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hi, can't tell you my real name, can't let you email me, can't tell you how i could hunt trolls:P, can't tell you why people like warning for men:- don't be rude at women here on yahoo you know why?.......prophet muhammad said ""A Woman is fragile, like glass, and men should, therefore, treat a woman with delicacy and tenderness, as they would handle an article made of glass." BTW I'm not a copy&pasta whole knowledge of islam is in my first language(arabic), so sometimes i do need to search for a good english answer that match my arabic answer.

  • POLL: have you ever visited the R&S section before?

    Do you think we are sane? I mean the users there:D

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  • Did I offend Pakistan in my answer?

    Salam alaikum, brothers and sisters:)

    before 5 days i answered this question "Where is Pakistan in the world?

    I need an exact location for the country Pakistan!

    'Cause, I'm American but I'm going to be a Muslim soon!

    So where is Pakistan situated? And what sort of country is this? Whats good in it and whats bad?

    Regards: Brian"

    my answer was "muslims are living in many countries, so why did you choose Pakistan to live in? o.O

    anyway, you could ask this question in ramdan section.......its full of paki muslims:);_ylt=%E2%80%A6%...

    one of the user here replied "**muslimah** I pray that may Allah (swt) guide you on the right path so that you can learn to respect people and nations. My country is known to the world as Pakistan. Brian, any person who knows how to use the internet also knows through Google search where and what is anything in this world, so do not pose as a troll."

    So do you think i have offended you, my beloved paki brothers and sisters?

    I was just asking him...that's all

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  • Do you think my dream would come true?

    I want to live in medinah.....i really love that place:(

    do you think my wish would come true? lol sorry i know you are not king abdulah, but just give me your feeling:P

    btw my second option is sharjah in the U.A.E they have a great ruler there:)

    plz make dua for me!!!!

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  • Muslims in the united kingdom, need your help plz?

    Salam alaikum:)

    did you ever heard or read about an islamic organization called back to the reality? it's in your country in london, but i can't find their website....i have Googled their name but nothing happened:(

    may Allah reward you....amen

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  • Ramdan: how many juz'a of quran have you finished till now?

    I'm in juz'a 23 wooooohoooo:)

    ok i have started from juz'a 16(sura maryam):P

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  • Do you think this is fair?

    Hi, all:)

    do you think it's fair to give half of the property for your husband/wife after divorce?

    I know about islamic law and i want to make a comparison btw them.

    detailed answers would be appreciated:)

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  • Muslims, are you ready?

    Salam alaikum, all:)

    as you know ramdan will come this week and we should prepare ourselves for a new season of questions about islam:P......i think most people would start asking us about, are you ready?

    good luck and may Allah accept our good deeds.

    non muslims are most welcome to answer this question too:)

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  • Do you think this is a rud behave?

    Ok, I have a good history on respecting others:P......I just try to answer questions here about islam, muslim, Allah, killing others:P....etc......but but sometimes i would love to answer questions about other beliefs.....well i know that we are allowed to do this....but some askers here would start their questions by saying "Christians or atheists" which mean they don't want others to answer.

    So, can i answer your questions? plz plz plz:P

    many thnx for you all:)

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  • Do you speak Arabic?:P?

    Hi, all:)

    well i know that most of you are non arabic, but i was wondering if you know any arabic word......I love you people when you speak my beloved look so cute:P

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  • It’s been called the secret weapon of women all over the world?

    It’s been called the secret weapon of women all over the world – A woman’s incredible ability to break a man down through her tears! Is it true that women cry more often than men?

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  • Women, what do you think of this?

    A young Saudi lady, surprised her husband of 10 years in her wedding dress and a wedding ceremony after he got his bachelor degree.

    His wife planned everything with the help of her brother and uncles, explaining that their wedding was not perfect because of some issues between her father and his brothers.

    The wedding had all the details, a wedding cake, pictures, the wedding car, and a one night stay in a hotel.


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  • Rmdan: help me for the sake of allah:)?

    salam alaikum :)

    i have this problem from a long time...i can't add any comments on my allowed to edit just for one time and when i add anything else, the first comment got deleted.

    btw feel free to have some coffee before reading my question(very bad english):P

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  • I think my friend is so crazy:(?

    this is the best section to post this weird poem:P

    lol my friend asked me to write a poem about her is his birthday and she gave me some details about him....i think she is crazy and dumb..she used to kiss number 33 and sh will start kissing number can't tell you why she is doing this o.O

    anyway here is my poem..feel free to laugh at me:P

    Every night in my dream i bite you i beat you, that's how i eat you, go on.

    near far wherever you are, i believe that i could easly catch you.

    far a cross the distance and spaces between us

    my heart couldn't stop thinking of you

    your love change my life and made it so cool

    i can't stop checking my inbox...yeah im so fool

    Pasta, i love your nose your accent and everything about you

    this poem seems so crazy and silly, but i have made it just for you

    happy birthday:(

    btw this poem was inspired by Celine dion song.

    lol don't know why im here...peace for all

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  • Do you think i should get over this feeling?

    hi all:)

    erm don't know how to start ok my english is not that good and sometimes i feel embarrassed when i answer some questions.....i saw some people here making fun of non native english do you think we are not allowed to come here?:P

    do you think i should take it easy and just try to say what i believe in regardless of my horrible english?

    plz be nice in your could say for example "oh no your english is so good":P

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  • Ramdan:- do you think i did the right thing?

    well the user ghulaam rafaati has blocked me coz i was joking with him o.O

    he posted a very long story and i just said "you love to post long questions *cries*:P"

    anyway my satan was so angry and he told me to block that guy, but i didn't listen to him..i just gave that user a STAR:P

    opinions you think my satan was right or me?

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  • ramdan: how are you, Don Jay?

    welcome to islam:P

    ok that's deserve more than 5 points:P

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  • ramdan:what do you think of my poem?

    O Islam i love you so so so much,

    who hate you will get straight punch,

    who love you will be invited for lunch,

    lol i have made this for the lolz:P

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  • Ramdan: what are you doing here, non muslims?

    1- have more informations about islam.

    2-for the lolz:P

    3- to give us TD:P


    5- all of the above

    6- none of the above

    7- marry muslim ignore this one:P

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  • Ramdan: Is it ok for a muslim girl to love a muslim guy in Allah?

    lol i see this on the tv for many times.....scholars get phone call from women and those women would say "O dear scholar i love you in allah":P

    some scholars refuced this love and some others replied by saying "thank you SISTER":P

    so my question is "why my beloved paki brothers are so good in english"? not kidding i feel jealous:P

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  • Ramdan: is it ok for me to ask for?

    stars here?:P.....i lost 20 points today:(

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