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  • why do films about ancient rome and sci fi pics speak with an english accent?

    I ask this in jest, but isn't it funny to hear centurions and legionaires spouting off in the kings english, long before the language existed? why not an Italian accent, since that is where center and heart of ancient Rome was, they where Latin not English. also in many sci fi movies many characters sjpeak with a prounonced english accent, especially villians and people over intercoms? whats up with that?? I would like to hear a little French or spanish, maybe even chinese accents , since that is the most spoken language ( over 1/2 the worlds population speaks chinese). to me it's as bad as tom Cruise's american accent in Valkrye, didn't any of the navies notice he wasn't speaking with any german accent at all?? (LOL!) or the Kevin Costner as Robin Hood??? what no english accent?? it's robin Hood, he's 100% English?!? but to the main point why English for Roman movies?? any good guesses? since most are American films, why not have them use a southern Accent or maybe a Brooklyn Accent?? now that would be funny for sure. Southern Centurion: "Hey Ya'll yanto KIck sum Butt for ole Mr Ceasar?.....

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  • how do you remove the blower fan of a Kenmore dryer?

    I have a 80 series kenore dryer, need to remove the squirrel cage blower fan assembly, I know the thread are left handed, I know you have to put a wrench the shaft side near the moter, but it will not unscrew, I have put penetrating oil on it, and still nothing, is there a pinch washer or grommet inside the wheel? If I force it, the blades are on the verge of breaking, so what is the trick?

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  • How do you copy to a blank DVD disc a movie I downloaded fro a torrent?

    if you have movies from a torrent site on your computer, and you want to put them onto a dvd to watch on a tv from a DVD player what must you do? I know you can put them on a DVD to watch on the PC, but they never work on a DVD player, is it do-able?

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  • is there a newutorrent search site?

    mu old utorrent got corrupted by limewire 5 , so I uninstalled it. I have re-loaded from the genuine utorrent site the 1.8.3. latest addition. when I enter a search, I got to a "ASK" site, which is much like a yahoo or google, and it list anything to do with the words I put in, but there is no listing for torrents as before? and when I try and download anything it doesn't download, it just goes to another screen for an add or something to buy a torrent program? I've downloade it three times today, same problem.

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  • windows vista how do I unistall a program?

    when i select uninstal, it says you need administrative authorization, and that I set some parameters to not allow the uninstallation? how can I remove these programs that I do not use and get that authorization?

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  • How do I clean-up Vista home basic?

    I have two drives on this PC (C and D) I store nothing n the C, yet it has only 12 Gb of space left of the 80Gb, all my programs do not add up to 10 Gb, I have no music,photographs or video files on the C drive, nor games. How do I clean -up the C: drive, mainly to get my Sys speed back up as it was. Unlike past versions of windows I can't seem to locate all this "JunK" sys registry files I would like to dump. any help, besides up grade the Vista or get additional hard drive etc.

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  • what happened to the 1876 steam sloop USS Ranger?

    the USS Ranger, served in theUSN for about 20 yrs, then it was loaned to another nautical civilian dept and had been renamed Nantucket,, and in 1941 was handed over to the Massachusettes nautical school (incorrect name, but thats not important now) and renamed "Bay state". I cannot find out what happened after that, such as was she scrapped,sold,sunk or still afloat. I do have it's correct and complete history up till 1941, so please no corrections on my names of schools etc, would just like to find out what happened after 1941, and how She ended up.

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  • how can I tell which version of windows live messenger I have?

    windows live messenger webcam problems, an all the sites say what version are you running etc. I cannot find that out, under properties it just say windows live! now where can i easily go and check to see which vrsion ( 7.5,8.0,8.5 9.0 etc) am I running.

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  • can a person with a felony beome a police officer?

    there are judges an even us senators with felony convictions, and many have served time. SO can someone with a felony, who served no time in jail or prison become a police officer?

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  • what are the requirements to become a police officer?

    I'm sure it must be a little different state to state, but what are someof the basic requirements, such a age, schooling, etc.

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  • xbox 360 points, need basic info on?

    xbox 360 gives little info on where to find your points for purchasing of digital items. they say on there official site select market place off your dashboard. there is no place called marketplace, there is video market place and game market place, and when I do check those site, there is no heading of " add points" as they mention there is in market place. in fact the only place points are mentioned is in "my account" and thats just a vague outline of the points system.. so where have the lebrechauns at xbox hidden this magical points folder? and the simplest question, where can see how many jpoints I have purchased or earned, I wold call xbox, but as usual they talk in cirlcles from troubleshooting guides that answer nothing. please explain it simple, no jargon, no presuming I am some kind of game programming guru..just complete step by step info please...thank you...

