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Gerald Wallace

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╔══╗╔══╗╔══╗╔═╗╔══╗ ║╔╗║║══╣║╔╗║║╔╝║══╣ ║╔═╝║══╣║╔╗║║╚╗║══╣ ╚╝░░╚══╝╚╝╚╝╚═╝╚══╝ Hi I'm from Boston and I was born and raised a celtics fan but Gerald Wallace is my favourite player. The warriors are my second team and the Blazers my third team. ask me something: The only website that speaks the truth about basketball: The most underrated player in the league. top 10 favourite players 1.Gerald Wallace 2. Rajon Rondo 3. Monta Ellis (should have been an all star) 4. Paul Pierce 5. Kevin Garnett 6. Stephan Curry 7. Ray Allen 8. Dorrell Wright 9. Lebron James 10. Lamarcus Aldridge

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