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P.S. How about them Lakers baby ..... YES!!! 6/8/2010: What it do boo? lol - Im BAAAAACk! OK I was on hiatus for about a month back to answer more questions. FML it was 105* in Vegas today ..... (sigh) .... summers here Update: 2/17/10 ..... The most amzing things are happeneing in my life right now, Im stuck on cloud 9. Ok- So here we go .... I come on Y!A to answer questions, ask them .... and talk about my favorite Soap, Young and the Restless. I can't stand snudy b*tchez .... or arrogant men. I hate when people take Y!A to far and start emailing you like they can really do something through their keyboard. I keep it real all the time - Im gonna answer your question how ever "I" feel I should .... If ya don't like my answer, O well - That's your Bad. Feel free to add me - But dont start actin' ignorant cause then I'll have to block you. Keep it real. Peace

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