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  • How can I get the instant Spell Check that used to pop up...?

    when I was answering questions on the old format? AND, why was the area on the bottom right hand side of the page you could access internet on for referencing and research?? I'm just not happy with this new formatting. It's too busy, don't need all the ads thrown in under questions I'd like to answer and it's not easy to navigate at all!!! It's confusing...even after the little "tour". Am I the only one who sees this or feels this way??

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  • How can I get instant Spell Check back and...?

    what happened to the little area at the bottom right hand side of the page where you could go to for on line referencing?! I'm very unhappy with these 2 valuable tools being taken away, not to mention that the new format is just too busy and confusing to navigate! Does anyone else feel this way, or am I being fuddy-duddish??

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  • How can I take a picture...?

    I have in my email and make it be my avatar in my profile? PLEASE?! Somebody?!!

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  • O ookay, this Gramma needs H E L P!?

    I managed to email myself a picture I took with my phone, one I want to be the avatar that shows up in the little square thingie next to my by-line on Answers. So, before my brain turns completely to solid concrete, is there anyone out there who can give me really SIMPLE, specific instructions on how to install the picture from email to here??!!! I will love you forever!

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  • Has anyone else noticed their pets eating A LOT more than usual lately? My 2 cats & 3 fish sure are.?

    Every time I head for the kitchen they're right on my heels, meowing, winding around my ankles and trying to look as pathetically starved as they possibly can. They're most definitely not starving, but put on a pretty good show in favor of the look. This started about a month and a half ago and hasn't let up. My fantail goldfish actually sticks his head out of the water and waggles it to and fro as fast as he can! It's funny as heck to watch. It's only when he almost flip-flops out of the water that it becomes worrysome. I wonder if they know something we don't and are bulking up for what ever the up coming occasion is?!! Anyhow, if anyone out there has noticed anything unusual I'd like to hear about it and your theories on what this seemingly weird happening is.

    Thanks a bunch ya'll!! : }

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  • What thoughts does anyone have on the Georgia Guidestones...?

    ...and what the "rules" are implicating? Most especially keeping the population of earth to a certain populous? How are we to reach this decline in population? All the other rules seem righteous and possibly it going to take a world wide cataclysm to bring humanity to its' senses? Please, share your thoughts....

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  • Can DNA be found/extracted from the ashes of someone who has been cremated?

    I can't decide whether to be cremated and my ashes spread where I would designate or simply be buried in a plain wood casket for my remains to return to Mother Earth. In some off chance that my ashes were ever tested for DNA (Oh, I don't some alien race!), could DNA be found? Obviously it could be found in buried body. Don't laugh...I'm really interested in thoughtful, knowing or even hypothetical answers!

    I'm familiar with mindless, tacky answers from another Answers category I contribute to very please, just...don't !!


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  • Fantail fish personality.?

    I have a beautiful calico fantail...a Walmart rescue! And I'm wondering if anyone has or has had one that did everything but leap out of their tank when you came into the room?! Moby just gets all excited and goes to the same spot in the tank when I come into the room. It just happens to be the same place I put his/her food in at. I also find him/her parked in the same spot on the bottom of the tank when I get up in the morning. Do fish sleep or just rest? I'm wondering if he gets so excited because he's wanting food or if it's in spite of that fact that he takes an interest in me. I think that if he could talk he'd have quite a lot to say, but if anyone out there could relate experiences they have with their goldfish or fantails I'd love to read about them! Mine has survived a few mishaps but seems relatively happy with having adopted me...and my 2 cats. Thankfully they just cast an eye in his direction once in a Blue Moon!! Tanks to all!!! : )

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  • How would you be able to make faded writing done on cardboard in pencil become legible?

    The writing is on cardboard which is in back of a framed painting. It's the name of the artist and I'd like to be able to identify the person. I'd hate to take the whole thing apart to check if it was signed on the actual artwork, but if I can't find a way of bringing the writing up I may have to. It's dated 1951 Thanks to anyone who may be able to help!!!

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