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  • Week 14: Rivers or Alex Smith? And then at flex: S. Perine, Kareem Hunt, or Josh Gordon(pick 2). Non PPR?

    Rivers vs Wash

    A. Smith vs. Oak

    Perine @ LAC

    Hunt vs Oak

    Gordon vs GB

    I've been benching Alex Smith and playing Rivers but this matchup with the awful Raiders D looks great. Last time they played, he tore them up. And then at flex, I usually tend to stick with RB's just because of getting more touches but Gordon impressed me last week and has a great match-up this week. So, pick 2 of those 3

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  • Week 8 QB lineup decision-- Alex Smith, Tyrod Taylor, or Jameis Winston? Pick 1?

    Alex Smith vs Den

    Tyrod Taylor vs Oak

    Winston vs Car

    Tyrod's probably got the best matchup but Alex Smith has been good most of the year but against a tough Denver D

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  • Week 15- Ari or NE D?

    Semi-finals of the playoffs. NE vs. Mia or Ari @ Stl. I'm leaning toward Ari but it's tough

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  • An easy way to tell between Adidas men's and women's athletic pants?

    I've got a bunch of Adidas pants that I'm looking to sell on eBay. With some, it's easy to tell. When they're the 2XL's and fit me, they're obviously men's. But for others, it's tougher. I've got smalls that list them as S under all the countries except for Canada which lists them as S/P. They look small but could fit a guy. Then, I've got brown pants with pink stripes that are listed as a Large, and have an L under all countries except for Japan which is a 2XOT. Any sure-fire way to tell? Do women's pants always have a number for a size? Like an XL is an 18-20?

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  • Anyone with knowledge about old and vintage baseball gloves?

    I've got this glove that's been sitting around. It looks old, smells old, and appears to be a 1st baseman's mitt. It's a glove-shape I haven't seen too much. The main tag is worn but its says Made For Precise... and that's all I can read. The inside says Top Grain Cowhide, Nylon Stich, PIC, and Hand Molded Pocket. Anyone know if this thing is old, what brand and it is, and if it's worth any money? I haven't had much look with info online...

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  • Best way to ship a baseball glove on eBay?

    I sold a glove on eBay and said I'd ship it via Priority Mail. I'm just debating how to ship it. I've got the Priority boxes that I ship clothes in but they're pretty skinny and this is a brand new youth glove so I'm not sure if it'll fit well in there. Do you think I could ship it in 1 of those Priority Tyvek envelopes or will the glove get damaged? I guess I'm wondering box or Tyvek?

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  • Eyes sensitive to light?

    I've noticed that my eyes have grown sensitive to bright light. Like, if I'm in bed, the room is dark, I check my phone(which is pretty bright), and then put the phone down, my vision isn't great. I do wear contacts and my eyes have been pretty dry lately. Even at the eye doctor, when he shines that super bright green light in your eyes, it takes a bit for my vision to adjust. Ideas?

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  • Anyone with anxiety/depression feel ill or they're sick?

    This all started with pain in my upper back/shortness of breath. That pain/shortness of breath, I think triggered a panic attack. I felt like I couldn't breathe, got really dizzy, and my heart was racing. Since then, I've seen the doctor, they ran blood tests and X-rays of my back and chest. Labs and X-rays looked great. This whole time, I've felt so tired. Like I could sleep forever. Couple weeks ago, I'm out and I get this pain in my neck that goes into my head and I get real dizzy.

    Doc thinks it stems from depression and anxiety. Put me on Wellbutrin last week. That took me a bit to get used to. Wasn't sleeping well at all. I just don't understand where this pain came from. It's not like I hurt myself at all. And I've never considered myself an anxious person. And now being on this new drug, you don't know if that's causing more issues or helping? I even asked about Multiple Sclerosis because of the pain, weakness in my arms, and dizziness. He almost guaranteed me it wasn't that because my strength is still good and I've had no vision issues. I have also had no desire to do any of the things I like.

    Anyone else with depression issues get weird pains or tingling in their back/arms/legs? Anyone else with depression feel like they're sick? My body's temperature control seems off where I'll get the chills(no fever) or I'll bust out into a sweat. I guess your brain is a powerful thing but I figured there was a reason for all this?

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  • Is there a better camera for posting pictures on eBay?

    I've got a Fuji 16 MP camera with 5x zoom. All I'm looking to do is sell some things on eBay. Mostly clothing and shoes. Nothing where I'll need to zoom too much or give detail. Does the amount of megapixels these days matter? I've heard where too many MP's isn't good either. And I haven't ever listed anything on eBay. Is it pretty easy to do uploading pics on there nowadays?

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  • 1997 Honda Civic maintenance light on and yellow?

