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  • Disneyland co-creation ?

    What are the examples of co-creation from Disneyland or Disneyworld(Theme park)??

    co-creation basically means that the customer and business get involved with value creations.

    For example, visitors can draw something or visualise something using the machine at a museum. That creates value for other visitors as well. The visitor created value for others by just experiencing something for themselves. 

    Another example may be from Mont Saint Michele.

    Visitors can choose to get to the island via horse-drawn carriage. This creates somewhat authentic experience/value for other visitors who are getting to the island by other means of transport as well.

    I would like to know some examples of co-creation identified at Disneyland.

    Thank you. 

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  • Question about machine learning ?

    How do you think machine learning can help us understand tourist motivation?

    It is related to predictive analysis. Thank you. 

    Languages2 months ago
  • Attachment image

    Can anyone please explain what box and whisker plots is?

    I am using Jupyter notebook but I do not know what box and whisker plot is.

    I want to know what it is and what its function is.

    If you could, I would like to know what histogram(the visualisation below) is as well.

    I am a uni student and am new to this kind of field so I want to understand what those visualisations are.

    Thank you in advance. 

    Mathematics2 months ago
  • Statistics on excel ?

    I am trying to convert data into numeric value on excel but don’t know how...

    Does anyone know how to change non-numeric data into numeric one so that I can run regression on excel???

    Thank you l.

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  • Is there any websites where you can put your questionnaire and have people answer?

    I am conducting a survey for my school project and need to have people answer the questionnaire I created. 

    does anyone know of any websites on which I can put my questionnaire for other people to answer???

    I am looking to have about 20 people answer the questionnaire if possible. 

    Thank you in advance.

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  • Please help me make a questionnaire.(Purchase intention of coffee from cafes)?

    For my school project, I am making a questionnaire about Purchase intention of coffee from cafes. However, I am struggling to make 2 statements for the dependent variable(purchase intention).

    I have 5 independent variables, product, price, place, promotion and brand image. I don't know what statement I should put for the dependent variable in my questionnaire.

    I looked at some academic article on purchase intention. And their statements in the questionnaire are like "I am willing to make a purchase from this shop" or "it is likely that I am going to visit this place to purchase". These statements dont seem to fit in mine...

    Please help me. Thank you!!

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  • Example of authentic leadership?

    I have a presentation on authentic leadership. I want to talk about an example of authentic leader, but I cant think of any. Can anyone come up with an idea to talk about example of authentic leader??

    Thank you.

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  • What is replicable scale?

    I am making a questionnaire for my school assignment.

    I need to come up with 10-20 questions to ask about a boutique restaurant.

    One of the questions must employ replicable scale, but I dont know what that is. Can anyone explain what replicable scale is?

    Thank you

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  • Whose fault is this?


    The person A(I will call this person "A" from now on) is watching youtube video.

    And suddenly the person B bit A in the arm. The moment B bit A, A hit B in the head.

    B started to get really mad for getting hit by A. and the following conversion started


    B: (with tears) I want to break up with you.

    A: Why did you bite me?

    B: No I dont want to talk to you.

    B: how can you hit someone so easily.

    A: why did you bite me in the first place. I wouldn't have slapped you if you didn't bite me.

    B:You hit me.

    A: I didn't hit you it was just a slap(not really sure if it was hit or slap).

    B: No you hit me.

    A: then why did you bite me all of a sudden? do you think its not painful?

    I got really shocked when you bit me just like how anyone would get shocked when they touch something hot. It's like a sudden reaction that you take unconsciously.

    B:Okay I bit you and you hit me so we are even so dont touch me anymore.

    A:Why? I dont understand why you're so mad. You started it

    B: No

    And now is silent time...

    (hitting people is not a good thing but biting people is also not a good thing to do. I believe.)

    Please tell me whose fault this is.

    they are a couple but I won't tell you which one is male or female so I can get fair opinions.

    I really want fair opinions even if you find out which one is male or female.

    Thank you.

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  • Choosing university in Australia?

    I would like to ask people from Australia, preferably people from Melbourne.

    I am thinking about majoring in tourism

    I heard that Victoria university has a good reputation for tourism, but Swinburne university of technology seems to have good reputation for it too.

    the question is which university is better for me and which university would help my future career in Australia?

    or is there any university in Australia which offers good tourism?