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  • Does the Manga “Another” make more sense than the anime?

    I recently watched the anime and am left confused. There were plot holes and continuity errors. Does the manga do a better job? Should I just read the light novel?

    1 AnswerComics & Animation5 months ago
  • Another: is the manga better?

    I just finished the anime and I’m very confused. There seem to be a lot of plot holes and things left open. Does the Manga make more sense? Should I just read the light novel?

    1 AnswerComics & Animation5 months ago
  • Wrong picture for my amazon order?

    Has anyone ever ordered something off amazon and then gone to look at the order in your order profile and then noticed that one of your orders has the wrong picture? I ordered a polymer clay tool kit, but on the order picture it shows crochet hooks. However, when I click on it, it takes me to another list of my orders and where they are in transit and shows the thing I actually ordered with the correct picture. Is this just a fluke, or do I need to contact amazon?

    3 AnswersCorporations8 months ago
  • Endangered species eating other endangered species?

    My husband is working on a report about this topic for a class, but all of our searches have lead to articles on humans eating endangered species. Does anyone know of any endangered species that eat other endangered species? 

    5 AnswersConservation8 months ago
  • My rat is making noises when he sleeps?

    My younger rat is making snuffling noises when he sleeps. He only does this when he sleeps. He is otherwise healthy. He eats and drinks and plays with his brother. He lets us handle him etc. Should I take him to the vet anyways?

    2 AnswersRodents9 months ago
  • Rat sexing help?

    I have two male rats. The younger is about a month and a half, but his testes have not dropped. I took him to the vet to be sure and he said he was a male because there was good separation between the anus and his penis and he also does not have nipples, so he has to be a boy right? Has anyone else had any experience where their male rat’s testes did not show for a long time? Should I be concerned?

    3 AnswersRodents9 months ago
  • My rat is sleeping a lot.?

    I recently purchased two male rats. One is about 6 weeks and the other 3 weeks. The younger one sleeps a lot. When I take him out he seems okay. He will crawl around for a minute and then curl up on my shoulder and sleep again. He is eating and drinking. He does breath fast, but I don’t know if that’s normal and I don’t hear any rasp in his breaths. His brother is super playful and obviously the dominate one, but when he tried to play with his little brother the little one protests. Should I be concerned, or is this lethargy common in young male rats? 

    5 AnswersRodents9 months ago