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  • Pass drug test?

    Just passed a drug test for marijuana smoked about 10-16 times a week for 2 months got clean in only 10 days how i did it you ask (for those who need to know) im 5foot 8inches 128 pounds fast metabilism im sure thats a factor i drank a lot of water even though thats not suppose to help stopped drinking a lot of water on day 8 to avoid dillution to factor that out as a reason why i passed worked out but not a whole lot situps pushups didnt run wore a hoodie and sweatpants to sweat more didnt even change my diet big macs for lunch grand mac meals chinese steak even ate chips this is to prove to everyone that says you cant get clean in 10 days smokimg as much i was need any advice let me know ive learned a lot about this in the past 2 weaks my best suggestion though dont be like me and smoke then worry also i will be taking another one tomorrow to verify will edit to tell you how that goes

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  • Not question but a warning?

    Dont be stupid guys stay away from drugs including marijuana you never know when a drug test may pop up specifically marijuana dont ruin your life for a moment of enjoyment a brief time of your life learn to enjoy life without it its a lot easier cheaper healthier and no real point in doing marijuana literally ruined my life dont **** yours up to

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  • How to get a territorial/maybe agressive dog not to bite me?

    Neighbor has a pitbull i love pits but this one is very territorial or maybe even agressive will bark once it sees someine one and will run at them even if your across the street today they brought it outside and we wanted to see how it reacts i was slightly scared at first its a big dog and it would maul me to death if someone the husband wasnt deathgripping the choker it wont bite anyone that lives there so they grapped my hand let the dogs head through the gate to let it smell me didnt work it didnt sniff just lunged at me and we didnt want to risk someones hand be injured i went eventually i wasnt scared i went to the other side of the fence stood tall and wasnt afraid his wife was next to me to try and show the dog i wasnt a threat very protective to them he let her come closer to me there youngest daughter was also in front of me so i thought i was good he let her have aome slack and she almost agressivly sniffed my ankles i fealt a bite coming on my ankles but she didnt she humped up and bit my bicep inly place were someone wasnt near me dughters foot near my ankle wife near to the side bicep was the only place she could get to is there any way to get this dog to like me she didnt draw blood but it hurt like hell any tips on this

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  • Drug test in 13 day?

    I smoked maybe half a blunt a day sometimes a full one ususally needle blunts not to big on average 5 times a week for 2 months sometimes skipping 3 or 4 day no smoke 5 foot 8 inches 128 pounds test i thinkis 50ng/ml idk will i pass though super worried test kinda poped up quick i have 13 days should i even worry

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