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    Calling all clarinet technicians?

    My mum bought this rosewood Bb clarinet of off eBay and it was £600 pounds however I have never heard of the brand and am skeptic a las she can not send it back and I am worried she has wasted her money. They company Sterling I have never heard of according to the post it was made in France however from and Australian shop called studentinstrument the post described it as 

    “a stunning rosewood Clarinet that plays in B♭. Though priced at a student level, it is used by many intermediate players in school bands and pro orchestras. Its easy response and strong projection make it a most attractive sounding instrument and is great value for its price. Beautifully crafted and finished.• Perfect for the beginner to the intermediate player• Similar to the Yamaha YCL-221 (RRP $4,199.00)• Brand New• Perfect new condition, and never played• Plays in B♭• Boehm fingering system• Made of solid genuine plantation rosewood, matt finished (please  note this timber is plantation grown and harvested so it is  a totally renewable resource and eco-friendly).• Silver-plated keys and bell• Quality mouthpiece, mouthpiece protector and reed• Engraved with serial number for security and insurance• Comes with a protective briefcase-style case with soft plush interior”

    Since we can’t actually go to a technician I was wondering if anyone on hear could help . Also this hole I wasn’t sure if it was well made?

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