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  • Chicago suburb cheap dental help!?

    I have some severe dental problems (chipped teeth and need root canal), but I don't have any money, no credit cards, no credit, no insurance. Do you know of any free dental clinics, or dentists that offer free work, or payment plans? I cannot borrow money from anyone. I live in Aurora, IL

    4 AnswersChicago1 decade ago
  • Living in Palm Springs, California?

    I'm going to be moving from Illinois to Palm Springs in a few months and no nothing of the area. My husband is getting relocated. Anyone have good tips, job suggestions, restaurant suggestions, bars, entertainment... help! Serious answers only please.

    2 AnswersLos Angeles1 decade ago
  • Best Cupcakes in Aurora/Naperville IL?

    I am trying to find some awesome gourmet cupcakes for my hubby on valentine's day (it's our 7 year anniversary). I live in Aurora area so anywhere near Aurora, Naperville, Batavia, Geneva, St. Charles, North Aurora. I want awesome cupcakes... not grocery store, and not home made and don't even tell me to get stupid hostess cupcakes. Something like Red Velvet, or chocolate peanutbutter, or filled ones... HELP!

    2 AnswersChicago1 decade ago
  • arabic word for star, or shine?

    I'm looking for an arabic word for shine, or star, or bright, along those lines. Can you provide with the word written in english alpha (spelled out)?

    2 AnswersLanguages1 decade ago
  • New Transmission for an old Neon? Help! Chicago!?

    Does anyone know off hand how much a transmission would cost for a Dodge Neon 2001? It's slipping, and I'm not sure what to do! Anyone in the Chicago area that can help for cheap?

    4 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 decade ago
  • Egyptian beer in IL?

    I am looking for an egyptian beer called Stella. It's not stella artois, it's a canned beer with a blue and gold can. any help on online or IL ordering?

    1 AnswerBeer, Wine & Spirits1 decade ago
  • "hot" themed party, need food/drink ideas?

    I have been invited to a party where the theme for food is hot and spicy. Think of salsas, hot sauce, buffalo wings, etc. I need to brink food or drink (alcohol or non) for this party, but I want something creative to bring. So no bbq wings, jalepeno poppers, etc... give me good ideas! Any alcohol ideas?

    8 AnswersEntertaining1 decade ago
  • Does anyone have good indeas for last minute vacations? Any websites to look at?

    I am looking to travel around valentine's day, and want to go somewhere cheap for a long weekend. I am leaving from Chicago.

    5 AnswersOther - Destinations1 decade ago
  • weekend road trip, from chicago to???

    I'm looking to do a nice little fun road trip in February. I'm coming from Chicago. I don't want to drive more than 10 hours. I've been all through Wisconsin, St. Louis, Michigan, Indiana. So is there anywhere decent to go?

    1 AnswerOther - United States1 decade ago
  • Help for moving to Liverpool?

    I am applying to graduate school in liverpool, and I was looking for advice. Who lives there now? What is fun over there? How is the music scene? Are jobs available?

    1 AnswerOther - United Kingdom1 decade ago