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  • refusal to pay stuent loan: what the worst?

    So from all the research, the only thing that can be done is wage garnishment, and if you don't have a job, what the big deal? I own no house,land or property, I do not work, I recieve no gov't assistance of any sort. SO what are they going to do ,except send letters that it will affect my credit?? what credit?? who cares about credit?? So I refuse to pay, and it' been 10 yrs, and I'm still not in jail, so there nothing they can do, they got a roar, but no bite, right?

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    I hace a Push lawnmower, name brand is "WHITE" it has a 6.50 hp tecumseh engine, my question is which way does the blade attach to the blade attachment , in that it fits either way, and the book that comes with it, does not specify at all, it just says re-attach after sharpening, but I got it used, without the blade, bought a blade, and no directions on blade, the picture in the book does not show any details of the blade to deternine which way it goes on. to "Cut" not "mulch" do the bent sides along th center of the blade face the ground or the bottom of the mower deck, like I said, I want to "cut" not mulch. please don't say the end tips should face up, becuase this happens no matter which way you flip the blade, since it a duel action blade, do those bend face down, to protect the bolt head from ground debris? or face up, to lock it better on the blade adapter? just alittle baffled, thank you.

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  • Do portugues consider themselves hispanic?

    Now in my family, that is a definate: NO, in fact they where all very adament about this fact, they where not of Spanish origin, not Latin in ancestry and therefor not hispanic or latino. the Moors heavily occupied portugal for centuries, but my family wa from the Mederias islands, they where tall, lean and had dark complexion and very dark wavy hair, I don't konw if they where just pride in the national borders or is this a valid point, that they are not hispanic or latino? anyone know the offical or "unofficial" opinion on this, especially in portugal today.

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  • how do you say this in portuguese?

    My grand father, who was 100% us born of portugues parents, use to say a few phrases, and say they where portuguese, now he was a big story teller, and he died when I was still a kid, but I remember one phrase and would like to know how you say it in portugeuse: How do you say "shut your mouth", please spell it, then try to write it phonetically, so I can see if it sounds like he said it, thanks.

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  • in Portuguese, what does De Coute mean?

    it is a family name, but I can't find out if it's coast or court, or something else, differnt translators on line give differnt words. also keep coming across coute de coute, which is like what will be will be?, thought it was coast to coast, confusing word it seems.

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  • Royal Navy at war 1820-WWI?

    Except for the Crimean war, can someone list for me the wars the the British Royal Navy was involved in between 1820-the beginning of WWI?

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  • Royal navy Histroic figure inquiry?

    I am looking for information on a picture I saw in a book over 35 years ago, I don't remember the book title , all I remember is that there was a picture, possible of a painting, of a young Royal navy cadet, apprentice,mascot, etc. The "lad" was a young teen I believe, and he went down with a ship, manning a gun to the last, I believe it was a smaller ship, maybe a corvette or gun boat of some type. Very dramatic painting and story, but I cannot for the life of me remember anymore, only that it was possible between the the mid 1800s and WWI, after his death, He was awarded some major service medal or given some other award in recognition of his sacrifice. can anyone give me a possible lead on this person? I'm an American, I know longer live anywhere near where I grew up and read that book from a library . and my resources on Royal naval history are pretty far and few and in between, where I reside now. appreciate any info on this you can share.

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  • Have you ever been to the Battle of Little Big Horn site?

    I've been there twice, the last time I spent all day there, just looking around on my own, and trying to get a feel for the on that day from either side of the battle. And wondering how it was not what most thought it would be like, it has a mood of it's own, it does not glorify the Battle, it does not favor the Calvary troops or the Indian warriors, It seems to invites you to make your own decision, truely unbiased, the site is mostly cared for by the tribe that includes the decendents of the scouts who served with Custer ,who fought against other tribes,and many died with The US troops on that day in June of 1876, with this background I can see why it has that in-between view, which is a real breath of fresh air considering how much people want to blame others these days for the events in the past, they we have no control over, so what do you think of the site? I think it it's a solumn place, and provikes me to see the bigger picture of a differnt time and place.

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