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  • How do ANIME ASMR channels get their voices to sound like the original characters?

    Recently I've been obsessed with the ANIME ASMR videos on Youtube. These channels take anime characters and do listener insert videos for comfort or 18+ content.

    One user (Yagami Yato) has my mind blown because her (yes, she's female) voices for the My Hero Academia characters (specifically Bakugo, Kirishima and Midoriya) are practically clones to the original! How is she doing this?

    I've been interested in trying my hand as this type of ASMR too, but I'm too afraid to ask her personally how she's doing this. What program are these channels using to make their voices sound identical to the anime characters they choose?

    I'm female as well and there's no way she can just imitate/impersonate all these characters with just her normal voice (is there?) 

    Comics & Animation2 months ago
  • Why does only one of my two cats stink?

    So I live with my boyfriend and we each own a cat. His is a 2 year old, long haired, Black cat and Siamese mix, and mine is a 9 month old, short haired, Orange Tabby mix (both are boys). I ve noticed months ago my cat is the only one of the two to occasionally smell like the litter box. Is this normal? Why does this happen? How come the other cat doesn t ever stink?

    I ve had the theory that maybe my cat plays in the litter box, lingers too long after he goes, or he squats too low in the box. But normally we only notice him smelling when we hold him and we get a whiff of his head (why on earth does his head smell like the litter box too?)

    I don t know. I m just curious if other cat owners have this same problem or how to help him. I just give him monthly baths with store bought shampoo (supposed to help shedding). I don t mind giving him baths (oh but he sure does) but I would just like to know what s going on with his fur. Thank you!

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  • Can I take a celebrity's picture and print it on a T-Shirt?

    So here's the deal: WWE is coming to my hometown for RAW and I want to make a special shirt to wear to the event. I'm putting together an amateur T-Shirt design with "The Shield" name logo printed below their pictures (and maybe some kind of extras in the background). The shirt design won't be mass-produced, and I'm only making it as a fan to wear to the event and as casual wear afterwards.

    I'm using a plain, black T-Shirt and some fabric transfer sheets I bought at the store. The design will be ironed on the shirt, as the directions are stated. Fans use pictures of their favorite wrestlers on their posters, so I just thought this would be the same but on a shirt..

    I was only wondering if I could get in trouble with the company if I did this (like copyright problems and such)? If doing this turns out to be a problem I'd rather not do it to save the embarrassment of being talked to by security or getting a call or something..

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  • I'm having an annoying problem with my

    Okay, so lately I've been being bothered by my eyes. I'm not entirely sure if it's just a dumb habit that can be stopped or if there's something ridiculously wrong with my eyes. I don't think it's serious to go to a doctor, so Yahoo!Answers is my best option here.

    The problem is a little difficult to explain, but I'll try my best..

    My problem specifically happens with my eyelids, not my eyes. My eyelids often feel.. heavy, in a way. It's like oil or something is bothering the edges of my eyelids (and I don't wear makeup), and I wind up rubbing it (which doesn't help) and it'll water! Other times, instead of oil, it feels like an eyelash is touching the surface of my eyeball and it's frustrating, so I rub at it. I've been rubbing my eyes a lot in the past few months and I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not, but I can't ignore the feeling on my eyelids! It doesn't hurt or feel sore. It's just an annoying feeling, and this hasn't happened before.

    It's hard to really explain what my eyelids feel like when all this happens, but whatever it is I usually just blink a lot and it'll kind of go away for a while.. but I look a little crazy when I blink a hundred times in 5 minutes!

    There's no crust or goo, and my vision doesn't go blurry unless I tear up, which is normal. I doubt it's allergies, because this has been going on for months and I doubt pollen or anything will make my eyes feel like this.. Little dust particles (or is it tiny skin flakes?) and tear droplets get on the lenses of my glasses and I hate having to clean them a million times a day! This problem really needs to stop before I freak out from overly blinking, rubbing my eyes, and cleaning my glasses!

    I honestly have no clue what the heck is going on. Can anyone give me an answer, or what they believe is happening? I'm sorry if I can't explain this right.. I tried.

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  • My armpits itch...Please help?

    I think this is pretty embarrassing. I need some help on this, my parents aren't much help here.

    Well, my armpits have started itching about a month ago and it's very irritating. I've used the same deodorant for a couple months and I've worn the same shirts for a year- nothing ever happened like this. My parents say it's some perspiration thing with my shirts, because they're 'a little too tight', but they're the same shirts I've been wearing since last year! I even changed my deodorant twice and the itching is still there.

    I can see some darkish spots on my armpit, but my mom says they're nothing. I have no idea if this is fungal related or I'm just not hygienic enough. Can anyone please shed some light on this? I'm very tired of this itching problem and my armpits are getting a bit sore. When I wash it in the shower, it stings a little and I can't stop scratching. So please, help me! Should I go to a doctor?

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  • Hetalia: World Series- Has It Been Dubbed In English Yet?

    I just finished watching seasons 1 & 2 (Hetalia: Axis Powers) and I found out there's two more seasons! I don't like watching English Sub, I prefer watching in English. I'm confused when this show will be released. Someone said they're only dubbing season 3 for now and dubbing season 4 later; like they did with season 1 & 2.

    I've read it was supposed to be released in August and it's mid-September already. Has it been released yet? I can't find it anywhere! If not, can you please tell me when it will, and where it'll be? I'm very anxious to watch the rest.

    2 AnswersComics & Animation9 years ago
  • Does Anyone Else Think Deidara's English Voice Soungs Gay?

    I just finished watching the new english shippuden episodes on

    " " and Deidara's voice sounds. . . . Kinda gay. Anyone agree??? Feel free to object. : /

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  • Does Anyone Know a Good Website To Watch Naruto Shippuden In English?

    They just released a few of the beginning episodes of Shippuden in English on itunes. I don't have itunes, so I was wondering if anyone knew a good sight to watch them. . . . for free.

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