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  • What Is This? ?

    So yesterday I had a pop in my head. For the past three months I've had a tight pressure mainly in my forehead. Now it's gone...and I feel strange? Like I feel really faint in my head and kinda dizzy. After the pop i felt really weird, my heart was racing, felt like I was definitely gonna pass out. I went to the hospital and had a CT scan and everything. Everything looks fine. I can't tell if this is all psychosomatic or not. I did notice before when I would bite down on my teeth the sound of it sounded like it was inside my ears. Now it sounds normal again? Could it have been an ear issue? 

  • What Is Happening? ?

    I've noticed lately my vision is kinda screwy. Like its hard to describe but it's as if things are going through a time lapse? It's a weird phenomenon for sure. When you switch over from 30fps to a much higher fps that's how I would most accurately describe it. Its like my perception of time is changing. It lasts for like ten seconds then goes away for like a few minutes then it'll hit me again. Has anyone experienced something similar? 

    Optical2 months ago
  • What is wrong with me?

    Head pressure(mainly towards the front of my head), feel extremely disconnected from the world, almost like a hazy dream. I'll feel somewhat normal during the day but it always kicks back in from time to time. Wondering if I should see a doctor about this.

    3 AnswersPsychology2 years ago
  • Can I Be A Cop Despite My Misdemeanor?

    So about five years ago I got a misdemeanor; aggravated harassment. I was a stupid kid back then and now as an adult I want to do good in my community as a police officer. Since then I haven't had any other offenses or run ins with the law. Do you think I'll still be eligible to get a position as a police officer?

    3 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police2 years ago
  • Should My Girlfriend Be Upset?

    So basically she overheard me laughing at one of my friends telling some jokes and being overall silly. She immediately got upset because this friend is a girl and she seems to think I only have fun with this friend whom I barely even talk to begin with. Now she's saying how I always fake laugh with her and not with my friend. So I mean should she be upset? Or am I right for thinking this is crazy?

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  • Can I buy a gun?

    So I am looking to buy a gun. I live in the USA and there are not many restrictions on shotguns where I live. My concern is if I'll be able to pass the background check. I have a misdemeanor charge on my record. Obtained it about 4 years ago. I am able to get a job no problem but I'm wondering if it'll stop me from getting a gun. The charge is aggravated harassment in the 3rd degree.

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  • What Should I Do?

    Okay so basically my girlfriend dumped me last night. She proceeded to go out with her cousin and his friends after doing so. Apparently her cousin's friend made out with her among other things. She was single when doing so but this happened maybe not even an hour after she dumped me. Honestly I really resent her but at the same time she's still my best friend. Of course a relationship is off the table at this point but I still want to be her friend. In all honesty though I sorta feel like if I were to do that we'd just end up together again and she'd do the same thing. So what should I do?

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  • Girlfriend is mad at me, what should I do?

    So earlier today I was playing Uncharted and I was just playing with randoms. I kinda got sick of playing with people who just were not good at the game. Met a player who was actually pretty good in one game and they just so happened to send me a friend request. Now I didn't know it was a girl until she invited me to a private lobby and spoke. After she did I left the lobby and went straight to my girlfriend to ask if it was okay to play with this person. I know she'd get jealous over girls I used to talk to in the past, but I literally just met this girl and she clearly just wanted to play with me. My girlfriend got really upset and said that she doesn't want to talk to me anymore today. I really do love this girl, I mean she's amazing in every single way and I tell her this every day. I didn't have anyone else on my friends list in months. In fact she's been the only true friend that I have played with since I got the PS4. I'm just confused on what I should do now.

    4 AnswersSingles & Dating4 years ago