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  • Drink Alcohol On Medication?

    So Im on medication for my back (cant remember the name at the moment). It doesnt say anything about wether you can drink on it or not and i cant contact my doctor right now. So do you think i could take ths medication and drink in moderation? Thanks x

    3 AnswersBeer, Wine & Spirits9 years ago
  • Tragus Peircing Bleeding?

    So I got my tragus periced yesterday. Woke up this morning and its covered in blood. Could this just be because i slept on it or could it be an infection or something? Thanks x

    1 AnswerOther - Skin & Body9 years ago
  • My Friend Cried Rape...?

    2 Weeks ago, my 16 year old friend, emma, told me and a few others that a man (26) tried to rape her.

    No one contacted the police as Emma insisted he 'tried' but didnt actually rape her.

    She text me last night and told me that 2 nights ago she had sex with the same guy..I dont understand why she would want to have sex with somone that aparantly tried to rape her? What can I do about this. I know the man too.

    3 AnswersFriends9 years ago
  • Blackberry Curve MEMORY CARD? Plz Help?

    So I successfully saved my text messages to my memory card from an Lg cookie. But they dont appear to show up on my blackberry :( Is there any reason for this?

    2 AnswersCell Phones & Plans10 years ago
  • Blackberry 'SOS' No Signal?!?!?

    So Ive had my blackberry Curve 8520 for almost a whole day now and I can't get any signal. There's just a 'SOS' sign where the signal bars should be. Does it take some time to get signal or is something faulty with mine? thankyou.

    2 AnswersCell Phones & Plans10 years ago
  • I Want Him To Ask 4 My Number?

    So my neighbor is 21 and Im 17.

    He came round to my house to ask for my number but my sister answered the door and told him no.

    Basically, I really like him but Im shy so I dont want to go up to him or say anything..what could I do to try and make him come back and ask me for my number? thanks

    8 AnswersSingles & Dating10 years ago
  • Do Teen Boys Like Loud Girls?

    Do you think teenage boys (17 ish) prefer loud girls or quite girls? Just curious :) x

    9 AnswersSingles & Dating10 years ago
  • 21 Year Old Asking for 17 Year Olds Number...?

    so, my neighbour is 21 I believe and Im 17.

    He sent his friend round to my house to get my number.. I didnt think 21 year olds did this.

    We've never even spoken even though Ive lived next door to him for about 4 years.

    My question is, is this normal behaviour that he sent his friend round? is he just awkward and shy or is he literally a weirdo? :) haha thankyou xx

    5 AnswersSingles & Dating10 years ago
  • Collection 2000 Ultimate Fix Foundation?

    So if you've tried the foundation, what do you think of it?

    Ie: Coverage? good for oily skin? need to be set with powder? cling to dry patches? ect. Thankyou x

    1 AnswerMakeup10 years ago
  • How Long Should You Stay In A Sunbed First Time?

    Ok, so PLEASE dont say how bad it is for you yadda yadda. Im well aware of this I would just appreicate it if you could give me an answer. 5 minutes maybe? ty x

    3 AnswersOther - Skin & Body10 years ago
  • N Dubz Tour Question?

    Hey. Does anyone know which songs N dubz will be singing on their Love. Live. Life tour please?

    Obviously, they will be singing the ones from the album but any old songs too? Thanx x

    2 AnswersRap and Hip-Hop10 years ago
  • Can Vodka Go 'Flat' if opened?

    I dont know if 'flat' is the right word for it but basically, if I open regular vodka now but dont use again for a few weeks, will anything happen to it? (i.e taste different, etc.) Thanx xx

    10 AnswersBeer, Wine & Spirits10 years ago
  • What To Wear To A Concert?

    Hey, Im going to an N-Dubz concert and April and have NO IDEA what to wear since it is my first concert Im going to...any ideas? Thankyou x

    5 AnswersFashion & Accessories10 years ago
  • What Bag To Take To A Concert?

    So Im going to an N-Dubz concert in April and I was just wondering if I should take a bag to hold my camera, phone, etc. and if so, which kind of bag? Thanks x

    3 AnswersFashion & Accessories10 years ago
  • What To Talk About With New Friends?

    I just made new friends at college but Im quite shy & feel like I've asked them all the questions I can. What can we talk about?

    [Im 16 year old girl, if that matters] Thanks xoxox

    3 AnswersFriends1 decade ago
  • Do Canadians Like English Girls♥?

    I'm from England n Im moving to Canada soon with my mum. Im pretty nervous, they wont really get my sense of humor etc. Do you think they will? x

    7 AnswersOther - Cultures & Groups1 decade ago

    Ok, so my mum just found out that her partner (who she was planning to marry) is moving to Australia for a job. She's been crying all morning & I walked into her room & found her crouched down, rocking back and forth. She's had depression a few times before so I think it might be happening again?

    I have no family near us except my big sister...Im so worried about her & she wont let me in. Help? xx

    4 AnswersFamily1 decade ago
  • ★How Long Does It Take You To Get Ready★?

    LIke do your hair, makeup etc.

    I was just wondering cos it takes me 2 hours! & I think thats way to long -_-

    15 AnswersPolls & Surveys1 decade ago
  • How To Be More Confident ♥?

    Hey, Im starting my work experience on Monday but Im shy..can anyone give me some advice to at least appear more confident? Thankyou x

    3 AnswersOther - Education1 decade ago