    My car only has 86,000 miles. Usually, the "light" looks green. It's now yellow. I had the spark plugs changed back in the summer. My mechanic also looked it over and said it looked good. I had an oil change back in December at a dealership so maybe they just forgot to reset it? Because I'm nowhere near the mileage for another oil change. The manual says that the light is just a reminder that your car is nearing 7500 miles since the last maintenance and I can put my key in the slot to reset it. I'm just wondering if anything else triggers it to change it yellow? Or should I try to reset it myself?

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  • Best type of mailer to ship clothing?

    I'm gonna be selling some of my clothes on eBay and wondered about the different types of mailers to purchase. I've looked on-line at poly mailers/poly bubble mailers, and Tyvek envelopes. Those poly mailers look like plastic bags and I'm wondering if they're good enough and sturdy enough to ship clothing. Will the clothes get wet inside them? The poly bubble mailers look better but more expensive. And the Tyvek envelopes are advertised as being strong and water-resistant but again, pricey. I'm looking to buy in bulk on-line(like some 10x13 ones) and most of my clothing is light- men's shirts so I think I can do it First Class. And once I've decided on the type of mailer, do I wrap the shirt in anything to make it look professional? Or put it in another bag to make sure it stays nice? Advice would be appreciated...

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  • Week 16- Romo or Fitzpatrick?

    Romo @ Wash

    Fitz @ Jax

    Leveon Bell or Todman?

    And at WR, Harry Douglas @SF, Steve Smith vs. NO, Andre Caldwell @ Hou, Doug Baldwin vs. Ari(choose 1)

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  • EBay 1st time seller restrictions?

    I've never sold anything on EBay but would like to sell a few things. See how it goes. But, I heard somewhere that until you reach a score of 50 on EBay, you can't sell any name brand items. EBay will yank the listing. I've got some clothing(Nike, Adidas, Abercrombie) still with tags on and shoes that I'd like to sell. So, I've got some decent quality stuff to sell. That's why I want to sell on EBay rather than giving it away at a garage sale. I guess EBay may be concerned about selling fake stuff but that's just for expensive stuff, right? Has anyone heard of this rule? I'm just looking to clear out some stuff and make a little money.

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  • Seller's account through PayPal and EBay?

    I'm gonna sell some stuff on EBay. I have a PayPal account, but have only bought stuff with it. I've never registered as a seller on EBay.

    What's the process for selling stuff and receiving payments through PayPal? Do you have to have a checking account to link with PayPal? I have a basic savings account @ a bank but can you link that to PayPal or does it have to be a checking account? I have a couple credit cards already on PayPal that I've used to pay for stuff. But, I was thinking of opening a basic checking account at a bank just for PayPal. That way, that account will only be for stuff I've sold. I guess if anyone can give me the basics when it comes to selling stuff/PayPal/and having that linked to a credit card or checking/savings account, that would be fantastic...

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  • Week 15 playoff semi's- Ben Tate or LeVeon Bell?

    Tate @ Ind

    Bell vs. Cincy

    And at WR- Edelman @ Mia, Steve Smith vs NYJ, Harry Douglas vs Wash- Pick 2...

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  • Week 12- Eli or Romo?

    Dallas plays @ NYG. Right now, I've got Romo in but how bad the Cowboys D is, I'm tempted to start Manning. He tore up the Cowboys week 1.

    Also on D- Baltimore vs. NYJ or Carolina @ Mia

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  • Week 11 lineup issues?

    I got a few teams and have issues everywhere...

    RB- LaVeon Bell or Ben Tate(I'm playing Bell right now but Houston plays Oakland)

    D- Balt @ Chi or Car vs. NE

    WR- Harry Douglas, DeAndre Hopkins, or grab Boykin(I've got Douglas in right now, I also have Andre Johnson on my team so I'd then have 2 Houston WR's if I put him in. If I put in Tate too, that's a lot of eggs in the Houston basket)

    Another team:

    RB- Sproles, Brian Leonard, Ben Tate(Playing Sproles at this point but I don't see him having near the week he had last week. With Foster out, Tate could put up some numbers)


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  • Trouble changing my '97 Honda Civic headlight?

    '97 Honda civic EX. Driver's side headlight is out. Already bought the light. I've seen the youtube instructions for changing it but it's never that easy. That power steering reservoir is right in the way. The video said you could unclamp a hose to move it out of the way. The hose on my Honda is all 1 hose, there's no clamp. It pops out of its holder but you can't move that reservoir tank enough to be able to work and see what you're doing.

    I don't want to bust that hose to get to the light but it's right there. And the whole headlamp bolts are rusted so I really can't go in that way. Plus that seems like more work.

    Any ideas? How much would someone charge just to put the thing in for me? Maybe a mechanic with small hands can do it just by feel:)?

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  • '97 Honda Civic changing headlight?

    One of my headlights is out on my '97 Honda Civic EX. Just the low beam. Already bought the bulb. Haven't looked at it yet but is it tough to change? Tools needed?

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