2 - 13xy + 36y^2 factored? please

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  • Poisonous guitar chemicals?

    I need to know if there are any types of liquid poisonous chemicals that would relate to a guitar.

    The poison was used by spreading some type of unknown acid across an ice tray, which was then filled with regular water. After the water froze the acid stuck and was then melted just enough to remove the outer layer containing the acid into a drink, which was then drunk and caused the death of a man. (Not a real case, it's fake.)

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  • Please Help me decode GG3 title!?








    That's the title. lol i need help decoding it! I can tell you that each set of numbers is a word! so that means there are 7 worlds. As a hint the last two book names are

    I'd tell you i love you but then i'd have to kill you


    Cross my heart and hope to spy (also 7 words... lol)

    please if you already know what the answer is DON'T TELL ME! i want to figure it out myself. but i also can't figure it out lol. so just tell me how and let me go from there please!

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  • What did these items cost in 1980?

    Hey I have stupid homework for stupid transitions so if u could tell me what the prices were for these items in the 1980 that'd be great!

    A Slice of pizza

    a ticket to the movies

    baby sitter(just ave for like idk an hour? lol)


    Swatch watch(i don't even know what that is)


    Subway(not the place to eat lol)



    TV set

    Lift tickets at a ski resort(i no so random!)


    Electric bill


    BK hambuger

    Concert Tickets(what evr one u want)

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  • Where can I download the Miley and Mandy shows for free?

    I found a site but the links didn't work. I would love to have them on my computer! Thanks!

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